Minion Rush

About the Minion Rush Game

Minion rush: running game as everyone knows; minion is the famous cartoon character you will get to see in this game.

It is somewhat like a Subway surfers game. Minions will be playing instead of you. Minions will be running over trains left, right, etc. This game is of running endlessly. You can make your minions dress the way you like, but you have to unlock certain dressings. Minion rush game is an adventurous running game.

Secrets you will be getting throughout the game are 

While the run is going on, you will be getting a prize that you can unlock by completing the special mission that comes across the gameplay, and that mission is a secret have to be found by you in the area you will be running.

How to collect the outfits of minions

Costumes of the minion are just not fantastic because they are the victory key of your game. Try to unlock how many outfits you get to because each ensemble brings up different powers, and you get a chance to score high play, get some bonus points, and grab more bananas.

How to play minions rush

This is the controlling game; the minions can be Dave, Carl, Jerry, Mel in the challenge. There are three tracks to run on the game field and some flying bananas in the air, which minions have to collect by moving left or right.

Minion has to take care of the obstacles that come in between; you have to save yourself from there. You can move up to jump and swipe down to duck. Minions also have to see the attack that will be coming from the bosses unless they are equipped with power-ups because you can get prizes such as bananas, coins, costumes, cards, and tokens. If you purchase the outfit, you can change the minion’s clothes. One of the goals is to increase your rank after every 5th rank, and the player gets an upgrade with the new title.

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Characters of minions rush

There are many characters in this game. Dave is one of the minions with the most number of costumes other four are Carl, jerry’s meal, etc.

Minions special missions

In these special missions, players have to collect items from the other place during the time of the run. There are three stages in each task, and the items in each set are different. Minions will also be getting market tickets, fevers, banana coins, and special missions prize pods as gifts.

Game after updating

Ok, between the game can get updated, and as this happens, you will get a beautiful new view of the game; suddenly, I loved it. I hope even you like it. This new feature is a somewhat robotic environment. It shows how many kilometers you have run to reach the bonus stars to increase your rewards. This new version is the same as before. You have to collect bananas while running, and you can track the progress of your missions, complete it and earn the 1st star. It gives you a warning that this much time is left.

Every round has a mission; you have to collect three stars to get the best rewards at the end of the matches. Tips are in the form of banana coins, and I earned +21 coins; a new referee, you have to unlock the agent. You received enough costume cards to unlock a new one. To open a new costume, you have to give away 30 banana coins.

Features to accomplish the minion run

🔸Banana vacuum

Collect every banana in your path to unlocking this Banana vacuum; this vacuum collects all the bananas you could not reach. It works like a magnet. If you want to increase your skills, you must collect 10% more bananas or robonanas. To enjoy the banana vacuum, you have to collect as many bananas as you can only within 8 seconds.

🔸Banana jelly

Complete mission in the global goals s you come you will be finding a costume and improve guru’s lair. Try picking one of the recommended outfits gi complete mission more efficiently. Claim your rewards and go to the following objectives. Clear all of them to complete the chapter and earn the primary tips. Complete all objectives to unlock a location. Watch a video and earn tokens.

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Bananas charge your costume ability; you can also change the costume’s ability with others’ actions. Try picking up the banana vacuum by using the vacuum your mission gets over soon. You have to tap in the vacuum symbol below and play. You have to move right, left, etc. On completing the mission, Banana jelly and collecting three stars, you get rewards with some Banana coins and a reference. You have to upgrade the costume card for the first costume, but you have to give away your 200 banana coins. To level up the banana vacuum, collect every banana in your path this time; the duration will be 10 seconds, and the skills will also increase by 20% more bananas or robonanas.

🔸 Banana splitter

For banana splitter gets twice as many bananas, you collect while running. The duration of the gi collection of bananas is 8 seconds. Each second counts 10% more while running.

Chapter of minions run

There are 40 chapters, and each chapter has its particular mission. Like in mission one, you have to collect 50 bananas, and in mission two, the minion has to run for 30 seconds, and you get rewarded. You have to complete all the missions to progress to the next chapter.

Agents of minions

When you get the first agent, you get rewarded with 20 tokens and despicable ops that get unlocked, and you have to keep opening and upgrading your costume regularly to improve your agent’s rank. New Power ko has been opened to collect it during the mission to use its power. The reward you get for completing the 1st objective is “Island hopper “× 5.

Objectives of minions

🔸OBJECTIVES 1– complete the mission of inventing room 1.

How to complete it? 

  1. Tap the guru’s lair icon
  2. Scroll to the inventing room–room 1
  3. Play in the room at least 1 star to complete the Mission
  4. Press go, and the game starts
  5. Collected 120 bananas

🔸OBJECTIVES 2– Your following objectives will take you to the despicable ops room complete the missions.

How to complete it?

  1. Tap the guru’s lair icon
  2. Scroll to the room with a map icon- despicable ops room
  3. Tap run to complete the required mission in despicable ops and GO.

How to play the minion rush game

  1. Collect 50 bananas within 10 seconds.
  2. You can use the banana vacuum.
  3. Swipe left, right, jump, etc.

In 4- In case you dash the running train the 1st time, the game gives you a chance to continue free, but after this, if you dahs anything like this, it stops you from playing further. You have to pay a few tokens to continue, so watch your step. Rewards – 200 banana coins. Complete a mission, daily tasks, or achievements? Chain your friend’s bonuses in the games career section. Keep playing, and soon you will receive the primary reward, the “El Macho’s Lair ” location.

Wardrobe of minions

Everyone knows what a wardrobe is, so even minions have their own here. In this Wardrobe, you have to unlock Ns upgrade the minion’s costume, and check where you can hey cards for each one. So as you open the Island hopper, you have to give away ten banana coins.

Special offer in minion rush

A- Festival bundle 

Purchase limits may apply to this offer. There are two standards and special offers. First, the standard offers you 50 events points and 100 tokens only for 89 rupees. The second special offer is 500 event points and 550 passes for 449/-. These will be costing you real money.

B- Minions Festival

Minions Festival has two sides one is free, and the second is activating premium. By unlocking tires with these awesome rewards by completing quests and collecting festival points. The maximum time to achieve this mission is 16 hours and 54 minutes. Premium pass gives you featured costumes, premium rewards, and extra quests. There are several prizes in both sections, which it will unlock in their time.

1- Free rewards

Festival prize pod- 5-7 cards,695 coins, snorkeler ×27, vacations×27, green card ×5, start with charged ability, coins. Etc

2- How to Active premiums

Here you can track your progress in quests complete them during the run to earn. Festivals points and advance through tiers, wide tires to get rewards.

  • Daily rewards- Get free festival points and get 50 stars. The following free change will be given to you on 16H 52M 25S.
  • Watch videos and get festival points and 50 stars as rewards.
  • Run for 1 M 15s and win +52 stars coins as rewards.
  • Punch 20 minions and win +52 stars coins.
  • Run 500 meters in the top bananas and win +52 stars coins.
  • Slide under obstacles 25 times and win +52 stars coins.
  • Collect 5000 Robonanas and get +52 stars coins.
  • Run for 15s with the minion shield and get +56 stars coins.
  • Collect 2,200 Bananas and get 52 stars.
  • Run 1M 00s in the top bananas room; the 54-star coins
  • Run 660 meters with the Banana splitters and get +54 stars coins
  • Never – miss obstacles ten times; get 54 stars coins.
  • Collect 120 stars on the moon get 54 stars coin.
  • Punch ten minions as the evil minions hey +56 stars coins.
  • Run 1000 meters get +56 stars coins.
  • Commit 15 despicable actions in the top bananas room hey +56 star coin.
  • Jump over obstacles 50 times get +56 star coins.
  • Run 30 meters with the freeze ray to get a +53 star coin.
  • Use the freeze ray ability one time to get +58 star coins.

C- Witch offer

Complete special missions in half the time with the ability of a unique costume. This is only a one-time purchase.

For 449/- bundle contains 1000 tokens

Worth of item ×50 witch


For 899/- bundle contains 2280 tokens

×119 witch cards, 2000

Banana coins.

Vip status of the minions

Active VIP status to remove the difficulties you will be going through in the game. For three days 89/- and for seven days 179/-. You can get rid of ads + the number of costumes for each run. The pool of costumes for rent may include both locked and unlocked costumes but always at a higher level than you have remembered; this will cost you real money.

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