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About Carrom Pool Game

Nowadays, everyone knows how to download carrom pool game, but I will also brief in short for those who don’t know yet. Firstly, grab your phone, open the Play Store, search for Carrom Pool, and then install the app.

Once you have installed the app, you will see multiple ways of signing up using Facebook, google or play as a guest.

How to play carrom pool game

As you open the game, the first thing you see on the game page is: –

  • Play Disc Pool: This first board helps you learn control. You only have to follow the instructions given and continue. After you understand the instructions, the first match begins with the computer. As you go on achieving coins. On the top below your picture, you see a count of your coins collected while playing and a certain number of gems. You also get some bronze chest box that gives you gifts.
  • Play Carrom:This is a one-on-one game; there is an 8 stage.

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  1. Paris Stage:In this stage, the entry fee is 200 coins per person and six-game rules. Numbers Players who are online playing is 7548, and the game starts by taping. You will get your turn to play. It will be counted as foul if the striker goes in the hole. There is a time limit that goes on. Each player has its colour, and as always, you have to get the queen and cover and win the game. You can even chat with the other player like “Good luck”, “Thanks” etc. You can also quit the game in between, but the opponent wins the game if you leave. If you win the game, you get 400 coins as a winning prize.
  2. Delhi Lounge: This is of 1000 coins 500 coins each. Whoever is online will be your opponent. As usual, you can send Emoji’s and send commands. Around 10782 players are playing online. This game is of piece carrom. If you win, you will get 1000 coins as a prize.
  3. London Park: There are around 6372 players currently playing carrom online. If you play, you will get connected to any one of these. Entry fees are 2600 in total for both players, and if you win, you get 5000 coins prize with nine rules that have to be followed by clicking on the ‘i’ symbol the page turns, and you get to see rules of that particular game. If you have fewer coins to play this game, a pop up indicates you can gain fewer coins by playing the previous games win, and you can go to the next level.
  4. Instanbul Bazaar: The prize-winning amount is 10000 coins. Online players are 4348 at present, and the entry fee, if both are together, is 5500.
  5. Dubai Skybar: Prize for the winner is 20000, players playing online at current is 3068 and entry fees is 11000 with nine-game rules of the carrom.
  6. Mumbai Arena:The person winning the game will be getting 100k coins. The entry fee is 55000 coins, and 514 players play online.
  7. New York Square: The winner will be getting 500k coins + 42 people are Playing online, and this stage entry fee is 280k coins 
  8. Singapore Plaza: Wow the winner will be getting 1M coins after winning the game that means it is not going to be that easy to play. Online players are only 12, which looks scary because these people have worked so hard to reach this level. The entry fee is 580k.
  9. You have to plan different strategies to win the game.
  • Play Freestyle: This also has many games stage as the previous one. They are divided into some countries name.
  • Paris stage – prize: 400 coins
    • Players online: 3782
    • Entry fees:200
    • Rules :6 
  • Delhi lounge- prize: 100 coins 
    • Players online:5000
    • Entry fees:500
    • Rules:9
  • London park- prize: 5000 coins
    • Players online :2000
    • Entry fees: 2000
  • Istanbul bazaar- prize: 10000coins 
    • Players online:1272
    • Entry fees 5500
    • Rules:9
  • Dubai sky bar- prize: 20000 coins 
    • Players online:
    • Entry fees:
    • Rules:                      
  • Mumbai arena- prize: 100k coins
    • Players online: 146
    • Entry fees:55000
    • Rules: 9
  • New York square- prize: 500k coins
    • Players online:22
    • Entry fees: 280k
    • Rules: 12
  • Singapore plaza- prize: 1M coins 
    • Players online: 100
    • Entry fees: 580k 
    • Rules: 9

Information on the different zones of the carrom game

  • Profile: profile shows you your name, nationality (Indian flag) photo of yours. You can also rename 
  • This page also shows your progress rate like 
  1. Games Win
  2. Win Rate
  3. Current win streak
  4. World rank record
  5. County rank record
  • Carrom also gives you options to choose colour coins. For now, you have only white and black colour coins open free to use, and for the rest, you have to get various gift boxes and gems etc. There are around 23 colour coins options to choose from.
  • There are various cartoon characters (Avatars) displayed on the profile if you don’t want to keep your photograph.
  • The game gives a colour frame for your photograph you can change as your choice.
  • The best thing is that you are also getting “Powers” to play your game, but you have to play the game and unlock the next lower power. There are around 24 types of power you can gain. There are around 63 strikers you can play with, but you have to achieve a particular force, aim, the time you apply in each game.

Settings help you in many different ways like

  1. Logout
  2. Tutorial
  3. Practice mode 
  4. Language
  5. Sound effect
  6. Show online status to friends
  7. Chat messages
  8. Get challenges from friends only 
  9. Tap to place striker
  10. Show notification while playing
  11. More games
  12. Help and support
  13. Term and conditions
  14. Privacy policy
  15. Credits
  16. Version of the game 
  17. User ID

The diamond on the top of the page symbolises the count of diamonds you have, and the plus + sign next to it helps you buy gems (diamonds) with real money through UPI or direct from the bank. The coin symbolises the number of coins you have earned throughout the game, and you can also buy coins with real money. In the free rewards area, you get 300 coins free, and the following rewards will get unlocked at level 3!

Lucky short free short ready- you can come back to play and win coins every day. If you hit in the blue circle, you will get 25 gems, and if you hit in the red circle, you will get 25 gems, and the last of your striker comes in the yellow 75 gems; you can play this round for free.

Leader board: This board shows the progress of your game. You can see every score and level they are on and how many coins. The first 3players have got gold, silver, bronze medal, and they have also titled themselves.

You can send an invite through WhatsApp or Facebook, by which you can connect and play with your friends. There is a great opportunity you can share coins with your friends. The house symbol is the home page; if you get stuck in any part of the game, you must click and reach the main page. 

There is a trophy symbol; you will be watching various events coming up when you have to play, and you get a chance to earn better rewards at a super jackpot level. There are around 200 gems hidden in level 20 and ×1 lucky box hidden in level 30. By clicking the play now, four rewards boxes will appear. You have to select 1, and you get various gifts. If you choose the wrong box, a box will come out, and you will lose all the rewards you got before.

Here is my personal experience of Playing the Carrom Pool game.

I have enjoyed playing this online carrom Very interesting. You get to compete with many different people, and rewards are lovely and easy to get in some places. Suppose you go on a trip or your family picnic, no need to carry your whole carrom board and coins along with you. Just a click installs and enjoy; even children can get engaged in this game. You can also play the game offline.

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