Dr Driving Game

About Dr. Driving

Dr Diving Game is a driving simulation game. This game is the best game for all driving fans. The game was created by SUD Inc. and also published by them. It takes only half a year to make this game. After the creation, the game was released on 19 June 2013 for IOS and Android platforms. No more information about SUD Inc is available anywhere.

Those people have not talked much about themselves. Some people do not think it is right to know about themselves or their company. According to them, information should be published as much as is necessary for the people. Perhaps there must have been some incident with this company, due to which, they do not want to talk more about themselves. But if we talk about their work, then that is imaginable.

More than half of the driving games were liked by the people. From the graphics to the gameplay of this game is a lot of fun. This game was released in 2013, due to which it became viral. In 2013, online games did not have that much trend, and then everyone liked to play offline games because then the internet was not much advanced today. There was no 4G technology then.

For this reason, people used to play offline games only. Users hardly played little games online; today, the stock of online games is entire. The people who are early-born had enjoyed this game.

How is the Gameplay?

There is no storyline in this game. The game starts with the player. As the name suggests, this game is a driving game in which the player has to drive on the city’s streets. Just like in real life, when someone breaks a rule while driving on the road, the police catch you. This is also in this game when you violate the law or do an accident while driving. Your game is over, and the police catch you.

It is a bit difficult to drive on the streets of this game. It is a bit easier to drive on real roads but is a bit difficult in this game. Hearing this from every driver, you will indeed find that there was a lot of traffic on the streets, today it was a bit difficult to drive. This thing has been taken in this game, and this game has been made on this. On the roads of this game, you will see many vehicles that will come in your way like an obstacle; without touching all those vehicles, you have to reach the destination, for the goal, you will guide an arrow on the screen if even light touch any car, then your game will be over.

Types of Modes and Features

This game has many modes in which you can drive. You have to drive to the parking destination in the parking mode and park the vehicle in a small area without touching anyone. There is a broken brake mode in which brakes are not working; you have to maintain a speed because the brake will not be able to turn at the time of turns.

One mode is the fuel mode in which a limited fuel is mixed, and one has to drive with the same fuel. If you like fast speed, then there is a different mode for you, called Drift mode. In this mode, you have to go with a drift. Applying a drift is a lot of fun in itself. One mode is the traffic mode in which you get a lot of traffic on the road, and you have to go between them without touching any vehicle.

One more thing about this game is perfect when you take turns while driving and smoothly drive, and you get points. The gameplay of driving is different from other driving games, you will have some limitations in the rest of the games, but you drive entirely limitless in this game.

What is the Graphics

The graphics and soundtrack of the games are also quite good. Today, the graphics of this game can be a little disconcerting because today’s graphics technology has advanced a lot, today such games come out on such a day, whose graphics can blow anyone’s eyes. But talk about ten years before today, this game was perfect at that time, its graphics were appropriate according to that time. Has designed cars and small cities so well. Excellent effects have also been used. The soundtrack is also fantastic enough to give a feel of traffic.

What are the Achievements

Talking about the achievements of this game, it is fantastic. The developer made this game in 2013; at that time, this game did not get so much popularity beginning, but as people started downloading this game, this game started to become popular since then till now 100 million of this game More downloads have been done.

This game was successful due to the graphics and gameplay of this game. After the success of this game, SUD made and launched Driving 2. The gameplay and graphics of that game were like Dr. Driving and could not get more good reviews because SUD had not made many changes in the new game, due to which people gave some bad reviews. Before Driving 2, the first part received good reviews.

Later, Dr. Parking was made in which the concept of parking was only to drive the car and park it and nothing else. Talking about Dr. driving, this game has got the title of # 1 top free racing game, but now due to some more new games, this game is at # 8. It is also a big thing to come in 8 positions out of thousands of games.

There have been many more titles with these titles, like the best racing game of the year, the top racing game, and many more titles. So, if you also like driving, then definitely play this game. You will find this game easily on any platform.

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