Candy Crush Saga Game Review

About Candy Crush Saga Game


Mobile Games are quite addictive to some people, specifically children. Among this kind of mobile game, there is one specific mobile game which has endless level and the individual who had begun the journey never have to give up the game. Yeah, we are talking about the Candy crush saga


Candy crush saga is somewhat similar to Bejeweled, where one needs to match three game types that Bejeweled once developed. In this particular game, one needs to swap the color pieces/candies and match three color pieces, after which the candies from the dashboard and replacing those old candies with new ones.


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One can match more than three candies, which will act as power-ups and bombs, which will help you clear the board. There are various levels; each level has a fixed goal, one needs to complete that goal at a fixed move; after completing that level, one can move to another level.


Candy crush is also considered the first free game. One can play this addictive game free one doesn’t need to pay a single penny to play this game. This candy crush saga is one of those kinds of games that comes under the casual genre. 


We love about this candy crush saga falls under the kind of games that anyone can play. One needs to match the color and clear all the levels mindlessly.


Adorable Characters of Candy Crush


Throughout your gameplay, one will encounter adorable characters in candy crush. Once you clear a level, you will discover Tiffi, which will solve the individuals residing in the candy world. Other than you might come across Mr. Toffee, which will provide tutorials while you’re playing a game. Other than this, some other characters like the Easter bunny or the shop owner Mr. Yeti.


Salient Features of Candy Crush


1) It wants you to crave more

When we began with the game, one can quickly clear the game using any tactics or efforts. One can promptly gain stars and coins at the initial level. The game will generate five lives. If someone runs out of life, they have to wait for 30 minutes to resume the game again. If someone is impatient, then one has to pay for it.


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One can easily cross the first 10 to 15 levels, because of which one thinks that clearing this game is a piece of cake. And after that, one began to continue the game.

As one continues to play the game, the player might need to pay for boosters and lives. Sometimes one might be willing to pay for extra moves; at that point, one becomes addicted to this game.


2) Provides rewards in every aspect of progress

Every time players will be excited to complete each level. After completing the station, one will gain three stars and get a rank in the leader board according to the score they have earned. But in reality, these points are the inbuilt points of the game. The critical thing to understand is that one can only move to the next level until they have earned at least one star; this way, the cycle continues.


One can easily see the number of levels in the game as the number of levels is present on the map. We love about there is no last time limit to complete every level, but yeah, one might need to use life every time they try to play the same level. In some cases, one might be stuck to one level for quite along. Even though the possibility of happening so is less as the game’s main objective is not to wait for its player for a long time.


3) Colorful and creative

If one plays candy crush saga, some might have seen that no two boards are arranged in similar manners. All the candies are placed in different and random orders. Because of this uniqueness, players get more creative with the passage of each level.


They appreciate these unique and creative moves by being enjoyed by a catchy phrases like “divine,” “sweet,” etc. It has been noticed that this catchy phrase is also the reason for getting addicted to this game.


4) Good social game

Nowadays, most games allow their player to invite friends through their social media handles. For candy crush, they, too, enable the user to invite friends through social media. To promote this, they also provide various rewards.



● Have a significant number of puzzles

● One easily play this game anywhere, anytime.

● Challenging variation


● It’s quite repetitive.

● Doesn’t require any strategy or tactics

● The puzzle can sometimes be too hard, or the levels can be too easy.


Candy Crush Gameplay


The game is quite simple; one needs to swipe two pieces of candies from one position to another. But there is a catch one needs to complete a particular task at limited moves.


Doing so, you will hear the term “crush,” which means crushing a candy. Once you crush, these candies new random candies will pop up from the screen, which will fill up by the gap. 




Candy Crush Saga is a well-arranged casual game that has done an excellent job keeping your thumbs always working on the screen. Even though there is a little strategy needed to solve the puzzle, it is a tremendously addictive and entertaining game.


In this very article, we tried to understand all the necessary aspects of this game. As we already mentioned, the candy crush saga is an addictive game in a fair and bad way. But they always push their potential gamer for app purchases, which can sometimes be irritating.


In short, it is a great game, and one should try this once. I hope you find this article useful.


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