How to Play Piggy Go Game

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About Piggy Go Free Dice Link

Piggy go game review is an online game. To play the game, download piggy go. You require data. Most people also represent Piggy’s go-set. Piggy go round, and coin masters are somewhat the same. But both apps have some of their specialty for what people love to play.

Why should we use Facebook during signup?

You can log in in two ways: play as a guest or log in using Facebook. You get advantages in both ways. But of course, more benefits will be when you log in using Facebook.

When you log in using Facebook, you get various benefits as: –

  • ​You can travel with friends.
  • ​You can earn extra rewards every day.
  • ​You can safeguard your progress.
  • ​You can get 30 free dice for piggy go.
  • ​You can get free 500k gold etc.

When you connect to Facebook, you get complete security that you won’t lose your data. Neither will they post anything without seeking your permission. Even if you uninstall the game and, after some time, install it again. Still, you’ll have your account, and you can continue playing.

Disadvantages of not using Facebook

Firstly you’ll never get the above benefits, which is a significant loss. And secondly, when you uninstall the game or delete the data, you’ll lose your guest account. You can imagine that you’ll lose so many things.

About Piggy Go Daily Rewards

You’ll get this game in the play store. This game is about building a place, renovating it, and protecting your home from others getting damaged. In this game, you’ll visit ‘n’ several homes. You can collect your piggy go free dice links from the given link.

Places like

  • An airship
  • Caribbean Sea
  • ​Hover
  • Azteca, and many more places.

Who doesn’t love to discover new places? So I am damn sure you’ll like to explore these unique places. To play this game, you require coins, so how can you get the coins? You get the coins by playing a ludo-type game. You get coins and various rewards that I will tell you in detail. That is how the Ludo game looks.

How to get extra dice and coins on Piggy?

Here you get coins. You also get a ‘shield. Shield for what? To protect your property from getting destroyed by your enemy. You also get a chance to attack your enemy and eliminate their property. You can also raid the riches to get their gold. And when you keep playing the ludo part and suppose you get any number, and you come on start, you’ll get even there coins you’ll come across various daily missions which won’t be there in the beginning as you keep playing n reach some levels ahead you’ll keep getting tasks.

There is also a spin wheel that will tell you to watch videos and get 25 dice free. You are out of dice out of gold coins. In such a case, you can buy it with your real money. One such offer has mentioned below. When you keep playing your game, you reach the next level to get rewards like coins and dice from piggy go rewards. You get the tickets and star when you attack your enemy or raid someone’s place.

Tickets like what?

When you get these tickets, you can join the game ‘Go jackpot.’ With these, you can earn rewards.

Rewards Like

  • ​Gold coins
  • ​Dice
  • ​Tickets

But every good thing has a bad idea too. When you choose from the jackpot, and instead of the above rewards, you get a joker, you’ll lose all that you get. So to avoid the risk, you can claim it before only. The GO JACKPOT game looks like that.

How do you play Piggy Go?

When we are new to any game, the game directs us on how to play. In this game, you have to build your property. To create the property, you need gold coins. I mentioned above how you’ll get the coins, destroy someone’s farm, etc., Using a coupon, and you can also make new friends, play with your friends, and unlock a new piggy (character ). When you reach the head level, you can open the kitchen to cook and get gold coins and dice as a reward. You can also buy a VIP pass with lots of benefits. All the rewards that you get will be double in VIP. You can collect stars by completing a mission in return. You get 50 dice as a reward and 30 dice more for VIP. You get the first three days of trial when you take VIP access.

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