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As we all know Bow Masters Game, cartoons are fascinating and wondrous. The look as they appear is a little cute. You must have watched some cartoon in your childhood. Even most people also watch cartoons till yet. If you are also watching, then we bring you a cartoon character action game.

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How do we find a game for our audience?

By focusing on all your requirements, we continually cultivate the game which you can enjoy. Therefore, every game that we suggest is always played and experienced by us. Moreover, we choose a game that contains so many features. Thus, this game will also amaze you as always.

About Bow Master

Bow master
Bow master

Bow Master is a 2D action game where you can play a cartoon character. The game was released on 10 November 2016 and published by Miniclip. The fun doesn’t feature any story. This is an action-based game among cartoon characters.

After the launch, the game received so much recognition. In 2016, people spent most of their time playing bow master. The game features 60 different characters. All the characters look like cartoon characters. 

Also, this game supports google play games. To connect with Google, you will save your game data.

The creators said they didn’t believe that their game would achieve tremendous success. However, the game has 100Million+ downloads yet. In addition, the game received excellent reviews from people. People appreciated the work that the developers have done.

How does the game develop?

Miniclip developed the game. Miniclip is a famous game developing website. The website was started in 2001 by the small-town boys Robert Small and Tihan pressie. Without a doubt, Miniclip is an excellent game-developing website.

Robert said that “When I was a child, I always wanted to develop games. After completing my studies, I started learning how to develop games. To follow my passion, I decided to create a gaming website.” With the partnership of Tihan Presbie, Robert successfully created game developing website.

On 30 March 2001, they first launched the game. It became the world’s most giant privately-owned game developing website. They created the game on a low budget. According to 2008 results, the company achieved revenue of 275 million. It is also available in so many languages. The headquarter is in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Furthermore, Tencent owned the Miniclip. In 2015, Tencent purchased all stakes of the company. Now, Tencent runs everything from basic to advance. Tencent is the creator of the famous game PUBG Mobile. The Indian government has banned PUBG Mobile and other countries too.

Miniclip crossed 1 billion downloads in December 2016. Also, it was the most downloaded game of 2016. Miniclip has launched many popular games. Some popular games are 8 Ball Pool, Mini militia, Bow Master, Agar i.o, and Gravity Guy.

We have seen so many companies don’t provide value to the people, but the best thing about the Miniclip is they give so many discounts to the people. In addition, Miniclip’s games offer a high score leaderboard where the player’s score is saved with their name and country. This makes a great competition among the people. People from different countries can compete with each other.

How is the Gameplay

It is essential to talk about the gameplay at this time. The gameplay of this game is superb. This is an aim-and-shooting game. Your skills will decide your performance.

A little physics is also used in this game. As you must have read above, this is an action game, so the player must take action using physics. The characters of this game are opponents of each other. They have to attack each other with their weapons.

Every player’s weapon is different. Every weapon has its power, but only weapons are not necessary to win. It is also essential to know how to use those weapons properly. You must be thinking about why we have talked about physics.

We have talked about Physics because we have to aim and shoot at the opponent. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the right angle to hit or else the short is missed. After making the angle, power also has to be applied. To make an angle, move your screen in the right direction.

How is the Graphic and soundtrack

The graphics of this game is fantastic. You will see that the pictures are pretty similar to the cartoons. After the player attacks, the blood seems to be accurate. Also, the player starts dancing after winning the match. You will see some unexpected things while playing the game.

There are so many characters are available in the game that you can play. The background sound is something special that we can talk about. While playing the game, sometimes you feel that it is a comedy game, and sometimes it is a scary little game. Sounds have been added, especially for the audience.

Why should Parents read this?

 As a game’s concept, this game is perfect, but we want you to tell the absolute truth. We will not ask children younger than 12 years to play this game because it will not suit them. There is no doubt that this game is perfect, but its action can be sensitive.

You will see inside the game that player blood running out after the attack. And at the same time, his skull is also visible. The developers themselves have made this game for children above 12 years of age to play. This thing can harm small children.

And if the heart of the people is fragile, even they should not play this game. We are saying this because after doing a lot of research, we realized that many children are getting harmful effects of this game like not listening to anyone or staying on the phone all the time.

What are the Requirements

Due to the small size of the game, it does not have many requirements, but a mobile would be good, with more than 3 GB of space. Also, to experience the graphics and gameplay well, it is essential to have a decent processor, or else your phone will hang in the middle.

In the end, bow master is a fantastic game. If you are above 12, you can play this game with your friends and worldwide. Moreover, you will get this game for free on the google play store.

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