Battler Spins

About Battle Spins

Battle spins is a game of exploring and gathering treasures, proving your strength, and building your legacy through playing. This battle spins game is somewhat similar to a coin master game in the same way you have to spin and collect coins, you have to go through villages one by one, but the only difference you will be seeing is the background picture character different forms of creatures, etc.

If you want to become the next Queen or king of the battle spin game, you have to travel through the beautiful island. You have to fight the battle and become the best player amongst all. You have to spin the wheel to earn coins from the dozens of battle spins coins to go ahead in the game. The player can use these coins to buy cards and build up a village that comes up one by one. As you log into the game internet is a must-play.

Downloading view of the battle spin game

As you download the game, it will ask you how you would like to log in as a player or as a guest. Then as the game goes ahead, you have to log in the Facebook or Google. The players can also update the battle spin game itself; it will ask you.

So let’s keep going with the new version is battle spins.

How to send an Invitation to Friends to join your play

An invitation to Friends can also give you rewards. Send your invite link through WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Each friend who joins can win prizes like 30 free spins for each friend joining by Facebook.

How does the game battle spin welcome you?

The game welcomes you to his first town, “The Castel riches” the game will guide you on how to play the game as it shows you to tap ok the hammer to build your village.

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How to build a village in Battle Spins Game

Approx there are five village items to be made. Each item has to be upgraded four times, and each time, the players have to pay a few coins shown on the game indicator.

Battle Spins Leaderboard

Battle spins. Leaderboard features keep a note on every player playing in this game. You can see a list of people with their ranking and stars collected. This game is played globally, so you will be able to see many foreigners.

How to get battle spins coins

The player can earn coins by spinning the wheel. Secondly, you can buy coins from the store. If you are out of coins at any moment of the game, swipe your page down to earn more. There you will get to see a spin the reels to win coins and other rewards. If you are out of coins, you get a chance to buy coins at 300 rupees and get +3,850,000 coins.

How will you be getting stars

On building each structure of the village, you will get 1 star. This is how you will be going on getting stars on every item of the town.

Importance of spins in the game and where to spin

On the main game page, tap on the big red button under the spinning wheel on the game main, and the game starts. At the start of the game, the player gets 50 and +8 spins free. If you don’t want to press the button again and again, then the best feature of this game is to encourage that spin button for a second, and it will get auto spined. Like the other features, if you get three spin signs on the spin wheel, you get 10 Bonus spins added to your spins indicator. If you are done with all the spins, you have them in every 5 mins. You get five spins free to wait for the refill with the count down below.

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How to use the attack feature

As you must have seen till now, fireballs are rolling on the spinning wheel, that means if while playing you get 3 of the fireballs in one line then that means the player gets a chance to attack others village and you can win coins also sometimes chest. Before making a move of attacking, you get the option of taking revenge on Those who destroyed your town. Also, you can attack a new player in the game.

Role of a shield in battle spin game

Same as the attack thing, if you see three shields in one line while spinning, you get one in your account. Each player has only gaps to fill the shield other than if you collect securities that get converted into spins and get added. On the other hand, protection helps your village’s structures be safe.

What is a raid?

On the spins wheel, you must have seen a face emoji coming up that is the symbol of getting a chance of putting a raid, but you have to get three faces in one line. Raid means you get 4 X signs on the others village, and you get three chances to dig treasures and make them yours. While spinning the wheel, you see different names with their photo, which means the next raid option you get will be they to get raid. In the end, you will see how many coins you stole for that village.

What are Bets of battle spins?

Village 2 also unlocks betting power, which means you can increase your bet to win big. Tap the button to multiply your winning power. You can bet up to X1, X2, X3 example of how this works- Are you collect one coin on the bet of X3, which gets multiplied into three coins. Betting high is very tempting during attacks and raids because it earns you more. But at the same time, remember how you increase your bets. Your spins also get cut according to your betting X2, and then each spins move will take two spins at a time.

Town’s news of battle spins

Every town updates you on what is happening in the city, like the person’s name and timing. Who attacked your village structure which, and when raid your money.

Daily spins wheel

Aa you enter village 4 unlocks daily wheel spins. A spins the wheel with rewards all around the wheel, but you have to come every day to this wheel and take a free spin to win free prizes. If you want to spin more after the first round of the day, you can pay 300 rupees for one spin and get X 10 better rewards.

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