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About Among Us 

Among Us Game is an online-based multiplayer game. It is a little difficult to count people who like among us. This game was created by Innersloth and was launched by them. Innersloth is a video game developer. After making this game was released on 15 June 2018. The game was first released on ios and Android on 15 June 2018, and then in November 2018 on other platforms.

It was released earlier on Android and ios as both of those platforms are very popular. Both these platform users are difficult to count. This game’s concept was conceived from the mafia game and a fun horror film,” The Thing.” This concept came to the developers’ minds from this movie and this game, and they made this fun game.

This is the only good quality in a developer; he does not let any idea go blank, understands every concept in a good way, and thinks of making changes. Such people help the gaming industry to grow. Innersloth is not a very big name, but we can say it is a new video game developing the website. Innersloth was found by Marcus Bromander. In 2017, Marcus Bromander decided to create his own game developing a website with his friend Forest Willard as a co-founder of the Innerslot.

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Who Developed the Game

Innersloth developed the game for different- different platforms. To create this game, Marcus Bromander faces some problems. This concept is derived from Mafia’s objective party game and a horror film, “The Thing.” The Mafia game is played at the youngster’s party.

This game is entertaining, and if you are a youngster, you must have never seen or heard about “The Thing” movie in your life. Because of this, the developers thought to develop among us. After that, they made the game, it did not succeed, but it was a colossal failure. Only 30 to 50 people played the game.

How was the Game when first launched?

Initially, the people did not like this game, and most people did not know about this game. The rest of the game developing companies said that all this is the reason for the bad marketing of Innersloth. If they did not do much work on their marketing strategy, that is why not many people knew about this game.

Developers have been working continuously to bring changes in this game; they added new-new modes but did not pay much attention to marketing. The game developers achieved the real success of this game in 2020. In 2020 the game was played by all the famous YouTubers, due to which the viewers came to know about among us and the game became most trending and popular on the internet.

In 2018, only 50 people were supposed to play this game in 2020. More than 100 million downloads were made. The YouTubers made videos by playing this game, and their audience then came to know about the game. These YouTubers play a considerable role in making Among us popular and successful.

How is the Gameplay

This game is a multiplayer game in which 4 to 10 players play with each other. The game starts in the lobby, where players wait for all players for 10 – 20 seconds, and sometimes a minute depending on their internet connection. Before the game starts, up to 3 players have chosen to become an imposter, and the remaining players become crewmates.

There is a duty for both of them. Imposters and crewmates both have to play their commitment. In this game, there are four maps in which players can play are The Skield, MIRA HQ, Polus, and The Airship. The Airship is the new one that comes in the recent updates by the developers. The Airship Map has been created by looking at a series. After the game starts, some tasks are given to the crewmates.

Types of Features in the Game

Every crewmate has to complete their tasks because they need to complete all tasks. Every job is essential, and the task that crewmates get is like fixing wire, transferring some data from the computer, or downloading it. Most people do not like to be a crewmate; they all want to become an imposter. But the crewmate has an essential role in this game.

The imposter has to play some fake tasks so that no one recognizes them. The imposter has to kill all crewmates. If he kills all crewmates, then the imposter wins the game, and if the crewmates complete all their tasks before they die, then the crewmate wins this game.

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The crewmate has to identify the imposter; if he does so, the imposter loses, and the crewmate wins. When crewmates die, they become ghosts. They have no limits on becoming ghosts, but they are unable to do anything again. As soon as the crewmate dies, the game ends for him. Crewmates can also have a meeting among themselves on any topic. Remember, in this game, the imposter tries to divert everyone, so it is vital to understand it. In the lobby, before the game starts, you can choose your player for the colors of your choice and wear hats, helmets, or any other equipment from it.

What are the Achievements

Initially, this game did not get much success, but later the game was very successful due to the developers’ dedication and some other people’s help. The game received positive reviews from the public and was highly appreciated due to the game’s graphics and gameplay.

Developers had also thought of making Among us 2, but later due to this game getting good reviews, they thought of making this game even better and kept bringing new updates. New updates have brought new maps and new features. Recently the pandemic came due to the coronavirus; people played this game a lot.

From Teen to Youngster used to play this game at the time of lockdown. Overall, this game is fun, and if you play with it, you will like this game very much. The games have many features and great graphics that will blow your eyes and make you interested in the gaming industry.

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