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About UNO Game

UNO, everyone knows, UNO Game many of them would have played in their childhood, and many would be even playing now. Many have cards. Children love this game because they don’t get to play the actual cards used by adults to play.

Whenever I have played, I have enjoyed it. The best thing to give to your children is to do some other work. They get to know to defy color cards slow and steady they get to see the way of playing the game. You don’t need to carry UNO cards with you. You have to download the game.

How to download UNO Game

  1. As everyone now -a- days uses smartphones 📱 so go on the “PLAY STORE” app.
  2. 🔍 Search section
  3. Type “UNO” the easiest thing to INSTALL.
  4. After the game is downloaded, open the app, and you see the first pop-up on how would you like to sign in.
  • Signup with Facebook
  • Signup with Google
  • Signup with Mattel 163
  • Signup with Snapchat OR play as a guest.

And then the compy asks you, “Are you a veteran player familiar with UNO gameplay?

What are the profile features?

Basic info: The computer asks you to choose your avatar in the profile section, which means many cartoon characters will indicate you while playing. You can also write your name and then confirm, and you can also change your name in the future.

Your profile is set now, showing the number of trophies + coins won+ biggest coin won + total wins + best win streak + highest rank (gold, silver, bronze) + charisma+ popularity + Uno cup won + grand Prix won + paws in-universe . This feature is the best way you can keep track of your achievements. You can also share your profile through WhatsApp + Instagram etc.

Medals: Love is in the air! Until someone plays a wild +4 card at least, but this is not available for now. Various designed medals are a lock. For now, you have to play and achieve it. There are around 82 medals.

Collections: There are a few different cards that you get while playing.


There is a question that helps you know the various collection. How to collect stickers. How to trade stickers ?.

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Recording: – You can also record the game that you will see here.

Personalize: –

Portraits: – You can also change the frame of your picture. There are around 94 locked frames. , For that, you need 99 VIP 1.

There are 23 filters for your image, and also, you can title yourself as WORLD or MASTER or EXPERT or CRYSTAL or PLATINUM, but these are locked.

Card Back: – One more exciting feature that has come up is various shades+ colors of the cards back. For now, the game gives the Red and black color combo card free, but 27 lock shades can only be achieved while playing.

Effect: – There are various locked effects for the game like you can change the opening effect – 4+ wild card – wilds + skips+ reserve – force draw- force skip- all cards – VIP effects.

Scenes: – You get ten stages of the game that is locked.

You have to play the game and earn nothing that will be given free.

What is Chatter

  • Emoji – There is a great option you can even command while playing, and you get eight emojis that show different emotions that you can give throughout the game to your opponent.
  • Quick phrases- you can even throwback phrases like
  • Thanks!
  • Lucky
  • Oh no!
  • Oops, sorry!
  • Karma!
  • Great!
  • Hurry up!
  • Good job!
  • All the best
  • Reserve Etc.

Bag: Whatever treasure you achieve will also be shown here.

E-mail: If the UNO team mails anything, you will receive it here.

What is UNO ROAD

Win matches and gets trophies to unlock rewards and reach new leagues! First, winning every day brings you to double the awards! If you team up and play, you can win more coins.

  • ♏ – This symbol shows you coins collected.
  • ✝️- This indicates you can even buy coins and there are many offers you can buy with real money by you etc.
  • Ⓜ️- diamonds can also be exchanged for coins and buy unique items and decorations.
  • ✝️- you can also buy diamonds with real cash.

Invite: You can also invite your friends and get rewards!

Get 500 coins for each new friend that connects via Facebook or reaches level 5!

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⚙️ Settings helps you change langue, which means every part of the world can play this game in their language. You can off the sound of the game.

🛒 How to buy cards in store

Special: – You can watch videos and earn rewards. You can also buy shields

Limited Pack: – Some ×50 coins you will get for free rest you can buy.

There are various coins + diamonds and many more items you can buy.

How to play UNO Game

❓This question mark help you know the cards.

At first, you have to play single

  • ×4 have to win 45 trophies to unlock.
  • ×8 win 55 trophies to unlock
  • ×40 win 75 trophies to unlock
  • ×40 win 75 trophies to unlock
  • × 80 wins 75 medals to unlock

Tap and Start the game

You and three other computer characters join you.

  1. Cards get distributed among the four members.
  2. Each one of you has to put one card on each turn between the field of the same color or the same number.
  3. 🚫This is the skip card. You can skip the other person’s chance if you throw this in between.
  4. The color-changing card helps you change the color of the cards thrown in between.
  5. ×4 is a draw four card, which means if you throw this card, the next person has to pick up four cards from the extras.
  6. ×2 is a draw two cards where the next person has to pick up two cards.

Whoever wins gets certain coins and trophies, and in the next game, your 2v2 player game gets unlocked. ADA says, ” you can see your teammate’s hand in a 2v2 match. You both will win if one of you gets 1st place. This is an unfair part where if you win, the opposite person also gets coins.

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