Wrestling Revolution 3D

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About Wrestling Revolution 3D

The trend of Wrestling is always reached up the mark. Whether it’s a youngster or an adult, both like Wrestling, they spend a lot of time watching Wrestling. You have also heard about world wrestling entertainment, also called WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment is a company based on Wrestling. It is an American-based company, works for entertainment purposes.

The Wrestling appearing in this show is incredible. Many players take participate in this company to wrestle with each other. Besides, many games have been created upon this professional Wrestling. The wrestling industry has also inspired the gaming industry.

Who is the Developer

The most famous game developed ever on Wrestling is Wrestling Revolution 3D. The game was developed and published by MDickie on 4 October 2014. The game was inspired by the wrestling industry, where both Business and Wrestling works. Mat Dickie is a game designer and founder of MDickie. He develops games and is published by his name, and He is a very experienced designer. He has known for his wrestling game.

In 2014, the wrestling industry was growing up; likewise, there were very few games developed on Wrestling. So, Mat had decided to create a game on Wrestling and fighting. Everybody knows that the wrestling industry works on two things wrestling and business. Brand deals, Sponsorship, and advertisement are widespread in this industry. Also, clubs working in this industry invite wrestlers to join their clubs and show their names. Wrestler charges money to join a club. These all are business concepts.

Because of this, Mat Dickie decided to design a game on the concept of Wrestling and business both in a single game. Early, He learns programming language by a programming language course that has promised him to understand it easily. Thus, he became interested in developing the game at an early age. Finally, after few years, he learned and created a game by himself.

How is the Gameplay

The game has the concept of both business and Wrestling; like Wrestling, and you play as a wrestler with controls. In this game, Wrestlers enter with their special moves. As in real Wrestling, players fight each other in the ring, just like in this game. You have to fight with the opponent using controls. In the authorities, you will find A, B, C, and F who works differently. The wrestler has a unique entry before entering the ring.

As we told you that this game is also related to business, so in the beginning, a story has also been kept in this game. More than two or more players can also fight inside a match. And a referee has also been kept according to the rules. There are also special events in this game.

What are the Modes 

The people have some difficulty playing this game; the training mode has also been kept in this game. You can do every type of training in this mode. A wrestling career is the best mode of this game, in which you can design your player. In the wrestling career, you will get to see many clubs, by joining, you can play this game. After entering the club, this game looks entirely professional.

What are the Features

You can make changes in control as per your choice. Remember, choose appropriate authorities who will help you to play the game easily. If you find it hard to play this game, you can check the guide to mention all details about this game. Displays also can change to improve game graphics. In WWE, 20 players can be played in a particular match; likewise, this game can be played by up to 20 players. Gameplay is straightforward. If you follow the above information to understand the game, you will easily play this game.

What are the Facts

There are some facts about this game. When the game was in development, the developer describes it as pretty hard to develop such a beautiful game. Most of the time, people think it is effortless to create a game, but it is not easy. The game was developed in 2014 when only a few wrestling games were available .so; it becomes a benefit for developers and companies in terms of money and growth.

How is the Graphics

Everything in this game is excellent, but there is one thing where this game has beaten it. In terms of graphics, this game has lagged. Nobody likes such pictures in today’s HD world. I think developers do not focus on graphics. As a result, the graphics of this game is inferior.

You will see the wrestler’s appearance is not good. The audience display is also appalling. Due to the graphics, this game could not get the success it should have. Although the name of this game is Wrestling Revolution 3D, there is no three-dimensional graphics in this game. I hope to see some changes in this game in the future.

What is the Achievement

Many people like Wrestling already. All wrestling fans had a dream that they wanted to fight in the ring like these wrestlers. This game completed the wish. People can fulfill their dream by playing this game. The wrestling trend was running within 2014, due to which the game gained a lot of popularity. So far, more than 50 Million downloads of this game have been done.

Shortly after the launch, this game became very popular, and most of the time was spent playing this game. Wrestling Revolution 3D may not be the prettiest game available, yet it remunerates with the sheer profundity of the ongoing interaction. This is generally obvious from various perspectives players can alter matches.

What are the Requirements

Before playing any game, it is essential to pay attention to the requirement of that game. If the size of this game is above 100 MB, then a standard device will also be perfect for playing it. But sometimes, this game can also hang in a phone with less RAM, so you will have a device of up to 3GB RAM for this. The graphics of this game will work in all the fun, so there is no need to think much about it.

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