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About FIFA Football Game

This game is the best for football fans. As the name suggests, Fifa football is a football game. This game is stunning, and you will get it quickly on any platform for free. The game was co-created by EA Mobile and EA Canada. Both companies are famous for making sports games. Even before this, both the companies have made a lot of great games together. It took two years to make this game and was made with two years of hard work. EA Sports released the game. EA Sports, EA Mobile, and EA Canada are the same.


The game was announced on 16, August 2016 and it was released on 11 October 2016. Shortly after the release, this game became very famous because Football is liked by so many people worldwide. Since its release, the game has had more than 100 million downloads so far.


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Who Developed the Game


EA Sports had already received a lot of recognition, but after making FIFA football, it became a franchise to make the best sports games in the whole world. EA Sports has released massive games such as Fifa, NHL, NBA Live, and Madden NFL.


After making this game and after this game’s success, the company came out with more football games such as Fifa Mobile 17, Fifa Mobile 18, Fifa Mobile 19, Fifa Mobile 20, and recently released all the big games to date. The size of all these games is enormous; all these games are not for mobile users. Only PC users can play this game.


Another thing about EA Sports that makes it different from other franchises is that it did not collaborate with any other franchise. All the games that he has made so far have been made by themselves. All the money to make any game is their own. This shows that the business model of this franchise is enormous.


How is the Gameplay


Fifa football is a football-based mobile game loved by all over the world. This game is made on the actual events of Football. Fifa world cup is such a big event that more than half of the world’s people will know about it. Everyone knows about this competition, but more than half do not know what the complete form of Fifa is.


Today, we will remove your doubt. Fifa is a very famous event that goes back to the very early history of Football, and its full name is Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). Fifa world cups are played in the middle of the prominent senior’s team; a lot is also seen for selecting this team’s players. Most groups allow players who already have a lot of football experience, which means that it is a bit difficult for any new football player to play this event.


To play this event, that player must have excellent skills because only then will a team give that player a place inside themselves. It costs a lot to organize this event. The FIFA World Cup is a successful event played every four years.


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How to create a team in Fifa Football

If we talk about it, then its gameplay is no less than any real football game. Football matches are played in this game, as are real football matches. Within this game, you can also create your team and your character. There are many events inside this game in which a player can play. After completing your character, you can feed the Football according to the skills of that player.


To increase the player’s skills, you have to play this game from scratch. To move ahead of the ball, you have to keep swiping in the same direction on the screen where you know about that ball. And to shoot, one has to lift once. Gameplay is straightforward. Any human being can play this game without any technical knowledge.


A new mode has been added to this game which is “VS attack mode.” You will also see Biggest Star Players, and along with it, you will also see big teams. Most people prefer to play any game with their friends more than playing alone. Not every football game has this mode; you can also play with your friends inside Fifa football. This game has a different method. There is also a chance to win a lot of rewards. The better you play, the more you get a chance to win prizes.


Types of Game Play and Soundtrack


Developers have done a lot to create FIFA football graphics. While playing this game, there is no feeling that you are playing a mobile game, but it seems that an actual football match is going on in front of your eyes. The effects of the game are precisely similar to real Football.

When the player shoots in this game, the effects ultimately fall on that player, and different lights appear around the player when the goal is scored. This will be a tiny thing. The most important thing about this game is that it has also included legendary football players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and many other players. You can also do hook shoots of those players.


Every game uses a simple audience, but the audience has also been kept in mind in this game. The audience also looks natural. Now speaking of the soundtrack, it is also perfect. Real commentators have been used to commentary. And the sound from cheering audiences to hitting a player’s goal is very similar to real Football.


Types of Requirements for the Game


Talking about games like Fifa 21, you will need a good laptop to play that game, but for Fifa Football, you do not need much, only a mobile phone with a touch screen and its RAM is up to 4 GB. As the game’s size is not very big, this game will run without any problem in 4GB storage. No game can be availed by reading any article, so if you are also a Football fan and want to take advantage of Football by playing Fifa football, then download and play this game on any platform and enjoy it.

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