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About Call of Duty Mobile

Everyone knows about this game. This game is very famous, and many people like to play it. Yes, It launched in the old-time, and Call of Duty of the game is going on panic now. Call of duty is a very fun shooting game. In the shooting games, it was the only concept of shooting, but in Call of duty, players also took action along with this concept.

Who developed the Game?

TiMi studios are the creator of this game, and after the creation, Activision launched the game. Then created the game for Android and IOS. Most creators create a game for Android and IOS because of their requirements and the platform’s user base.

The huge user base of these platforms is the best among other platforms. The game had released on 1 October 2019 on Android and IOS. The game is amazing as it achieved 270 million downloads in one year. With this download potential, the game has become the most downloaded and famous game of the year. Players started most gaming lovers downloading COD Mobile in their system.

The game had comes in a huge series of games. Call of Duty is a series in which lots of games come across. The first game that had come in this series was Call of Duty in 2003. You must have heard somewhere that the first impression is the last. Keeping this line in mind, TiMi Studios created this game.

Call of duty was very good, due to which the upcoming games have also received support from the people. TiMi studio is a gaming-based studio that develops games for all platforms. The studio is situated in Shenzhen, China. As the studio has a very big franchise, it also has different offices in different places like Los Angeles, Chengdu, Shanghai, etc.

The studio has created many popular games. According to the sources, they generate more than 250 million dollars in revenue by creating games. Also, they always invest a huge amount of money in developing any particular game. The honor of Kings, Pokémon UNITE, and Valor’s Arena are some popular games developed by Timi Studio. And Activision is an American-based video game publishing company based in Santa Monica, California.

The company was found in 1979 by David Crane and Alan Miller. This is the 90s based company that achieved the title of the largest game developing company globally. The games that they develop all games outnumber one. Both the developers are experts in their area.

How is the Gameplay

Call of duty Mobile is a free shooting game. The gameplay is more like PUBG mobile, due to which there is a lot of comparison between the two games. This game has two parts, one Multiplayer and the other battle royal. Within multiplayer mode, you can play with a lot of players.

To play this mode, you have to start Call of duty and customize your player before playing. In this mode, you get to see many things like Team deathmatch, Domination, find and kill, and many more. According to this game’s map mode, you can do whatever you want to choose the map at your own will. There are nine small maps, and the rest is very large maps.

Playing well also increases the rank of the player, and playing badly also reduces the rank. In the Battle Royal mode, the game has to be played by the player, and it has to last in this mode. You have to collect all the weapons and the rest at the same time while playing the game. The battle has done with the rest of the players; the player who stays till the last one wins this battle. This concept is also in PUBG mobile.

You can customize your player at your own will. You get a lot of things to customize. When the game starts, the player is on the default setting. To prepare the player in a good way, you have to make some changes in the player’s settings. You get coins to customize the player; the more games you play, the more coins you get. With those coins, you can make your player wear beautiful suits. In the beginning, you also get many suits for free, but to wear premium suits you have to give real cash, we will tell you that you should not do this, do not invest your money in any game, it would be very wrong to do so.

What type of Graphics

This game has used completely different types of visuals. When the player is lowered to battle after the lobby, the whole map is visible from there. The physical appearance of the player is designed just like a normal human being. The company has invested a lot of money and done many works to create such good graphics. The biggest thing is that he had hired separate people in his company to create the graphics of this game, which were professional in the graphics industry. And after the hard work of the entire company, it made this game so much fun.

What are the System Requirements?

To play this game, you need to know a few things. There are some system requirements to keep in mind to play this game. Due to the game’s size, this game can run on devices that have good RAM.

It is very important to have more than 4GB of RAM to play this game; if the device is less than this, your device can hang and or will not support it. It is very important to have a Graphics card to play on a laptop or computer.

If there is no more than a 4GB graphic card, it will not be able to support the game, and a processor for a mobile phone is very important. This game is an online game, and it is very important to have an internet connection to play the online game. Otherwise, if the internet connection is not good, you will see many problems while playing, spoiling your gameplay and enjoyment.

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