Dice Dreams Free Rolls Rewards 2024

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About Dice Dreams Free Rolls Rewards

You can log in to the dice dream game through Facebook while you get a notification from Facebook that you have logged in.

The characters in dice dreams free rolls rewards have lost their kingdom, and they are asking for help from you to fix their place. Some Kingdoms are locked.

The first is a royal castle, and you get 10000 coins. You need 2000 coins to set up the first part. There are around 114 kingdoms to be made, and many more kingdoms are coming up in dice dreams free rolls rewards.

How to Get Dice Dreams Free Rolls 2024

You need to open the gift box you get and ten dice to roll to get more rolls and dice. You get a card when all three dice land with a question mark.

I got an attack card then will help me destroy other kingdoms, and here I get some 20k coins.

I have to pull the bull and finish the castle, and I win 40000 coins, but if the other person has a shield, you cannot break that part of the kingdom you choose, but you get some coins like I got 7500.

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Can you get free rolls on Dice Dreams?

If you get three shields on three dice, you get one shield in your account to protect your kingdom. When you see three jackpots on the dice, you get many coins when you roll.

If you need more rolls, you need to complete the castle. If you meet one of your castles, the rest of the castle gets unlocked, and you go to the other one, but every time you make the castle, you have to pay some coins.

If you get three question marks on the dice, you get a stealing someone’s coins by rolling their dice in their kingdom; you have to get a bomb while rolling the dice, and I stole 31500 coins.

If you have three free’s on your dice, you get ten rolls free with a 30-sec time limit, and in between, I got a stealing card. I didn’t get a bomb, but I stole 56000 lovely.

You get to go to the next level if your kingdom is over. You can also share your winning moment with your friends on Facebook. As you go on further, you get to see different kingdom views.

In the second kingdom, you can save some of your dice dreams free rolls in your piggy bank. If your rolls are over and there is no way to get rolls, you can connect to many groups that give you rolls occasionally; you have to follow them, and you will get dice dream freerolls daily.

By Inviting Facebook Friends

Dice Dreams free rolls rewards are fun when you play with friends, so let’s send an invite to your friends to join to play with you, you can send an invite to your friends on what’s app Facebook, etc., but your friend has to download dice dream then only will get rewarded with some rolls or coins.

You get one heart for each friend joining you; if you complete all the hearts needed at that moment, you get a gift.

  • On the first invite, you get 50 dice rolls.
  • With the second invite, you get 65 dice rolls.
  • You get 75 dice rolls and one sticker packet in the third invite.
  • In the fourth invite, you get 125 dice rolls and 400k coins.
  • In the fifth invite, you get 200 dice rolls,1M coins, and a dream pack.

How to Gift Rolls Each Other in Dice Dreams

In the other game, you can send your friends daily one-dice dream free rolls rewards, and they can also send you back.

What are Hourly Rewards in dice dreams free rolls?

At last, if your rolling of dice ends, you get a timer at the end of the page showing that you will be getting five rolls in 20 min or 1 hour. You have to wait.

In the treasure hunt underground saga, you have to fill the bottle to find the diamond and win huge rewards you have to dig and discover within a day.

You get 60k coins if you fill the bottle. There are around 11 stages where you can explore and win.

One on 1: You get free if you buy one offer for 170/. This offer is valid only for 20 hours from now onwards. Out of the world, the offer ends in 5 mins; buy now 100 dice rolls for 240 rupees.

Type of events in Dice Dreams Game

You will start getting missions from your second kingdom, making that a ‘Woodstock mission’- you have to collect white flowers, and as you complete it, you get 20 dice rolls, which goes on increasing.

The second time you get 30k coins. The third time you reach 30 dice rolls: fourth round, 60k coins. Fifth-round, you get 40k coins, and you have to collect 40 flowers that you will after the attack.

In the third kingdom, you get a new mission, Ancient Greece, of collecting three gold crowns and 30k dice rolls.

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Also, you get a superstar pack of 50 dice rolls, 80k coins, and a 235% sticker packet off only at 170rupees. Hit one, and you get three ancient Greece. Hit two symbols, and you get six ancient Greece.

Hit three characters you get 12 ancient Greece. You have to bet from x2 to x25 to earn more rewards. The final prize of ancient Greece is 20000 dice rolls you get. You can see a video and get a few coins if your dice rolls are over.

There are various coming-up missions in dice dreams rewards.

Valentine’s events- you can enjoy this on level 12. You have to bet big, like x400. The best part is if, while rolling, you get three question marks on the dice, and if those cards give you the option to steal or attack, then whatever number of coins you will steal will get x400 and pay you back.

E.g., if you’re going to steal 33,000, x400 will give you 200,6400 coins.

In this round, you also have the advantage of collecting 5000 hearts, providing you with 16k dice dreams free rolls.

Elves mission events: Around 150 elves, you have to collect and get 400k rolling dice. After that, collect 25 elves’ packs and get 32M coins.

Next, If you order 210 elves’ sticks, you get 600 dice to roll, and it goes on.

Many offers come up like

  1. You can buy coins with real cash.
  2. There are a perfect number of rolls in their best values; if you can afford you can enjoy your game further.

How to build a kingdom in Dice dreams

You must first tap on the dice roll and collect rewards to build your kingdom.

You can also get coins by attacking other kingdoms and stealing money, then go to your kingdom and make your one item of the kingdom; you have to go one repair one object of the Kingdom 4/5 time.

For that repair, you have to pay that respective number of coins.

Completing Stickers Collections and Get Dice Dreams Free Rolls

The sticker box collection will get unlocked in the 3rd kingdom.

There are various stickers, such as a standard card pack with 8000 coins that will be X2, golden cards filled with x4 stickers for 18000 coins, Dream pack with x8 stickers for 32000 coins.

The first-timer pack is 340/- with 160 dice rolls and 260k coins.

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