Angry Birds Dream Blast

Introduction of Angry Bird Dream Blast

Angry bird dream blast is somewhat similar to the angry bird’s game. Several different birds with angry faces come forward to be seen. As you install the angry bird dream blast game, round one begins.

The birds go to their dreamland. Their dream has 6 towns with 10 levels each. You have to go one by one through each city. The birds welcome you to their dream world! Let the journey begins! In total each town, you have to collect 100 stars. Angry birds dream’ blast is to match a set of 3 puzzle games where you aim.

Names are their dreamland

Field of dreams – 10 towns; each town has 10 levels. Ok, completing each city, you get rewards such as

  • Town 1 – 15 gold coins, 1 red bird, 1 yellow bird.
  • Town 3- 15 gold coins, 1 red bird, 1 purple bird
  • Town 4- 20 gold coins, 1 red bird, 15 M hearts
  • Town 5- 20 gold coins, 1 mixture of bubbles, 2 red birds.

Big balloon– Collect 100 stars to complete the level with 10 towns.

  • Enchanting forests
  • Lazy lagoon
  • Kooky canyon

These names of lands go in repeating.

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Levels of each town

🔸Level 1

This level of the angry bird’s dream’ blast begins with challenges that have to be completed then only you will win this round. The first challenge is collecting 25 pink bubbles, and the player will be getting only 40 moves to take.

How to play – The game will guide you on how to move your steps. Tap a group of 2 or more bubbles to collect them, and you should join those bubbles with each other. Tap them you will add them to your account.

You will get some angry birds in the transparent bubble waiting for you to tap them, and they will blast this blasting to take away all the bubbles in that row. As the level gets completed, you get a star.

🔸Level 2

Level 2 comes up with another challenge: you get 29 moves, and your objectives are to collect 20 orange bubbles and 25 blue bubbles. Tap a group of 4 or more bubbles to create a red bird. After you get a red bird, tap, and it will help you clear a row. Keep on marching to complete these level goals. As you collect the objectives, your level gets completed.

🔸Level 3

The objective to collect is 65 green bubbles. The player will be getting only 28 moves to complete this round.

🔸Level 4

The player has to be aware of their moves because challenges will increase. Here you have to collect 2 eggs in only 26 moves. You have to help the eggs to reach the green grass by breaking similar sets of bubbles. On collecting both the eggs, your level gets completed, and XP’s of the red bird increase.

🔸Level 5

Collect 4 eggs within 26 moves. Sometimes the bubbles complicate the situation so much that your action gets over, and you have to replay, so be careful.

🔸Level 6

Level 6 makes the game more challenging. The player has 19 moves, and you have to collect 3 eggs. The twist is to break glass blocks by matching them next to them and being the eggs to the ground to complete the level.

After level 6, level 7 unlocks new features, and that is, you can select your Avatar. The player can change the game with the same. You have only an Angry red bird, but now you can play with an angry yellow bird.

🔸Level 7

Before starting level 7, you can select the booster bird. You get to move only 25 times and collect only 1 egg at this level. Here the difficulty level increases. Collect the matching colour to open the pig lock!

That means you will be able to see colourful locks that have to be filled with that same colour bubble. E.g., A purple wave has to be filled with 36 purple bubbles and fill it. As it gets filled lock will get open, and your rest bubbles go downwards. Next is the orange look that has to be filled with 24 orange bubbles.

🔸Level 8

The player has to collect 1 egg and go through the challenges that come your way, and you get 35 moves. Same as level 7 here; also, you get a lock that has to be filled with 12 purple bubbles. Then only the chain will get open, and there is another lockdown that has to be filled with 18 orange bubbles. Also, before reaching the ground and just above the chain, you see an ice cube layer that it must break. Here those angry bird helps you a lot.

🔸Level 9

Breaking the Ice cubes play is the main objective. There are around 21 Ice cubes, and you have to break them in only 26 moves.

🔸Level 10

You have only 38 moves to take to break only 1 egg, but you also have locked in between that blocks you and waist your activities.

A new town welcomes you with gifts such as 15 gold coins plus 1 Angry red bird plus 1 yellow bird.

🔸Level 11

In level 11, you will see some different objectives to be completed. Green face balls, you have to collect 10 of them in 27 moves and reveal them next to it twice.

🔸Level 23

Completed the level with 30 moves and collected 2 eggs; here, you can unlock a shooting star. We need to recuse those eggs, but the rocks are in the way you Can use shooting stars to destroy the stones. Tap at the stone you want to break this is called targeting that rock down, and press the shooting star down. It will break the rocks beside it also. At the end of this round, you get free rewards of a shooting star and power-ups to help you in the game.

🔸Level 24

The game goes on the same way. Slowly you get new features to use in this round. You get to unlock power up your slingshot moves can give you a tremendous advantage.

How to use the slingshot

In level 24, you will get to see some rocks in between that don’t allow your bubbles to pass, so you have to tap on that rock and then click on the slingshot symbol down the page, and it will break. The game goes on like this.

🔸Level 25

Level 25 unlocks with the new feature, the bubbles’ shuffle. Here you get 30 moves to collect 40 pink bubbles. The game presents you with bubbles in a mess. If you want them to be put in order, use this shuffle feature. It will make all the bubbles sit by their colours, and it will become more accessible, and your moves will get saved.

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Events of angry birds dream’ blast game

  • Stella’s fortune

Angry birds go on with their events; some I will be considering you now, which is one of those. You have only 23 hours and 59 minutes to complete Stella’s fortune event. The player has to complete the level before time runs out to get Amazing rewards. There are 4 such things to be collected like A blue gift ball you have to collect 5 Stella’s and as a reward you get 15 M red Angry bird, another dark blue locked gift ball collect 12 Stella’s rewards you with 30 M hearts (life), and the last gift ball collect 25 Stella’s and you will get over you get one yellow bird.

  • Chucks flash race

You have to complete this race within 38 hours and 58 minutes.

  • Win streakers

Streakers are the angry birds you see on the game field, which also help you smatch bubbles. You have to pass levels without losing a life to start levels with birds.

  • Small video clips

In the right-hand corner, you see a video sign in some parts of the game. It has a video to be seen for a few seconds. If you watch, you will get rewards like some gold coins or any birds, etc.

How does the store of this work

🔸Starter pack

For 70/- 200 gold coins, 1 shooting

Star, 1 slingshot, 1 shuffle, 1 angry red bird, one angry yellow bird, and one angry purple bird.

🔸Basic bundle

For 290 /- 500 coins, 1 shooting star, 1 slingshot shot, 1 shuffle, 1 angry red bird, 1 yellow bird, 1 purple bird.

70 rupees 150 gold coins

210 rupees 500 coins

360 rupees. 1000 coins.

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