Candy Crush Saga


Who doesn’t love challenging games in Candy Crush Saga? So here are the games played by most people. Age doesn’t matter for this game. Any person, either a child or an adult or an old, can play it. Candy crush saga is an online as well as an offline game.

Login Procedure

There are two ways to play candy crush saga one is offline, and the second is online. Online, you can connect it to Facebook, which will be very beneficial.

Advantages of playing online

When you play online, firstly, you can connect to Facebook. When you connect to Facebook, you can make new friends. You can compete with your friends. You can ask for lives. You can send them gifts.

Disadvantages of playing offline

When you play offline, it is pretty much sure you won’t get any of the above benefits. So I suggest we connect to Facebook and play online.

About the game

The game has several levels; as you come across each group, you’ll find some uniqueness in all. Of course, we all get bored by playing the same things. We want something challenging, so this is the best game if you are looking out for challenges. I already mentioned there is no benefit in playing offline.

So here forward, whatever I am talking it’s all about playing online.

As you keep playing the game, keep on reaching ahead levels. Later you’ll come across some events.


So here are examples of some events.

​Denize stardust:- in this, you have to help modernize to light up her lanterns by collecting stars.

Space race: In this, you have to help dexter collect candies to fuel his rocket. And various other events, and after completing this event, you get rewards.

When you play the game, Of course, there are chances you lose; you can’t complete the game in one go. You get a total of five lives. Once the lives are over you, you have to wait for the other lives to come or ask your friends. You get various boosters that will help you in completing the levels. Down given below are some of the supporters.

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Candy Crush Saga Gameplay

In case while playing the game, you are out of moves and you need 5-10 steps, you can buy it by using gold. Now you’ll wonder gold? From where? So basically, you can buy gold for your real money. You’ll get various discount and offer.

By chance, if you are very new to the game and you still know nothing about the game, you can go to your settings of candy crush; it will tell you how to play. Secondly, it will keep you notified when your lives are whole.

You’ll come across the event name ‘LUCKY BEANS’. You’ll be wondering what kind of event and how to play it? Wait, don’t be tense ill tell you.

So basically, you’ll come across a notification about lucky beans you have to click on open later. It will appear like this.

You can either keep on selecting or quit a claim once. But there’s a benefit when you keep on choosing.

Benefits Like

1. 50 mins free fish

2. 50 min bomb and many more

But there’s a risk you can get all or you can get nothing.

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How to play this game

Playing this game is very easy. You have to touch a candy swipe with your fingers matching 3 or 4 or 5 candies of the same color to clear them. Don’t get confused about what I said; three candies would just usually clear it, but when you make 4 or 5 candies match, you get some benefits like when you do five candies, you get a bomb.

When you play online sometimes, you get unlimited life. This will be a superb opportunity to complete your levels. So if I have to give any tips, o would suggest playing online.

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