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About Tile Connect Classic Match

Title connect is a classic game where a player has to join many tiles of pictures within a limited period. Combining all the connect tiles and making a whole picture, you win that level.

As you connect the tile and wining all the stories one by one, the player will be titled the master and atrophies trophy of the game. Go on playing and playing so that your mind gets trained and become an expert in this game, so be ready to join different sets of pictures in the tiles. Also, get to see various images like cute animals, fresh fruits, delicious cake pieces, beautiful clothes, excellent vehicles, lovely children’s toys, and many more items that come ups as you play your move in the game.

Please choose your favorite tile and play with it. Hundreds of levels are added to the game every day, so don’t miss the chance.

The latest Version of tile connect comes up with many features.

Tile connect has improved some parts of the game like: –

Woodlock: The player has to join the piece of blocks on the board. You have to fix it vertically or horizontally to complete the set.

Zuma: Tap on the two particular tiles to get crushed and go to the end.

Similar Tile: Match the same tile to clear the board and finish the level.

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Here are some themes in the title connect game

According to the level and coins, space, field, sand, wooden floor, many themes get unlocked. Enjoy new feelings with new backgrounds. Twenty-three pieces of the game board background are to be opened. The Christmas theme gets unlocked by watching a video and resting by giving up coins to unlock them.

Getting more rewards by completing daily tasks

Challenging mode: Earn emerging tiles while playing complete level 5 to win big Bonus prizes. Later another challenge gets unlocked if you complete level 26, this challenge will restart within 10:28:42 hours.

Lucky draw: Lucky draw shows up a spinning wheel with many rewards on the wheel. You get a chance to spin reels where ever the arrow stops you get that. If the player would like to turn the second time, watch a video of 30 seconds and get that chance.

Gold pig: The piggy stores your gold penny by penny till it gets full. Complete level and collect at least 2000 coins to get a good deal on opening the piggy bank. You can also pay 340/- to open soon.

Coins: Coins of the game is in gold form. You get daily rewards while playing.

How to play tiles connect game

As you start playing, a board opens up showing many food items, and you can also see two or three pictures of the same food item. Match two pairs of the same picture. Do this, and remember you have to match two images that make angles. Nothing should come in between; otherwise, photos will not fit. As you see the board getting empty, that means the level has been completed. Each player receives a maximum of three stars and scores on the top of the page. The stars you will get are on your game performance.

Also, a scoreboard shows you all your scores and on which rank you deceive. Level one and two is just a trial game where no restrictions are said. Level 3 comes up with challenges, and that is the timer. The player has to remove all the icons tiles before the end. Level 3 gets you different candies, and as I completed this level, I got 3 stars as well, plus I was on the first rank with the gold medal.

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Level 4 has caps, hats, ties, purses, bows, hand gloves, etc. The time you tap one tile, the begins there itself. Below the page, you can see a search symbol that helps you search the similar tile that gets highlighted, and you can go ahead. The player can also shuffle the board. The first picture below guides you with switching the page, and the images get changed totally.

After this level, the scoreboards show that you have to collect some stuff, and you get a chest that opens with X20 coins, X2 reverse option, X1 search option.

Level 7 brings you some types of equipment that will help you clear a random pair of tiles. But you get only a few moves to hammer, and herewith level 9 unlock a new map. The player has to collect 30 stars.

Level 13 comes up with impressive features, the boom moment of the game The Bomb. You have to match the picture ok with the bomb soon; otherwise, every this will get burst, and the game ends then, and you will not get a chance to play forward.

Avatar’s of the tiles connect game.

The first character gets unlocked after level 12. Each player has its name, and the first name is “Attire.”

The title connects daily bonus.

Tile connect game brings you options to win rewards. Here are some the player gets daily bouns tips continuously log in for seven days to hey surprise.

But you have to come in every day and claim your rewards. Each day has different colors of gifts boxes with varying amounts of prizes. The day 1 green box gives you bonuses such as X 40 coins, X 1 reverse, and X1 search option.

Offers that pop up in tile connect game

  • Movies special pack

Seventy-two hours to go through this offer rewards you get is an X3 search option, X3 reverse, X3 surprise, X3 switching the board, X2500 coins, and a beautiful frame for your profile picture only for 520/-

  • Taurus special offer

Taurus pack gives you 75% off and rewards you with X12800 coins, X12 reverse, X12 search, X12 switching the board, X12 surprise, and a frame for 1600 rupees.

  • How to remove pop-up ads in the title connect game.

You have to pay 620 rupees to remove altogether the ads that come in between your play and waste your 30 seconds. Pay through the bank. If you pay through the app, get a 60₹ discount.

The store section of the title game

Store of the game provides you with many offers. It’s on you to buy the package or not. With their price tag, players can shop for reverse, search, switching the board, coins, etc.

There you can also buy all the above materials by collecting coins like

  • Switching the board 250 Coins
  • Reverse option 250 Coins
  • Search option 350 Coins.

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