Top 10 Best Online Games in the World 2023

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You’ve planned to unite with friends in some sort of place at a specified time, but on the verge of doing so, they delayed the time. You have already arrived at the spot, but you have nowhere to go instead of waiting. You are getting impatient, frustrated, and angry.

Why do you waste important time in your productive life? Just sitting, ideally, waiting for your friends to arrive. Why don’t you utilize such a peculiar hour to earn money? It will cheer up the mood and even enhance your pocket money.

Here the question arises: How will you make money? Or from which source? Is this the specified time to earn money? blah blah

So in this article, I will introduce you to the arena of trending Best online games that not only relieve mood swings but also enhance the credibility of the individual.

What is the history behind online games?

In the late 1980s, after the invention of ARPANET, it was used in various universities where undergraduates were allowed to write text-based adventurous fantasy and phobic games, which they used to call MUDs, or multiuser dungeons. Best online games began when MUD connected to the ARPANET.

What are online games?

Playing video games via the internet simply implies playing an online game. It may be played on a variety of platforms, including PlayStations, tablets, PCs, mobile phones, and laptops.

What are the reasons behind the popularity of online games?

The reasons behind the popularity of Best online games in all genres are given in the following bullets:

  • Online games enhance social interactions.
  • The technical skills of players are improvised.
  • Online games create an understanding of the concepts of teamwork and leadership.
  • Players can learn the importance of goals and set goals for their upcoming projects.
  • Online games help to understand individual abilities.
  • Players can enhance the impression of self-reliance or independence.

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What are the problems associated with the best online games?

The problems with Best online games are given in the below-mentioned points:

  •  Most of the online games are addictive.
  •  Online games enhance depression and aggression-related issues.
  •  Online games lead an individual to learn from close ones and live a life of isolation.
  •  Most such games show no improvement in obligations like parental control.

Apart from all such disadvantages, which are mostly nominal, it contributes too much to enhance the gaming sector, which leads to earning money and increasing employment opportunities, contributing to the development of the economy.

Top 10 Online Games of 2023

Here is the list of the top trending and best-played online games that trap and teach most of the players in online mode and make them their regular players with their attractive features:

 Junglee Rummy

  • Popularity: The most famous and widely played card game in the world is Jungle Rummy.
  • Players: It has more than 7 crore active players in India.
  • Security: In terms of security and safety, the system is encrypted.
  • Withdrawal of money: The easy terms and procedures led to the simple withdrawal of the money.
  • Gameplay: Junglee Rummy is associated with different games, but the ground rule is to secure more marks than the opponent to earn easy stars or bucks.
  • Registration: The user has to register their name before commencing the game.


  • Popularity: The quiz players’ most trending game is Zupee; it is somewhat of a brainstorming one.
  • Security: The safety and security are highly encrypted and protected by Play Protect.
  • Withdrawal of money: Money withdrawal can be possible using UPI.
  • Gameplay: Topics about music, movies, news, politics, and the economy are available. The quizzes choose the most favourable topics and ask the given questions to earn a reward.


  • Popularity: The above-mentioned game (Gamezy) is popularised among the quizzes again among those who aren’t interested in video intrinsic battle fights or sports to play.
  • Security: In security terms, it provides certain limits, but those are even more flexible as the group of individuals also becomes part of the game.
  • Withdrawal of money: The individuals can withdraw the money through Paytm.
  • Player: Multiple players can play the game at the same time, and a reward has been distributed among them.
  • Gameplay: The game sustains a host who adds up the players. They have to confront 10 multiple-choice questions with live support and earn rewards for a set of answers.


  • Popularity: Among all the mentioned online games, Dream11 can secure a prolific position in terms of popularity. It became the first fantasy sports unicorn in India.
  • Players: The users have to build up a ready fantasy team of their own by paying nominal entry charges and launching the game.
  • Founder: It was co-founded by Harsh Jain and Bharat Seth.
  • Game range: Dream 11 has games like rugby, American football, baseball, volleyball, and many more.
  • Gameplay: In Dream11, the players have to create a fantasy team of their own and pay the entry fee. The players can start their game as they earn more points or scores, which will be rewarded accordingly. The player can withdraw money based on the reward price.

 Ludo King

  • Popularity: Ludo King has gained popularity during the period of global lockdown due to COVID-19. Ludo King ranked No. 1 in the Top Free Games section of the Play Store with around 100 million downloads.
  • Founder: Vikash Jaiswal, owner of Indian Studio Gametion Technology Pvt. Ltd., an Indian company. Ludo King is a mobile application game developed on the Unity game engine and available on mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Gameplay: Ludo King has the same concept as the board game Ludo. The primary goal of the game is for all four players to advance from the beginning point of their respective colour house around the board to the middle of the board, commonly known as the game board’s home. The winner will be the first individual to secure first place in the house.

 Coin Master

A hyper-casual gaming app that is free and easy to operate without any intellectual investments.

  • Popularity: Coin Master holds the position of one of the top 10 gossiping apps in the casual game category. It can secure hits of 81 million downloads, as per Sensor Tower Store Intelligence.
  • Gameplay: Coin Master offers spins, coins, raids, and attacks to build and decorate the village. For all such options, players have to build up their village and further move, but if any players run out of spins, they can purchase them or take them from a friend.

 Call of Duty: Mobile

  • Popularity: It was launched in October 2020 to give full competition to PUBG. It crossed more than 170 million downloads on both Android and iOS.
  • Gameplay: Call of Duty comes with multiple modes and supports 100 players on a large map. Most of the gameplay is similar to PUBG but adds modern weapons and futuristic combat with incredible categories.
  • Founder: Call of Duty is a free game developed by Time Studio and published by Activision for Android and iOS.

 Clash Royale

  • Popularity: Clash Royale is a well-known mobile game created by Supercell. Its popularity stems from its fascinating gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and the option to play with friends.

The game is a real-time multiplayer strategy game in which the player collects and upgrades cards. It has the potential to be utilised against other players. The game has a variety of events and challenges, as well as the possibility to earn rewards and advance through the ranks.


  • Popularity: The Minecraft game’s success can be attributed to its open-world gameplay without any tutorials. Minecraft estimated 93 million monthly active users (MAU) in 2021.
  • Developer: Minecraft was developed by Swedish programmer Markus Persson.

 Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

  • Popularity: Pixels Unknown Battle Ground is pretty much inspired by PUBG Mobile, which offers a similar variety of shooting experiences.
  • System requirements: Android 4.1 or above is suitable for such a game, and the size of such a file should be 104 MB.
  • Gameplay: Pixels Unknown Battle Ground is just like other battle royale games, where the players land on an island, look for weapons and supplies, and aim to survive till the end.
  • Developer: It was developed by Freeze Nova in December 2018.

The above lists are the most trending sources of earning online, and players always get stuck in such games and learn different angles to improve their skills.


Online games are a source of fun as well as entertainment and impart skill-based understanding. It shows the way to relieve the stress and anxiety of society’s work pressure and paves the way to interact with companions to enjoy the new graphical world of fantasy, where the player will get the chance to defeat the opponents as per their means and become the winner.

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