How to play Coin Master on Facebook?

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The game centers around a virtual slot game as time passes the spins get accumulated and ensure to win Coins, shields, and treasures. It is mainly a village intrinsic virtual element in which earned coins help to decorate and expand the kingdom of the player and even help to attack or raid the opponents. Now surely you’ll have some idea about which game we are talking about?

Yes, it is nothing but the Blue Ocean strategy exemplified by the game Coin Master which creates history in marketing and promotional strategy for creating relevant competition among the players. But the mode of this article is to show how Facebook has become the most prominent media for Coin Master. There are numerous doubts people about Coin Master and Facebook relation so we are here to resolve all such doubts to get the most amazing experience in the gameplay of Coin Master

How to play Coin Master on Facebook?

Sign in to Facebook with the assistance of Coin Master. It ensures to keep a close eye on the game’s progress and even assures your gameplay to be a super Adventure by implementing the option to invite friends. These features are normal as well as excite the player. Let’s walk through the steps to get to spinning, raiding, attacking, and becoming the ultimate coin master:

Step 1: Connect to Facebook before starting the game.

Step 2: Open the game, Coin Master.

Step 3: Click the option ‘play with friends’ and tap the continue button.

Step 4: A new dialogue box will appear asking you to open it on Facebook.

Step 5: Click again the open button.

Step 6: Tap on the Continue As option.

After the connection, it allows the player to play with friends invite even more, and save game progress from any device.

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What are the advantages a player enjoys by linking Coin Master with Facebook?

The advantages  of linking Coin Master with Facebook are given in the following:

  • Win free spins
  • Make friends by joining the Facebook group
  • Invite friends to play with friends
  • Save your records
  • Opportunities to connect with a lot of buddies.
  • Able to demand cards and make card sets.
  • Get notified of all Quest or Tournaments.

How to play Coin Master on Facebook Gaming Play?

If you want to play a coin master game on the Facebook gaming platform on a PC or any other device then the answer is here.

Unfortunately, Coin Master no longer supports the Facebook gaming platform. To play the game the player has to download Coin Master from Google Play or Apple Store. The good news is the player by using the Coin Master login option connects to Facebook and gives exposure to connect with friends.

What is the issue if you play coin master with a guest mode?

All the features you can enjoy with a Coin Master in guest mode are the same as in normal login but the difference lies in that the ‘Play with Friends’ option is not applicable in guest mode.

Why it is important to connect the Coin Master user Account with Facebook?

The most often asked and awaited query made by new users is the above-mentioned one. The reason behind this is connecting the account to Facebook is optional but the major experienced users do so due to all of its benefits:

The strategy of the gameplay was designed in a manner that paves the way to remain in the game by having:

*more coins

*more spins

*play with friends and

*invite friends

This is mainly because several daily spins in Coin Master are limited but the task is even more to accomplish namely:

  • To build up own Empire quickly
  • To start attacking and raiding other villages
  • To unlock various elements to explore
  • To feed pets

The player has no more chances left to roll the spins. On this occasion, it is necessary to connect to Facebook and start inviting all the friends and get an additional 40 spins. If the friends join by using your link, the chances to win both parties 100  spins as confirmed rewards.

What is the Blue Ocean Strategy of Coin Master?

Blue Ocean Strategy is a creation of New Market space for those gamers who provide unnecessary competition and welcome revenue generation of the game developers. It retains the key form feature which includes adding, reducing, eliminating, and increasing options.

 Coin Master is enlisted with all those features which are given in the following point:

*Add- It added raiding and attacking friend mode. Pet feeding to get more spins and coins.

*Reduce- It reduces the number of slot graphics and purchase option

* Eliminate- It eliminates the virtual feature of product availability in tournament reward systems and locked machines

*Increase-  It boosts the features of the value of progression interaction with friends and card collection.

Facts to know:  By the application of this strategy Coin Master generates $ 250,000 every year which gradually increases every year.

How to send more than 5 cards in a day to a Facebook friend?

The most desirable questions are asked by the players so here we bring up the proper simulation of the requested query

Ways to send more than 5 cards in a day :

* Change the date of the phone, the player can keep the date for at least 24 hours and after that send 5 more cards the process can be repeated again and again.

* Uninstall the game and later install then the player is free to send more than 5 cards in a day.

How to collect Coin Master Free Spins from Facebook?

Facebook’s official Coin Master page has a lot of Coin Master free spins. You can also be part of such rewards by following the given exposures:

  • Coin Master posts a free spin link on the official page this link can be claimed by a a  simple step on the option
  • Friend groups on Facebook allot free spin links so, join such groups to widen the area of getting free spins and coins.
  • The links on the Facebook page are accessible for a limited period so it is significant to check frequently to not miss the chance.

Final Chapter:

Coin Master takes many initiatives to show their care and relevance in terms of their players or fans. They allow daily free and coins link to their users.

By joining the Facebook group the player can get master tips and tricks, free rewards, and most importantly free spins and coins daily. Hope the answers to respective questions are prominently able to fulfill your queries and resolve the doubts.

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