Candy Crush Saga Game

About Candy Crush Saga

Here are some basic information on how the candy crush saga works. Candy crush saga is free and anyone in the world can play, and it’s a kind of puzzle game. You can download Candy crush saga on any phone, tabs, etc. Only on clicking on the install button and the game comes over.

Basic information on the candy crush saga

Candy crush saga is one of the most trending games played by people worldwide. It is a very successful game and has invented many other candy crush games with different themes and tittles like candy crush soda saga, candy crush jelly saga, and candy crush friends saga.

How to play the game

Here the players have to complete the level by joining some 3 to 4 colored candies ok, the board that looks similar has to be matched. As you check one pair, the board recreates, and you have to find the other match of similar Paris. Sometimes when you compare a four-set of candies, that particular move creates a power-up, and the board gets cleared to a more considerable extent. A fixed number is moves given to each player on each round.

How to play different levels of the candy crush saga game

This game is divided among many levels, which you must complete one after the other. Each group comes up with many different challenges to the players, such as getting several moves to bring extraordinary things from the board.

Challenges are like some space covered with jelly. That has to be broken by matching three or four similar candies. When you reach the next level, you get started based on your performance in the game. How many high scores have you made with your friends? Each board has its own rule of playing that level. If your lives are over, the player has to wait for some time in the real world until you don’t get applicable to play again.

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Candy crush also played in an episode.

Candy crush is spread in a vast number of episodes. Each one has added up with a few dozens of new levels one episode. Every episode has 15 levels of the game to play. Free classes will have some goals to be achieved if you fail to get 1st level; you have to play again. If the player collects Manu candies till the meter gets filled, the game automatically activates the moon-struck power; by this, the board gets cleared off candies, and you can gain some turns for other matches ahead. The dream World levels get us different sets of lives from the game.

It all about getting lives in the game to live

As you download the game, you get five lives free it can be used when the player fails to win that level. This feature applies to all the users on the field. The best part of this game is whenever your life Gets over. The players can send requests of getting lives to your Facebook friends, wait for them to get back to you, life gets restored within every half hour, or the other way is you can purchase life’s from the store there is a particular dollar that has to be paid.

Store types of equipment have been updated now, and you will be getting gold bars on every purchase according to the dollars you spend. Those gold bars can be used for more new lives for an extra move to make, boosters for your game, and unlock the next level. Boosters can help make your story more accessible.

Special candies that you can get on the board while playing candy crush

When you match four or more candies vertical or horizontal, you get a special candy that can reach all other candies of the same category. It is a free move to match two special candies even if they don’t fit. An excellent opportunity to collect more coins.

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