Dead Trigger Game

About Dead Trigger Game

Dead Trigger is a top-rated mission-based game. Mad finger Games developed the game; the game was released in June 2012 for the android-based platform and iOS. The game is impressive, this game is a single-player game, and the second part of this game is called Dead Trigger 2. It is also an entertaining game. But for now, we will only talk about the first part. As of now, this game has about 30 billion downloads.

How is the Gameplay

This game is also horrifying. This game’s concept is on top of a story that is no less than a movie at all. Just like a film has an action-packed story, this game is a full-action story. We all know how dangerous zombies are if someone encounters them in real life, then it is impossible to avoid them. Before learning about this game, a little is about zombies.

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As we know, zombies are not in real life; they are just mythological facts used in movies or games. A dead body that wakes up again due to some magic and takes all to finish is called a zombie. It is shown in the films that zombies get fed up with a chemical, and if they bite another person, then that person also becomes a zombie. Fear not; it does not happen in real life.

There have also been many famous films on Zombies, in which they have shown this fact very well. Train to Busan, Resident evil and alive, is a favorite movie in which zombies spread throughout the city and kill all the urban people.

If you talk about this game, then something similar is shown in this game as well. In this game, zombies have spread all over the city, and you have to finish those zombies. Zombies have a whole army, and they have a boss who orders all these zombies to finish everything.

Those zombies have destroyed half the city, but now you have to stop them and save the rest of the people. This game is a mission-based game in which you have to complete those missions to finish each level. On completing each task, you get cash and go to the next level.

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These missions are not easy; in every task, you have to finish zombies. The entire army of zombies attacks you alone, and you have to finish them with your weapons. In weapons, you have very different and powerful guns. You must have the cash to buy those guns. You will get that sari cash only when you complete the missions.

These games also offer some features in which the player gets an experience point on playing the game and gets a chance to level up. You would have to do the same as it gave the mission; if you add a little extra to a task, that mission fails. Just like you have got 50 zombies to kill in one mission, you have to kill 50; if you also kill an extra zombie, that mission will fail.

Development of Game

The developers have put in a lot of hard work and money to make this game. Initially, many users played this game from the third-person perspective, but later it made this game a single-player game. Due to many zombies becoming a game, this game was made secretly so that no other game can be created by looking at this game’s concept.

There are such cases with the creators, where they have to face issues like copyrights and problems like concept theft. It was released in a special Announcement after they created the game. This game did not reach many people at the start of the release, but later on in marketing, the game became famous worldwide and was liked by the people.

How is the Graphics

The graphics of this game is excellent. The way the developers have created the pictures of this game shows how much knowledge they have about this industry. This game is a single-player game in which one player roams across the city.

It is easy to make a single platform game, but in this game, the whole city has been designed and in such a way that by looking at the city, it seems that it is an actual city. Along with the city, zombies are also built just like zombies in any movie. All zombies are made in different groups. Which his main boss has made him very dangerous. Guns have also been made absolute, which look like real guns. The effects are very well made; while playing this game, you will experience a zombie movie.

What are the Features

When Zombie attacks, to avoid their attack, you have to let the player’s health be reduced, if the health is exhausted, then the game will be over, and zombies will be successful in their mission. Zombies will attack the player with his fingernail to finish the player’s health, and lava comes out of his mouth. If you want to kill a zombie quickly, you should shoot at the zombie’s head so that zombie dies very quickly. Remember that the player will have very limited bullets. The right timing is critical. This game has also received many awards.

What are the Requirements

As we told you that this game is played online. To play this game, you will need an internet connection. This game’s size is above 100 MB, so to download this game, you need a little internet connection. You do not need to download any external files to play this game.

You can play this game on any suitable mobile phone. It would be better to take such a mobile to play this game with a 4G connection and a phone whose RAM is above 4GB. There is no need to buy more expensive phones; you can play this game even on a cheap phone.

If that city is waiting for you, go and finish all those zombie gangs and their bosses. Save that city from your shooting skills. Go and play Dead Trigger.

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