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What is Pearl’s Peril game?

Pearl’s peril game is a hidden object game developed by wooga, the monster world, and the diamond dash developer. Steven Elliot Altman has created the story. After him, will Hiles and Johanna Fischer continued this story. This game was released on 5th March 2013 on Facebook, and pearl’s peril was the sixth game of wooga’s. Its soundtrack was also launched by wooga.

It is known as one of the fastest-growing games one month after it releases to date. The review of Pearl’s peril game was mixed, but many viewers praised its high production. Its freemium monetization structure was also disapproved by some viewers. Let’s discuss this mysterious game.

Pearl’s Peril Review

Hidden object games are puzzle video games in which the player must find the hidden items from the given list. This type of game is the most adventurous and also different kinds of things to play with. It improves your memorizing power, and Pearl peril is one of these hidden object games.

Pearl peril has a pretty intriguing storyline with good graphics. This game is challenging, although it is fun to play. This game needs patience to complete the puzzles. Pearl peril is very captivating at every turn with its mysterious elements.

The ambiance of the game is a calming ocean with a 1920’s soundtrack. Here the lead is a female character named Pearl, a pilot full of activities and fearless that you will know about this during the gameplay. She leaves her ordinary life that she knows to discover the mysterious truth behind her father’s suicide.

Types of Chapters

This game has seven initial chapters and five hidden object scenes in each chapter. It is important to memorize all the hidden object scenes. This game is confusing at first but also quite enjoyable once you start to understand it. If you are looking for crimes and mystery, then this is the thing you are looking for. In this article, we will discuss the hidden object game pearl’s peril. Every time you complete a scene, you will get points and rewards which contain precious items.

You can use these precious coins to decorate the house and gardens. The graphics of the game is cartoony but not overly cute or kid-like. If you have any difficulty finding objects, you can provide a magnifying glass that helps you to overcome the problem. This feature is easy to find and use.

How is the GamePlay

Pearl’s peril is a hidden object game in which players are provided with a list of items to find, and you have to construct a building on Island. When you found each item, you collect points, and the score will be higher. Players will get coins as a reward after complete each scene. These coins help them to build the house.

The Wallace family home is Artemis Island, and you have to decorate this Island with decoration items. When you add each item, it will increase your prestige, then a new scene will unlock to play, and you will find new areas of the Island to investigate. You will have two types of decoration items: Buildings and monuments. Every 24 hours of buildings generate daily coins. You can use these coins to buy more decorations.

In each scene, you have to earn five badges. The more you earn badges, the more you uncover the truth. Earning badges going to be more challenging to acquire than the last one. One chapter contains five hidden object scenes and also the final adventure scene. When this final adventure scene, you will complete, you will get to know the more profound secret of the story. But the adventure scene is not similar to the other hidden object scenes. It is very different from others. In this scene, you will not get any bonus time for completing the locations quickly. You have to find the items and have to combine them to solve the puzzle.


● Objects are a little easier to find

● The storyline and graphics are pretty great.

● Easier to afford large purchases 

● It’s challenging and fun to play.

Cons :

● It takes time to fill up energy.

● You cannot advance unless you get prestige. 

● Having an issue with sending tickets to the other team members

● Game customer service is not good.

● Having glitches


In this article, we discussed why you should consider this game, or you should try out this game because this game is fantastic to play; we have also discussed the flaws of this game.

We have added some positive as well as negative aspects of this game. It is up to you to play this game or not, but we recommend that you try out this game.

In the end, pearl’s peril game is a solid hidden object game from wooga with a great storyline and fun gameplay. But in this game, the footing is difficult to find at times. One might find it very challenging to uncover the mystery. Moreover, constructing a building, decorate a house, and upgrading gardens are also fun. One would find this game interesting. This game has a social appearance to the game as you can give and receive resources.

So if you have many friends on Facebook, then you indeed have many friends to play with. Wooga decided to keep updating this story over several months or years, probably. So let’s hope that pearl finds a proper footstep to continue on her exploration.

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