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About Lollipop 2 Game

If you are okay with spoiling your teeth by eating many sweetest candies that will come across and of Lollipop 2 Game, if you want to spend your best time in a more loveable way, you can join in playing this game. “The Lollipop marshmallow” is as sweet as the most adventuring trip of collecting colourful candies that go right-left, and boom, this game goes on with full rainbow colours throughout the game.

Enjoy the game offline and also online. Take your time and play with the limited turns you get. You will feel like you’re in the shop of candies going on eating up varieties of sweetness all over the game. One of the most unlimited fun games. There will be many challenges coming up again and again, and you have to steal it like a robber.

 Features of Lollipop Game

  •  Coins sign means how many coins you have collected, and the +sign indicates “A shop” where you can purchase any offers and remove the popup ads. There are various offers like.
  • Only one chance for beginners bundle 140 coins 420% up! 160 rupees.
  • Sugar bundle 100 coins 310 rupees
  • Honey bundle 265 coins 590 rupees.
  • Cookie bundle most popular 570 coins for rupees in total.
  • Pie bundle 3900INR for 1800 coins.
  • Cake bundle best value Dhamaka offer till now 3800 coins for 7400 rupees.

The game also gives you another option of playing your game without Ads.

  • Adds free – Remove pop up Ads INR 100 
  •  8 coins- you have to see some 3 YouTube videos.
  •  70 coins – For 160 INR 
  •  200 coins – For 370 INR 
  •  420 coins – For 750 INR 
  •  870 coins – For 1500 INR 
  •  1800 coins – For 3000 INR.

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Inventory: There are eleven pop up surprise gifts that you get in between while playing like a “yo-yo,” “bomb,” “hand gloves,” etc. a sit also shows the count of which level you are on how many stars you have also collected the number of coupons you have got while playing. 

Settings: It will help you know any of your queries you want to ask the computer. It will answer you in the support green button. You can also rate the game between the five stars. The most impressive feature is that you can save your gameplay’s progress, but for that to sign via Facebook.

Events: Many opportunities come up in this game; you only need the proper timing to jump in and grab it like the.

  1. Daily rewards: – You will get daily tips every seven days in a row of the sweetest daily rewards. But as we say, “sabar ka fal Mita Hota hai,” you also have to wait because this part of the game gets unlocked at level 7 and then for all the levels in the different games.
  2. Booster wheel: – You can spin and win free boosters! That will be needed while playing the game. But that too gets unlocked at level 25 and higher.
  3. Candy Day: – Candies helps Jenny with her collecting and helps herself to some delicious rewards, and again it gets unlocked as for level 21 and higher.
  4. Gold candy: -Coupon beats challenging levels to collect the gold candy coupon and use it to get even more rewards at season sweet lens which gets unlocked at level 38 and valuable for higher.
  5. ✓Daily quest: – Here are many more exciting offers for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Fantastic! Challenge yourself with a daily quiet and earn sweet rewards. We can unlock the Amazon offer at level 42 and higher levels.

Many updates will be coins up, and you have to wait for the most remarkable events.

How to play this lollipop game

Around 2140 levels and many more are coming up.

Level 1: Some Ads come while playing. If you want to avoid you can purchase offers. If you win the level, you get three stars, which symbolizes ways to the next level; you can even take the help of the boosters like a sweet candy, a bomb or a rainbow lollipop that helps you win the game, but unlucky we these get unlock at level 6. Tap the okay button and start to play. In the first game, you get specific commands showing how to play the game.

You have to make a group is three candies of the same colour. You can even match 4 of the same candies and see what happens.

You have to collect a certain number is hearts and a specific number of candies. If you see a rocket, you can use it for cracking all the sweets that match, and on the top of the page you hey to see how many moves and after achieving you get three golden stars and this winning page also shows how many gift boxes you have unlocked and the next level option with the Ads.

Level 2: you have to match 20 hearts and 20 blue candies. An instruction pops up “let’s match in L shape!” And in this level, we have only 34 moves that it can take. If you switch the rainbow lollipop with rings, it will take away all the hearts from the playing field at that moment. If you swipe other candies and make a group of 3 that will get away of the particular level buy that will only empty the space, you can even save your progress (score)

Level 5: You will be seeing some different features in level 5 and is the sugar cubes. You have to match the candies and break the sugar portion of the sweets.

Level 6: As I told you earlier, the time has come to use the powerful boosters, select before and continue. You will get three candies, three orange boxes the burst, and you will get a level close to winning the game and also a rainbow lollipop. To get a rocket, you have to match four candies in the square shape sugar. You can check again and use a flying rocket that will burst a few sugar shapes, and the level is complete. And it ends with an Ad.

Level 7: You have an opportunity of 3 red and blue candies + 2 BOM’s + 3 rainbow lollipops. You have to break 78 sugar shapes into 32 levels. If you get a hammer, you get a chance to tap any item m to remove it, press claim and then you have to pick a candy to hammer it. While using a booster, NJ, no moves have been used, isn’t it good. The cherry on the cake is of you use the box on the right swipe; many sugar-shaped cubes get broken. I got around eight chances to hammer, and if you clear the level, you get a gift box, and you get coins, one rainbow lollipop, and 7hand gloves claim it.

As this level gets over, you will be getting one more amazing offer to gain free coins, like you get eight extra coins and three bonus boosters. 3 Ads of around 15 seconds. And also, some Ads are 30 seconds.

Level 8: You must collect doughnuts around 32 on 36 stations. Rockets help you cut off some doughnuts sometimes, and you can press the x button and skip the Ads. After level 8, you get the first chance to buy the 1st combo pack you will get a popup.

Level 9: In this level 10, you get new chilly stars. You will get to different naughty big Marsh appearances in the game that you have to collect 40 sugar cubes in 30 levels. This big Marsh keeps on throwing doughnuts, and sit also keeps jumping here and there.

As you go to level 11, you get to eat waffles that you have collected while swiping left-right, but the ads that make us wait to try avoiding as the neighbour avoid you it’s just a matter of few seconds.

Yummy, you can even honey brush your wafers biscuits and vanish away from your way in level 12.

The piggy on the railway has left his way and come to you in level 13 to help you collect some money. And the difficulty level slowly increases as you start getting fewer turns and a sugar coat under the biscuits. If you dash two rainbow balls, everything goes boom boom bam, and you win. The coming up marshmallows that are hidden under the sugar have to break with the correct swipe. Magic wands come up in level 18. You have to tap and remove all the same colour candies at one time.

Hurry up, download the game and get a fantastic offer. The newly come in request is the “Valentine Day” for 13 days win and buy special offers to get valentine gifts. You can only purchase this offer once! If you are purchasing this offer, you can get the benefits of avoiding many Ads that come in between the game. After level 10, you get many offers. Every stage of the game is very colourful.

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