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About Subway Surfers Online Game

Subway Surfers, the name itself tells us how enjoyable the game will be while playing. “Subway Surfers Online Game” game provokes us to continue playing further as we make up the new score or the speed you can challenge yourself among the people in it with their speed coin etc. This game will improve your IQ and sharpen your attention span. If you play the game with dedication, you will be excellent, but it will show you suffer if you play the game for time pass. This is the best game I have ever Played.

How to download

  • Go to play store or click on download subway surfers
  • Search Subway Surfers and install it
  • As you download the game, the first thing asked is your age, then it explains to us how they will handle the game throughout you have to click ok. Then it asks do you want to improve our experience and adds.

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How to Play

As u see the game page opened, you will see a boy painting on the train; as you click(tap) once and the boy starts running, that indicates yourself running, and behind you, there is a policeman with a dog running behind you for some distance. You have to collect coins moving (swiping) right or left; if you want to move fast, you can double click and get aboard. You will get ten skates at a time.

While collecting coins, you will also get a gift box you have to jump and take. In the further game, you will see many challenges coming up, as some letters in the air like (SUBWAY). You have to jump and collect as you visit the train in between; you have to save yourself by going left-right if you want to do anything in between. You can pause the game also. I suppose you hit a huddle that means it’s the first warning, and the police start running behind you .as you dash again, the game gets over there and there, and it shows your score and coins collected you have to claim the reward, and you earn some keys. You will also be getting pyramids that have to be collected; you will also get a magnet that appears between the run that will help you gain the coins that you cannot achieve while running it will pull coins towards you.

At the same time, you will also get Rocket that comes between the run to have to grab that. Also, this will help you pass through the long way from upward, and you can go left to right to collect the coins. This will be an excellent opportunity to cover a distance. You will also get a shoe that helps you jump above the train that appears; buy this is also for a specific time. The game keeps a watch on your speed after every game. As you play, you get many opportunities to achieve coins, keys, etc. You only need to grab a chance; while playing, you get a chance to continue if you get dashed. Still, you have to watch the video, get s shoe or board, etc., but you have to make a quick decision, and here you can go ahead in the game and go ahead of your competitors one by one. Here you will get a free tour of trains railway areas.

The effect of the whole game is very colorful, and everything in the inside game looks beautiful. As you move forward and continue playing the game in one go, the speed also increases, and for that, you have to be attentive, and with your open eyes and your open mind, you can win and reach a high score. There is a score chart where various unknown people are playing. You have the option of saving your score with your name seeing that chart, and you can challenge yourself while playing and go ahead achieve various medals and ranking.


  • If you need more keys, there is an option by which you can get more keys, but you might have to watch a video, etc.
  • you will get daily rewards up in the column, but you have to see some ads, and you will get keys, coins, gift box, etc.
  • you will also get to see fabulous Friday; you have to collect the golden gift box while playing with some time limit.
  • There are various paid characters; some characters get unlocked with some number of keys, coins, etc.
  • There is some mission given where you will be rewarded after completing.
  • If you have a Facebook account, you can also connect to it and compete among your friends.
  • There are various boards where you need a certain number of coins to unlock.
  • You can also change the clothes of the running boy/girl.
  • In the settings session, you have an option of changing language, which means all the parts of the country people can play in their language.
  • If you don’t like the game’s sound while playing and you are a silent person, you can off the sound, but if you want to change the game’s music, you can on the boombox.
  • It is a single-player game without any disturbance.
  • It is a never-ending game we can play until you don’t dash anything or until you’re not interested in Playing further.
  • You can achieve a daily High score with missions that go with ×4 times.


Please don’t give your child to play this game continuously because that can affect the eyes.

Things need to improve.

This game company should avoid showing ads because people can avoid playing the game due to too many ads.

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