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About Vector The Game

Vector is an arcade game having some storyline based on some forces. It is a platform-based arcade game developed by one of the famous brands of game Nekki. The game was created in 2011 and published on 28 August 2012. Everyone knows about the Nekki Company as they have launched such great fun with great storylines.

Nekki is a Cyprian-based game publisher. I think the majority of people don’t know what the meaning of Cyprian is. Cyprian was a Christian writer who lived in the 3rd century and died very early. Nekki always makes a game based on Cyprian character. Nekki brand value is around 200 Million. The Company has 500 million users who are enjoying its games.

It is a brand and created brand games like Shadow fight, Vector, and many more. The Company also announced that their new game is ready to be launched named spine. Usually, Nekki develops games for PC, Android, and Gaming consoles because they know most people are using these three platforms. Android has a very high user base than Apple, but Vector is available for every platform like Android, iPad, and iPhone.

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What is the Storyline

Vector is an arcade game in which the player has to run on a platform. This game also has a storyline that is full of thrill and suspense. The Company has kept a story in this game to make it as fun as they always do. So the game’s story begins with the player having a silhouette. Silhouette means a shadow whose shape is like a human being and is seen in light.

The silhouette is imprisoned by a shape that looks, just like him and is captured and detained whenever he tries to escape. Nobody knows the reason for imprisonment; this thing has been kept in suspense in this game. All this is being done because of someone’s commandment.

That player tries to run again because he knows that something is going wrong here that should not happen. His mind is also being controlled, due to which that player is not feeling well at all. He is also wearing a shirt that is tracking his body. All of this is shown through an introduction video at the beginning of the game.

It is seen that the player takes off that shirt and takes off that brain control device and runs towards a window, and starts breaking by breaking the glass. This story is not very big, but you must have gotten curious about why all this is happening to him.

How is the Gameplay 

The game’s story was this; now, the player has to run further to escape from that other silhouette. They run after him to catch that player again; now you have to run the player to save the player. While running on the platform, many Obstacles come in front of them, which have to be run while facing them.

Avoiding those obstacles, that player has excellent skills such as jump, dash, slide, and much more. Based on this skill, he can escape. But those other silhouettes also have amazing skills, so it will not be so easy to avoid them

The player also gets points to keep running; the coins that are out platform have to run by accumulating those coins, those coins are handy later. You must also have liked the story and the gameplay of this game; it is a lot of fun. This story will give you suspense as to why this all is happening with that silhouette.

How is the Graphics

The graphics of this game is awe-inspiring. The game has achieved so much success with its graphics and its suspense-filled story. The developers of the Nekki Company had read some old talk to make graphics of this game.

In his previous game, Shadow Fight, he used this silhouette character for that game. While doing some experiments, he thought to do something for this game; in my opinion, he makes every game of his in the same way in which a character is made a shadow.

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That is what distinguishes him from that Company. Earlier no one used to make such types of games, but after the Vector’s success, many games remained to copy this game, which the Vector won could not succeed. A great man had said that it is straightforward to become a follower, but it isn’t easy to become a leader.

The rest of the running games’ graphics will look similar to you, but the pictures of this game are entirely different. There is no storyline in the rest of the games, but its story is hilarious.

What are the Achievements

This game has been very successful. Everyone has liked this new concept of its developers. Nowadays people want to play such games which have some story or something new. The game received many awards for its achievements.

This game had been the best running game for two whole years since 2013; it would have got the title only in 2012 but due to some useless updates of the beginning. Due to its achievement, it also made the second part of the game named Vector 2. A different story of this game is continued in Vector 2. Developers say that they did not plan to build vector 2, but they were made because of all the people’s suggestions.

In Vector 2, it is revealed that the other silhouette has caught the player, and he wants to use his skills for some dangerous work. The game also begins with a video that captures a new shape like that player and collapses and is done with what was previously done to him. Now this time, you can control his mind from any such device. It will reveal the whole idea of ​​that player. Vector 2 is also a great game. So while playing this game, you have to escape to become that player. This game will be readily available for you to download for free on any platform, and you will like it.

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