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About Temple Run 2 

Temple Run 2 is the mobile and pc game developed and launched by Imangi Studios. It is a classic endless running game programmed and designed by a couple Keith shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and created by Kiril Tchangov. It was released on 16 January 2013; this game is a sequel to the Temple Run game. This game became the most popular in the Temple Run series. So far, this game has had nearly 500 million + downloads. Shortly after the game was released, the game achieved a lot of success. Temple Run 2 most played game of the year was in 2013.

Development of Temple Run 2

The game started in March 2012 and was released by imangi studio after a year of hard work. Imangi Studios had kept the gameplay of this game similar to Temple Run one, but they completely changed its gameplay and features. Cath Shepherd himself states that he thought it more suitable to launch a new game than to update Temple Run. According to them, updating the old game will not help them to grow their franchise.

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They completely changed the script of Temple Run 2 and started from scratch, and it was much better than before. And Natalia Luckyanova adds to this, saying that Temple Run is a very famous game. We had thought a lot about it, but this game already had many features; adding new features would have dropped the value of this game, so we have a new game, To which they said all the latest features. The graphics of this game become an excellent reason for its success.

A special announcement was made before the launch of Temple Run 2, the first release in New Zealand. After a special report, everyone in New Zealand spends most of the time playing Temple Run 2. This is the best game ever made by Imangi studio. The whole community of Imangi studio had given their best and successfully created such a beautiful game, ‘Temple Run 2 ‘.

How is the Graphics

The extent graphics make this game charming imangi studio spent a lot of money to make these graphics. And Kirill Tchangov had to attend a lot of classes to learn the graphics program. And finally, after everyone’s success, this game was seen as a successful game. Temple Run 2 graphics are generally made user-friendly. It seems like real locations. There are also maps where you can play in different areas with different obstacles and exciting players.

What is the Character

In the beginning, you get a daring character named Dangerous, and along with a female player Scarlett Fox, barry bones, and karma lee are already unlocked. Earlier, you had to buy Scarlett Fox from the store, but now you get it without purchasing it. The creators did this so that they had to face the problem of gender equality. Usain Bolt, a real character inside the USA, was also a character of this game and was made later by many football players from the USA’s character.

Types of Soundtracks

Game soundtracks have developed drastically throughout the most recent couple of many years. From the single-channel blips and bleeps of Donkey Kong to the instrumental magnum opuses of the current day, as games have developed more good, so has their music. We’ve even seen live shows with complete ensemble symphonies playing the most darling tunes from gaming history. People did not like the soundtrack of Temple Run so much, so this time the team of the entire imangi studios set the soundtrack of Temple Run 2 in such a way that people started playing this game for hours and started liking it. The soundtrack of this game is just amazing. Creators have kept its soundtrack utterly separate from the rest of the game.

How is the Gameplay

Having talked about the features, soundtrack, and graphics of this game, let’s talk about its gameplay. The gameplay of Temple Run 2 is entirely different from all the classic running games. You will see a similarity in all running games; the interface of all those games is the same, but Temple Run 2 is entirely different from the rest, and the same interface makes this game pleasant and unique from the rest of the games. Like we said that this game is an endless running game, which means this game can never end. They can take a challenge and try to finish this game because trying is always better than giving up. In this game, you will get to see different characters. This game starts with a name. In starting, you get a default player, and the game starts with that.

What are the Features

As you know, this is a running game; you have to run in that temple. There is a giant gorilla behind you, due to which you have to run faster. And running away, there are many obstacles in your midst, to avoid which you have to go ahead, you have to collect science to increase your power-ups. The default map contains many types of levels, such as water slides, jungle areas, and train caves. Temple Run 2 highlights similar controls as its archetype. Notwithstanding, the ongoing interaction itself is somewhat unique to the extent that it presents new obstructions, for example, zip-lines, mine tracks, more honed turns, cascades, and planes of fire.

The game also includes new catalysts, whose utilization is regularly represented by an energy bar topped off by gathering mint pieces. Players can save the hero from death by utilizing green diamonds gathered while running or bought on the web. The game is set in an unexpected area compared to the main game, and the fundamental character runs quicker. The three monkeys that pursued the name in the first game have been disposed of. Presently, an enormous solitary gorilla called Cuchank is the sole antagonist.

So, after reading this article, you should play this game and can enjoy it. This is a fantastic game. After playing, you will agree with us.


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