Rail Rush

Introduction of Rail Rush Game

For how long you will stay on the rail root that swings? Let’s see in the game. The player has to prepare himself for the adventures game you’re going to participate in. As you download the game, you are welcomed with 500 free nuggets and every day when you come back to the game, you will be getting some free nuggets.

How to play the Rail Rush game

Be aware of the obstacles that come the way that can fail you to go ahead. You have to tilt your cart left or right or swipe yourself done or have a jump with the cart. As you go on the journey of the rail rush, don’t be in a hurry because you have to collect the previous nuggets plus the coloured gems that are flying upwards beside you while moving. If you order everything that has to be collected, you get a special gift. If you were lucky enough, you get a chance to break rock eggs that can show you what’s inside them and pick all the gems for your collection.

The player will go through many new paths throughout the whole game. There will be many levels that will come one by one for each level to open, and you have to collect all the nuggets.

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Carts in Rail Rush

You can also upgrade your carts with power-ups to get more chances while going through the mine. While completing various missions and increasing your ranks by this, you can compete among the other players playing this game.

Ten different features and environment

🔸Dash through the crazy caves.

🔸Fight the horde in the zombie’s caves.

🔸Makes your sweetest dreams come true in a charming wonderland.

🔸Hurtle through the Kuch dangerous Amazon jungle.

🔸Immerse in the fantastic undersea World.

🔸 dive into the horror land.

🔸The most beautiful, fantastic snow.

🔸Find your way into the Jurassic jungle to get more known to the pharaoh’s tomb.

🔸Navigate to the steam factory.

Featuring points in the rail rush game

🔸There are 18 different characters.

🔸Power fuel power-ups.

🔸10 worlds and many hidden levels.

🔸Amazing graphics.

🔸No, if packages

🔸Many achievements.

🔸Leader board.

Heros of Rail rush

Many characters in the rail rush will be playing for you. Each one has their abilities to play with; they are called heroes.

How to select a hero in a rail rush game

At the beginning of the game, you get a particular character to play with for you. To select your character, you have to unlock many heroes from the stores of rail rush. Just a tap and that particular hero will be paying for you.

The list of characters playing for you will be: –

🔸Classic mode

  1. Bob mole chaser
  2. Axel fire chief
  3. Daryl plank busters
  4. Charles long shot

🔸Nuggets boosters

  1. Ace ups leaves
  2. Panchak bomba

🔸 Premium

  1. Twin blade- San
  2. Julie braveheart 399/-
  3. Slowdown Pete 399/-


  1. Danny bunny
  2. Jack O’lantern
  3. Santa clause

🔸 World

  1. Dr Prop
  2. Slasher fury
  3. Caption Nemo
  4. Dino killer
  5. Sandy sultan
  6. Ned bat basher

How critical is strategy making?

The player who strategies and plans wins the game. As each character has their abilities, they will allow the player to win a nugget or avoid obstacles that come their way. Everyone wants to win for that strategy carefully by choosing the correct characters. A plank buster will help shoot off such blocks before they even approach.

Missions that rail rush offers you to complete

🔸 Run on the main track for 500 meters in a game.

🔸Earn 400 nuggets

🔸Die in dead City 1 time in a game

Options you are provided in this rail rush.

🔸You can mute the background music that is playing.

🔸Stats I’d rail rush – Here you get scored okay different aspects of the game have been recorded.

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  • Best run in mine’s
  • Best run in zombies caves
  • Best run in snow land
  • Its best runs in horror land
  • Best run in the steam factory
  • Best run in sweet wonderland
  • Best run in Amazonia world
  • Best run in undersea World
  • Best run in Jurassic jungle
  • Best run in pharaoh’s tomb Etc


  • Death by an upper obstacles
  • Death by lower obstacles
  • Death by the suitable obstacles
  • Death by a left obstacles


  • Distance ridden
  • Distance on the left track
  • Distance on the centre track
  • Distance on the right track
  • Distance tilting right
  • Jumps
  • Crouches


  1. Purple Amethyst collected
  2. Orange garnet collected
  3. Blue topaz collected
  4. Pink spinal collected
  5. Red Ruby collected
  6. Dark blue sapphire collected
  7. Green emerald collected
  8. Diamond collected
  9. Total gems collected


  • Extraordinary levels visited
  • Caverns visited
  • Waterfalls visited
  • Spider nest visited
  • Dead cities visited
  • Mushrooms halls visited


  1. Tracked changed
  2. Upper obstacles dodged
  3. Lower barriers dodged
  4. Suitable obstacles dodged
  5. Left blocks dodged

Rock eggs

  • Rock eggs collected
  • Max rock eggs collected in a game
  • Prize found inside rock egg

Different worlds of rail rush which you will be going through

  1. Old mines – Explore the mines and collect all the nuggets you can!
  2. Zombies caves – Purchase it for 150/- real cash to play or try for three passes because they are coming, so get ready to fight the horde.
  3. Best deal – Buy it for 249/- special offer: Pharaihis Tomb, Jurassic jungle and undersea World.
  4. Sweet wonderland – Play free and make your sweetest dreams come true in this yummy land.
  5. Snow land – Free playing chance to visit the wonderful snow land and deal with the rumble valley.
  6. Horror land – Free to play this World, just a dive into this horror theme of a rollercoaster.
  7. Steam factory – You can enjoy playing free rides among hot steam puffs and rotating greens.
  8. Amazonia world – Purchase it for 159/- rupees. Hurtle through this lush land of tangled terrors! Try three passes.
  9. Undersea World – Hold your breath and dive into an undersea traffic world in first rupees 159/- to unlock, and okay, try for three passes.
  10. Jurassic jungle – For 159/- to play, travel back in time and try to escape from the T- rox!
  11. Pharaoh’s tomb – 159/- Defend the pharaoh’s tomb- and challenge Anubis warth!

Rail rush Rewards that you get while playing

As you choose a world to play and by any chance, you go off track, the game ends there itself, and a scoreboard appears showing the numbers many Nuggets you have collected, the number of meters and kilometres you have gone through.

Cart stuffs in rail rush

  • Mega magnet force 399/-
  • Magnet force ×3 600 nuggets
  • ×3 super magnet force 1000 nuggets
  • ×3 wood ram 1500 nuggets
  • ×3 Iron ram 3500 nuggets
  • Steel ram 150 /-
  • ×3 wood grid 1500 nuggets
  • ×3 Iron grid 3500 nuggets
  • Steel grid 159/-
  • ×3 wood left spiker 750 Nuggets
  • ×3 Iron left spiker 1700 nuggets
  • Steel left spikers 159/-
  • ×3 wood right spikers 750 Nuggets
  • ×3 Iron right spikers 1700 nuggets
  • Steel right spikers 159/-
  • ×3 wood side spikers 1400 Nuggets
  • ×3 Ironside spikers 3000 nuggets
  • Steel slide spikers.

How to win special offers

There will be many opportunities to win special offers; in this offer, you get bombs, spikers, nuggets, etc. But nothing is possible without giving away something. You have to watch a video for a few seconds and enjoy the rewards.

Extras Rewards

  • 3 Hearts – second chance 3000 nuggets
  • Ten trial passes- 10000 nuggets
  • Permanent jewellers- 159/-
  • Permanent four leaf covers- 159/-
  • Nuggets ×2 -399/-
  • 500 m head start – 159/-
  • Steam power- 1200 nuggets
  • Super steam power- 3000 nuggets
  • Mega steam power- 30000 nuggets
  • TNT stick -900 nuggets
  • TNT bundle – 2800 nuggets
  • Super TNT stick 2500/-
  • Super TNT bundle – 7500 nuggets
  • Hand break 1700 nuggets
  • Mega brake 25000 nuggets
  • Unlock missions 1 10000 nuggets
  • Unlock missions 2. 10000 nuggets
  • Unlock missions 3 10000 nuggets.

Nuggets in rail rush

  1. 1st one Get it for free nuggets
  2. 15000 chunks 140/-
  3. 50000 nuggets. 399/-
  4. 200000 Nuggets. 1340.54/-
  5. 5000000 nuggets. 3418.57/-
  6. 1000000 nuggets. 5364.18/-.

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