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Introduction to Crash Bandicoot Online

The Crash Bandicoot online game is somewhat like the coin master game. The player has to spin smash crates in the air.

Use your weapons at the right time to max out your score. Aku mask grants you extra protection while running. Craft your gun to defeat cortex’s henchmen. As you move on in the game, the game asks you to read the terms and conditions properly and accept to proceed continuously.

There are many characters in the game playing; one of those is Coco. She says to crash, wait! That’s a power gem. A rare quantum energy source, not a wampa fruit! Wampa fruit is crash likes to eat. At the same time, neocortex, another character, comes in between flying on his plane and catches the power gem that crash was going to eat. He says hahaha! I can construct dimensions without bandicoots ( any of several giant rats ) and destroy all the rest with a few more power gems! The new cortex takes it and flies away. GAA runs behind him as a crash to take the power gem back. As crash level-ups, it’s a game you get some amount of purple gems.

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To reach the first lost city, you have to collect power gems, and as you go on collecting one by one, three gifts boxes get collected with some rewards, e.g., if you collect one Power gem, you get ten purple crystals. Following gift boxes, open up with five power gems. Each gift box gives you ten purple crystals. And at the end, the lost city unlocks by collecting seven power gems.

How to play + Journey to complete the first lost city

It might have known you about the crash and new cortex. Neo has taken the power gem and is flying away behind the hit, which means you are running behind him on the ground. Neo goes on blocking the way of the crash. You have to move left, right, swipe downwards, between if there are three stone blocks in one line then jump yourself over it also of you see a swipe downwards and mover forward.

The first part of the game helps you with your move by showing arrows. There are wooden blocks, some with crash’s fruit inside Tao, and impact will take a helicopter turn and break the box. Some wooden crates will be empty, but you have to tap, break, and move ahead with your run. At the end of the run, neo overacts and stands at the end line with his helicopter, loses his balance and drops down the power gem and crash takes it.

And neo warns impact you may have that power gem, but there are plenty more to pillage! Minions Attack! And crash takes the gem and gets back to the base. Aku mask grants you extra protection while running.

Game after the first round

At the end of the first round, you unlock a gift box that gives ten purple crystals. Could you tap on the screen and collect it?

Battle Run in Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot goes on a run, and while running, he also collects wampa fruit. You have to go on swimming crash left, right, middle to save from the stone blocks and collect the fruits. Tap to the turtle that comes in between to fly him off. Be careful; there will also be big giant balls running towards you so take care of your move.

All about crash runs Mushroom’s

The Mushroom that comes in between, you don’t have to jump over it. Go through the hole, and in the game ahead, you can go through them and take a jump upwards. Spin to smash crates in the air.

Islands of this game

  • Turtles wood 

Turtle wood is a place where you will see turtles around the area. For now, turtle wood is in danger coco has told crash to save it. There are many pit holes in-between be careful while running at the end. You win the game when you protect yourself and defeat the mini robot. Crash throws a serum towards the robot to kill it, and you get the power gem. Also, while the run, the number of fruits and speed and (blue) you collected gets added to your account.

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As your(crash ) performance goes on, levels get up one by one, and you also get ten purple gems as rewards. The new island brings you 20 purple crystals. This island is in turtle wood. The player (crash or cocoa) has to save this landform from the Nitro monsters. You also have to collect ingredients from this land to make serums.

  • Ice ways island

This island is cold hidden lobs and smelly sewers. There are different islands, each has another place in it, and they get unlocked on the power gems. There are Inner towns on this island, and they are

  • “Sewer or later town” opens with 34 power gems
  • “The lab” begins with 64 power gems
  • “Snow go” starts with 19 power gems
  • “Bear it” begins with 94 power gems

There are completely different types of islands that can be unlocked easily by playing the game.

  • Sanity Island

This island has it all beaches, jungles, rivers, gates that are great and ruined roads

  • The great gate unlocks with 104 power gems
  • Road to run unlocks with 124 power gems
  • Beach jungle opens with 149 power gems
  • Upstream opens at 179 power gems

Serum making ingredients that have been collected during the run

There are four ingredients to be collected during the run; those are

  • Nitric fungus- Nitric fungus is used for weapons, a scaley sticky fungus that oozes Nitro.
  • Glow bark- glow bark is used for Nitro weapons sticky to touch
  • Beta part – leftover parts from a destroyed Neocortex dominator
  • Alpha parts- spare parts from a destroyed Neocortex dominator.

Nitro serum

Nitro Serum is a green liquid that can be visible to you on the screen. It is helpful when killing the enemies waiting for you at the end of the game before the power gem. If your Nitro serum is over, you must visit Coco’s lab. The player needs some ingredients to make the serum, and that can be Collected when crash run. Those apples and different fruits are seen to make the serum aa it’s collected, complete it and collect it from the top of the page.

What can be done when the player crashes itself

When you crash yourself by the stone blocks at the time of the run, your game ends there, but you can continue by getting a chance to rejoin. First is to watch a video for a few seconds and continue, but It will give this watching only three opportunities to revive. Another option is to give away five or more purple crystals that are asked and continue from where you left. This is a very crucial decision that should be taken within 7 seconds.

How to save your progress

Save your progress by linking your game with your email, and you will see several people who are playing this game with their ranking and score.

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