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About Ludo King Online Play

Nowadays, everyone has an android phone, in other words, a smartphone.

  1. Open your play store App.
  2. Go to the 🔍 search section click ▶️then a keypad will appear ▶️type Ludo king.
  3. Click on the green button and install.
  4. As you install, open the app; as it gets opened, a page appears showing you have to select the language among that you can choose yours.
  5. After that, another page appears showing how you would like to log in, e.g., with Facebook or using your Google ID, or you want to play as a guest. After selecting your option next page welcomes you to the game with your name is shown, and it also asks you, “Have you ever played Ludo? “Yes.” Or “No,” and the game begins.

Features of Ludo King Online

  • On the open page, you can see your profile picture; by clicking on the image, It will update every progress of your tournament accordingly. If you don’t want your photo, you can keep various cartoon character pictures.
  • On the left of the game page, you can see the “10 rupees sign” symbol; it indicates that you can pay 10 rupees through UPI and buy a certain number of coins or diamonds.
  • If you click the “k” (king pass) symbol tu, you can see various buy options you have to put real money. And if you buy this combo offer, you can unlock “All lobbies ” + 100,000 coins 180/-
  • 125 diamonds 100/-
  • 7days talk time 100/-
  • Marble theme. 180/-
  • Ads-free lifetime. 140/-
  • 700/-
  • But you can get it at 600/-
  • ⏪This is the back option.
  • 🎁 This gift box will be in red, showing 100 coins that you can collect and one diamond. You will get all this for free, but you have to watch certain “Ads.”
  • Right-hand side the first symbol on the top is the trolley symbol🧺 (store) section
  • click ▶️ various but package you will be able to see but “PAID” ▶️the diamond 💎 section you will see written every 1-hour offer that will give you a diamond but that too with showing some ads.
  • 👬 This symbol gives us an option to play. We can even send invites to our Facebook friends if they accept; you can Play with them OR any random person who plays online you can connect too.
  • There are around 21 levels of the Ludo game. You have to win each group, and GGG will take you to the city level. The most exciting thing is in every level of the game, you get to see different themes + color variations, etc.
  • There is an inviting symbol. If you refer to your new user through Facebook or WhatsApp and install the app, both will be rewarded with 10,000 coins.
  • You can play the game online + play with friends+ you can also play with the computer+ pass N play.
  • There is a ranking scoreboard 📝where you get to see many people who have joined the game with their name and score the board show’s DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, ALL TIME. Score getting updated accordingly.
  • Settings help us to change various things.
  • 13-The best you get in this is you get a one-on-one game like LUDO + SNAKE AND LADDER.
  • You can also earn coins by spinning the wheel; you have to watch and add videos to get the coins.
  • There is a TOURNAMENT that gets unlocked at level 3. If you participate in it, you can win big 6× rewards.
  • For playing this game, you have to be connected to the internet.

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How to play ludo king

👉Play Ludo King Online

  • You have to select how many players you would like to play, then the game begins, and turn by turn, you will get the dice to play, but you have to be quick to roll the dice or lose the chance of playing in that turn.
  • You can also select the place and the color of the four coloum you want.
  • You can play around with a max of six players in 1 game, but that gets unlocked at level 3.

👉Play Ludo King with Friends

  • In this section, you can choose which color or side you want to Play.
  • The best thing is you can also select the number of players, around six players by which the board’s size changes.
  • You can also voice chat while playing by ✅ the mike for gaga hoi have to pay 100 coins and create the room.
  • On each level on the right side down, your area symbol is “YOUTUBE” if you want to know how to play, you can get to see videos showing how to play. It is an excellent opportunity to see that way of playing in advance.

👉Play Ludo King with Computer

  • This game will be between you and the computer.
  • You have to tap and roll the dice, and the coins move accordingly.
  • The worst thing is that you get to see different ads.

👉Pass and Play Ludo King

  • Pass and play mean all four sides will be yours; you can play by yourself turn by turn.
  • You also have an option to save your game.
  • You can even change the model of the coins.
  • But several ads come many times we should avoid this.

👉About Ludo King App

This is the most challenging game you will ever see because you get to compete with a different person.

You don’t need to carry the Ludo game board and coins with you everywhere. You need to download the game and enjoy it.

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