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About Need for Speed “No Limits”

Need for speed “No limits” is a free racing video game for all racing games fans. This racing game was developed by Fire monkey and published by Electronic Arts. I talk about Firemonkey it is a cross-platform which develops UI. The actual meaning of UI is User Interface.

Firemonkey has developed many famous games which are very successful in their categories. Windows, Mac OS, IOS are their operating system. And everybody knows about Electronic Arts (EA), is an American-based video game company situated in California’s Redwood City. The company has developed many famous and successful games till yet. According to their work, the racing category is their favorite area.

When was the Game Released?

The company was founded on 27 May 1982 by Trip Hawking. Trip hawking is a god of game developing industry. He gifted us numerous games with unique gaming ideas. We are glad that we have him in our world. In one of his interviews, he said that I love gaming. Game development is my passion. Since I was a child, I am developing games. In my childhood, video games always fascinate me and inspire me to become a game developer.

I have faced a lot of problems to become a developer. I think it’s not easy to develop a game that everyone will love. His company EA is the second-largest gaming company in America and Europe in terms of revenue and following. I genuinely believe that you have also played the EA game once in your life. The company has published numerous games. Most of their game became successful. Need for speed “No Limits” was published by them as the series of Need for speed.

Who Developed the Game?

Need for speed is a gaming franchise that Electronic Arts publish; the main series concept is street racing. Our big racing industry inspired the series. They started the Need for Speed series in the early ’90s. In the early 90s, there were very few games in the racing category.

Therefore, the idea of creating the Need for Speed series came into the developer’s mind. The Need for the speed was the first game launched by Electronic Arts in the Need for Speed series. After the launch, the game became the best racing game in the 90s. Electronic arts invested a tremendous amount of money in developing every particular game in their NFS series.

How is the Gameplay 

The game was first released for the Android platform and then for windows, Mac OS, and IOS. The gameplay of this game is very impressive and loved by most people. This game’s concept is like other games in which there is a race between cars, but this is not only in the NFS No limits. The focus of this game is on street racing.

There is no storyline in the racing games, but this game has a fantastic storyline. The story is straightforward. A racer of streets accompanies the report on the Black ridge to race against the Marcus king. Marcus King is the leader of the racing crew of the streets of the black ridge.

How to play Need for Speed?

Whenever a player races on the streets with someone, the policemen always stop and arrest him because the king does not want to do so. Police officers have been told that the player should not race under any circumstances because that player is a tremendous racer, and the car he has is perfect. You must have heard the name of Mustang; yes, it is the best car. The player has to race by defeating the policemen and against that king as much as that race is. You must have some gaming skills to play this game.

The gameplay is straightforward. Drive the car on the street, you have to do tenacity on the screen so that the vehicle continues to race, to stop the car one has to tap the screen once. Maintain the vehicle on the street, you have to balance the vehicle. You will be a lot of booster at the time of racing, due to which the speed of the vehicle can be breakneck.

There are many modes in the game in which the player can race. In elimination mode, you have to maintain a position on the street. Otherwise, you can eliminate it because of being left behind. Apart from this mode, many special events can come in which one can race. The player gets a separate car to race in those events, and that car is not minor. Every event gets a premium and luxurious car to race. It is difficult to race in those events; outstanding players are ready to run. You can also customize your vehicles. You can customize your car at your own will.

What is the Achievement

There is no doubt that EA Company likes the best games, and everyone likes the whole EA Company. Need for speed no limits game has got reviews of all ways. Many people have enjoyed this game very much, and many people have given average reviews of this game.

We can say that this game has got mixed reviews. This game has been successful due to the gameplay, graphics, and controls of this game. The graphics of the game is fantastic. The visuals of racing are entirely different from the rest of the racing games.

The visuals of this game are going to give you the feel of an action racing movie, when you race on racing streets in this game, your cars look very dangerous. About the soundtrack, this game has a piece of thrilling music that gives an action experience. From the car’s sound to the small celebrations, the company has done a great job in the sound of this game. The EA Company has worked hard to make this game. If this game has been able to beat a little at someplace, that is the system requirement. To fill this gap, EA launched a new game called Need for speed most wanted. That game is also entertaining.

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