Super Bino Go

About Super Bino Go

The Super Bino go game is super exciting; it is fun. It is somewhat similar to the great super Mario game. The motive of the game is to take the man that will be running for you wearing a hat to reduce his girl that is stuck in the castle, to reach his girl he has to cross many challenging levels and also along with running he has to collect coins how much he can. Super bino go gives you super exciting offers to collect coins. While playing this game will go back to your old days. The new version of 2022 Is an all-new adventures jungle view.

There are around 140 levels that will end the game. After Every 20 levels of the game, you will see a different view (also called seven islands) a different background that you have to go through. Many people download this game. Also, you get to see some popup Ads for around 5sec, which goes off. The character’s name who will be running is “Bino.” I liked this game; it is an excellent source of time pass. This is not to be paid; you have to install it from the play store. Even older people can play along with children.

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This is was first made known to people in 2018, and it gave such great results in 2021, it got updated. The best part of this game is you can play the super Bino go game on Android and tablet. IF any queries, the game gives you a chance to put your questions before them, and you can visit their website, and they get back to you with a solution. Many videos have been made up by people who show recorded videos of how they have played and see that you can plan your strategy and win.

How to play Super Bino Go

It is straightforward to play this game; you have to tap the arrow, go ahead, and take Bino to the next level. If you want to jump, you have to tap on the right-hand side button, and you can kill all the enemies that come across your way. Still, there is a twist in the game. You will have only 400 seconds to complete each level, so don’t let anything distract you while playing. It would be best if you focused on getting all your coins to kill your enemies and get distracted. Your enemies will kill you, and also, there are various special drinks hidden throughout the level that will give Bino the superpower to run and reach the end of the game and un trap his girl. You get to see all directions throughout the games right, left, jump, shooting button.

If you get hit by any animal that Comes across, it goes on the back page and gives you an option to end the game or watch Video and continue the game. The snail has to be hit twice because it gets up again after one hit. In the second level, as you jump and hit the blocks, you will get a Booster that will increase your size. But if you contact your enemies, you will get back to your small size. You will also earn coins but hitting the gold blocks, and also you get coins by hitting the wall color boxes; sometimes, you have to strike twice. For each gold coin you Earn, you get 50 points. You get three types of powerful items hidden under the bricks to grow up, a drink to grow bigger and a fire drink to throw bombs at the monsters, and a shield drink to protect Bino for a limited amount of time.

According to your performance, you will get started at the end of every game. You will die if you jump on the frog, and the game ends. The game directs you to go underground and collect coins and come up. The game’s sound can be stopped and continue with the sound while playing the sound itself takes you to the olden day’s memories refreshing moment. If you want to do some other work, you can also pause the game in between and then restart.

There are beautiful views that you have to go through in the further stages, as the horror place, or it can also be underwater swimming. The monsters will change on some levels, like you have to kill crabs, fish a desert monster, etc. There is also a flower monster that can kill you or make your size normal, so be careful and play with sharp open eyes. Sometimes there are unseen golden boxes you have to jump at some places and get it done.

How you can become super Hero in Super Bino Go

You have to enter your name on the top of the hall of the frame with seven leaderboards, but you have to go through aa Manu challenges that come across and also you have to collect EXP points like: –

  1. Collect coins
  2. Destroy blocks
  3. Try finishing the level
  4. Find the hidden blocks
  5. Kill monsters
  6. You have to play within the time given
  7. Your total score.

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How to buy coins in Super Bino Go

The store section helps you to add more coins like

  • 10000 coins for $99
  • 200 coins for $0.99
  • 1000 coins for $2.99
  • 3000 coins for $10.99
  • 50 coins watch a video
  • 200 coins for power
  • 300 coins for bomb
  • 300 coins to show hidden blocks
  • $1.99 to remove ads

If you like the ads and game of this game on Facebook, you get 200+ coins. If you want to delete ads, you can pay through Google play rupees 199.

The disadvantage of playing Super Bino Go

The most irritating thing in this game is that you get to see ads most of the time. If you dash a monster and you’re getting a chance to restart the game from there, you have to watch a full video, and then it will tell you you’re not aligned for This for now.

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