How to get family Island free energy?

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You want to experience building a full-fledged structure on an island as per your dreamland where you reside with your family and give full attention to their needs and expectations.

Are you surprised by this thought process? 

We are proceeding to such kind of game that gives you that full-fledged experience of such a platform. Family Island free energy is the name of the above-mentioned game and If you are looking for free energy to play a smooth running game without any constraints, this article is only for you to resolve all trouble-making causes.

Family  Island was launched on 18th November by MalSoft Games Limited, it is an in-app purchase game that accounts for $ 0.99 – $ 149.99 per item. The game version’s total size is 471 MB.

All about Family Island:

Family Islands is a casual intensive farming game that helps the family survive and thrice them by crafting, farming, etc. Here the player can grow crops, mine resources, and construct upgrade tools and buildings. They can even customize the island through decorations.

The Family Island game is supported on iOS and Android. It comes up with a narrative layer following the background story of the family twist and turns to keep engaging the player. The whole game was set up in the Stone Age scenario based on four members of a family escaping from volcanic eruptions and rejuvenating themselves on a desolate Island. The family consists of four members: 

Dad- Bruce

Mom- Even

Children-  Tom and Lizzy

Friends cum supplier: Merchant Hopper and Shaman Ozzy.

Family Island game records a total downloads of 50 million. The updated version is available on Google Play Store.

What is family Island free energy?

Free energy is a source of survival in the island and to win that reward is the actual objective of the player in Family Island to unlock all the rewards.

How to redeem Family Island’s free energy?

Step 1: Download the Family Island game on your smartphone and open the app.

Step 2: Connect it with Facebook or you can also use guest mode.

Step 3: Visit the page to check daily reward links.

Step 4: Click on the option today reward link present on the page.

Step 5: It directly redirects to the link page and helps to get the reward.

Facts to know- The link of free energy in Family Island will expire within 2 days.

How to get unlimited family energy for free?

Family Island unlimited energy is possible and here we have brought you different ways to get more energy in the Family Island game which are in the following points.

Family Island free energy link

  1. Social Media Link:

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page handlers of Family Island daily share free energy links. The player can use such an opportunity to follow the page or link their respective account with those pages. By visiting such links, the player can be the winner of free energy, rubies, and even more.

  1. Restorage of energy point:

Family house upgradation results in energy storage limitation where the player can easily obtain such energy for level upgradation. Most commonly free energy restore every 2 minutes in the game.

  1. Feed Up the Family:

The player can get energy levels by feeding the family. For this, all you need to do is

* select the dinner table

*drag meals as per the availability in the free slot, and

*click on the plate icon to instruct the eat button.

**Make sure to secure full-on energy, feed the family first, and then collect your rewards.

  1. Secured delivery to Family and Friends:

Merchant Hapoor and Shaman Ozzy, the buddies of the family, dramatize their role in exchanging resources against assured rewards. By completing the orders placed by them you will receive in return free energy, rubies, and Cards.

  1. Repairing of Family House:

Being a member of the family you have to repair broken bathrooms, taps, showeand rs, and building parts to earn more energy. After repairing each use of such item results earning of rewards.

  1. Play advertisements:

This advertisement display during the game always come up with a handful of rewards and energy when they watch the ad for a few second which is present in the top left corner as an “ad watch” option.

  1. Festival event Island:

Family Island facilitates opportunities to explore new islands and win free rewards which resemble energy, gold tools, rubies, and leader points during festival event islands assigned tasks.

  1. Time Fountain Event:

At level 14, the option Time Fountain unlocks and the player can get up to 120 free energy. It facilitates at every 8 hours 5 to 40 energy for free.

  1. Invite a Friend:

At level 04, the option “Invite Friends” to unlock present in-game settings or in the energy tab to win free energy. You will earn the rewards, once the friend invited by you joins the game using the shared link.

  1. Album card collection:

You can win up to 500 to 25000 free energy through the collection of cards and albums available in Family Album features in Family Island but the cons section is that it is a very time-consuming option.

  1. Task of Daily Basis:

Family Island always has a lot of daily basis activities which means a collection of routine task cards for the island.  By finishing tasks, your progress bar is enhanced to earn milestones and prizes comprised of energy, golden tools, rubies, and many more.

  1. Update the game:

The Family Island update option rewards free energy but not frequent basis energy of mainly a hundred or more.


Don’t miss the chance and grab the links whichever is allotted in the above-mentioned points and experience wholesome gameplay of farm and build island. Such gameplay relieves the biased mindset and gives soothing dopamine to revive your sense of building up your conductive tissues by planning your work in the game. You can even purchase certain items to improve your gameplay experience and retrieve your graphics, optimizing the options available in the game. Hope the above information helps you to get the ultimate result of queries.

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