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About MPL (Mobile Premier League)

MPL named Mobile Premier League is a Mobile platform-based game. They launched the game in September 2018 for other platforms, but it was released in February 2019, On Apple app store and Google’s Play store after a short period. It was developed by Galactus Funware Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Galactus Funware Technologies is based in Bangalore, India; MPL was developed by Sai Srinivas Kiran Garimella, Shubham Malhotra. They both are founders of Galactus Funware Technologies. Since the gaming industry was growing very well and also it is a massive industry. Both founders get an idea in their minds to create an e-sports game for users. No one made no such match before today.

How MPL was Developed

Both people have worked very hard to make this game; it took a long time to make this game, and after so long, it made such a fun game. As we all know, Bangalore is the hub of IT; this company is a very famous and big company in pure Bangalore. There is no such company in the entire gaming industry; this company comes within the top 10 of the company. It would be best if you remembered the name of the company we are talking about.

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How is the GamePlay

MPL is a mobile game focused on the concept of e-sports gaming. The object of this game is to play this game with a great skill set. MPL is not a mobile game. It is a platform where there are lots of fun to play and win cash as a prize.

The rewarded cash is not virtual; the player gets actual money after winning the match. You need to have the skills to play these games. As we said, it is not just a game; it is a gaming platform. This is an online-based game in which more players like you play.

How to play

This is a competitive game in which you compete with the front players as much as the game. The skillset is the most important factor in this game. If you don’t have skills, you will be unable to compete in this game. In this platform, there are three modes in which users can play.

Tournaments You will know what the way to play the contest is. Matches are played exactly as the tournament is played in the rest of the games. In any game, the tournament plays an important role. There is no Tournament mode in the rest of the games, but in the MPL platform, this mode is the best. This mode has several methods in which players make their entry. It takes tokens or money to get access.

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All the players who enter in the given entry time play the game among themselves. Runner no, for example, Let’s take 1, which is a famous MPL game. In this game, the player has to run, and who scores the most is the tournament winner. After the game is over, the cash is distributed according to the position. The one who comes first gets the most money, and then the remaining players get the remaining money according to their work. This tournament mode is enjoyable. When the company made this game, they first added only this model.

  • 1-vs-1 Battle

The next mode is 1-vs-1 Battle. In this mode, two players battle with each other in a slot, and the winning player gets a cash prize. For example, in the fruit chop game, you have to cut the fruits out of these two players; the player who receives the highest score wins the real cash. This mode is quite challenging because two skilled players are playing against each other for total winning cash.

  • Fantasy Sport

The last mode is Fantasy sport. In this mode, there are real sports matches. Like you can create your team on dream 11; similarly, you can create your team in this mode. This is also a tournament in a way that users enter; they make their team. When the match is complete, the player who has made the best team wins and gets the crash prize. This mode is also fantastic. To win the game, a player has to create a great team.

What are the Facts

Above gameplay and features, let’s know about some facts. We all know, Game creation is a little easy than advertising it. Developers spend a lot of money on advertisements. They had created the game, but initially, many people did not know about this game, so the developers started marketing this game to reach the people.

He invested a lot of money in the advertisement but did not get such good results. Later, he thought that a big man should get it marketed, so he chose Virat Kohli for this work. In 2019, Virat Kohli was made the brand ambassador of MPL for a whole year. In that year, this game became very popular. But later, due to the high budget of Virat Kohli, he decided to choose someone else. A year later, he made K.L Rahul the brand ambassador.

Who did the Funding?

As the player who wins in this game gets a cash prize, MPL also took funding to maintain this concept. He first took financing of $ 5 million from Sequoia Capital. In 2019, They took a $ 35.5 million budget from Go-Ventures. And in 2020. $ 90 million was funded by SIG, RTP Global, and MDI Ventures. Due to this funding, the MPL game could run so smoothly so far.

What are the Challenges

This game is not available on the Google play store, and Google removed the game from the Google play store due to some technical issues. Developers said that there was some controversy on this game. They consider this game a scam; that is why Google took this game from the Play Store.

Dream 11 is also not available on platforms like Play Store. Such difficulties are encountered in making such games; the developers say they consider such challenges very small. This is what distinguishes him from the rest of the people. So prepare your skills quickly, and if you want to earn money by playing games, this game is best for you.

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