Bomber Friends

About the bomber friends

Bomber Friends is a game that has to be played online. Here you get to challenge your friends to play and have a battle.

You can bomb your friends and be the last one to survive on the field to win the bomber friends game. The player has to collect Powerups to gain more powerful bombs. Be wise enough to use the bomb to blast your friends on the map. Play with a good strategy; keep upgrading the cards you collect to more excellent and unique bombs.

Also, along with all this, you get to earn medals for your playing performance that will take you a step higher. Single-players have to play above +300 levels. You have to find your way out through 6 different worlds full of dangerous monsters and puzzles. You have to link your game through Google, and you will see many others in competition with their names and ranking. The best twist is even if your opponent bombs you, your ghost is still alive, and your ghost can haunt the remaining players on the field. Bombers friends have above 100 levels.

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Different moves that come across

  • You can play with 2-8 players. Opponents can be your friend or any unknown person.
  • The player has to create a group or join a group of friends to play.
  • If you complete one arena, you go to the following heights and unlock new bombs, powerups, and beautiful costumes. The person, whether a man/woman, collects the most medal.
  • Of you collect most of the powerup powerups, you get a chance to watch the evil curse.
  • The player gets to play daily Bounty and weekly events that give you fantastic prizes.
  • Every world, you’ll get to see different themes.
  • You have to go through many challenges.
  • You can update your character with different data, suits, taunts, accessories. etc
  • You have to choose your gravestone and go out your own way. You can’t haunt other players as a ghost.
  • If you participate in various competitions that come up, you win the gift.

Steps after you download the game 

The story begins in a small village where our new bomber lives a peaceful life with many friends. It asks you your age.

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Places of this game

Bomber friends game has been divided into different places. You have to pass through each area one by one. Each site is designed with various themes.

  • Grasslands
  • Desert
  • Cursed castle
  • Winter valley
  • Underwater passage
  • Robot dominion
  • Tropical quest
  • Medieval kingdom

It Looks like the bomber

There are four equipped Avatars. You can change your looks and equipment later and collect more cool stuff to wear.

You can change the hat, hairstyle, glasses, eyes, head, chin, body, back, bomb, taunts, gravestone, greetings of each character playing for you.

Bombers shop

🔸 Season 25 outfits limited special offer

  • 12000 coins. Mark from Mars
  • 500 diamonds. Ned from Neptune
  • 550 diamonds. Vegtrh- zrop from Venus

🔸Season 30 outfits bundles limited special offer

So take it as soon as loy. Outfit bundle offers end in 3 days, 22 hours.

  • 15000 coins Red lowrider
  • 350 diamond Tokyo drifter
  • 500 diamond. Daredevil

🔸 Special offer rewards

Buy a special offer that will remove ads!

200/-. 250 diamonds+ 1 chest+ 1000

Gold coins+ and 1 outfits

400/- Arena special offer 500

Diamonds + 1 chest, 1000 gold


🔸 Horror pack

400/- 7× costume

6× head

2× hair

1× hat

1× bomb

🔸 Season 30 street racing

Special rewards lier and VIP icon above your name. Unlimited free entries to seasons events. Skip all rewards ads in the single-player campaign for 500 rupees.

🔸Daily deals

  • Platter of coins- 10 diamonds free
  • Hex canister common ×1- 10 gold coins
  • Wall destroyer rare ×1 card- 100 gold coins

🔸 Customization deals

  • Customization item common care – 500 coins
  • Customization item rare- 1000 coins
  • Customization item epic- 5000 coins


  • Kiloton chest 100 diamonds
  • Megaton chest 600 diamonds
  • Crigaton chest 1500 diamonds


  • 80 platter of gems 70/-
  • 500 bowl of gems 320/-
  • 1200 heap of gems 720/-
  • 2500 Abundance of gems 1450/-
  • 6500 Myriad of gems 3700/-
  • 14000 Motherlode of gems 6900/-. Etc

How to play bomber’s field

First of all, you have to play in groups that means along with you there will be some people more for you will be playing against others. You will have a remote control that will help you move left, right, up, down. The player has a giant black bomb that you can plant for your friends or opponent to kill them. Fire symbol increases the power of explosions by one. Shoes with wings symbols increase your speed slightly. A shield symbol makes you immortal for a little while. A scary skull infects you with a curse. You will get different types of boards every time. You can also comment on others players like LoL! OOPS! Etc.

Bomber spin wheel

Boomer friend game has a spin wheel that can give you extra rewards. So as you provide a view of the spin wheel, you will get to see many gifts on the wheel like cards, hats, golden cards, chests, gold coins, diamonds, etc. So you have to tap in between the wheel, and the wheel gets to turn, and when it stops, you get that. The player receives only a few chances to spin. If that chance gets over, the player can watch a video of a few seconds and get an option to spin. You will be getting the next free spin within 16 hours and 41 minutes.

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Events in Bomer Friends

🔸Block party events

The game presents you with events that you can have fun with other than the actual game and win rewards so that you can unlock many other needed items. The player has to play a match and win one time reward, and you get a free entry to participate in this event. You get three lives and a different life with the season pass. This match is going to be deathmatch 2vs 2.

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