What is Spin Roller in Coin Master?

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Have you heard about spin roller in coin master?


Do you love playing Coin Master?

Then you too must be obsessed with the endless chances of rewards with free spins. Isn’t it amazing to earn free spins while playing Coin Master? 

For many players, this is the most amazing thing about the game. When you use these, you can make the machine land on amazing rewards. 

You can use your free spins to get more and more rewards and accelerate your journey towards the leaderboard. But do you not like to keep waiting for the next free spin? 

Are you bored of having to participate in events, send invites, and check your reward calendar again and again for spins? Then the new Spin Roller feature is for you. It allows you to purchase as many spins as you want, and earn more rewards to stay ahead of your game.

How can I get free spins from the reward calendar?

In Coin Master, you can follow a regular reward calendar that gives you daily rewards. You just have to log into the game every day. If you find a reward coming up, you can redeem it timely.

Can I earn free spins by inviting friends to play?

Yes, you can! If you send invite links to your friends to play the game via Facebook, you can earn free spins. Every time someone downloads the game from the link you have sent to them, you will earn 40 free spins.

Can I send gifts to earn free spins?

If you send various gifts to friends on Coin Master, you can increase your chances of earning free spins to help you spin the slot machine. If you send spins as gifts to your friends, you can also earn spins from them in return.

How can I earn free spins through social media?

You can also earn free spins if you follow Coin Master on social media. If you keep an eye on the social media pages of the game’s developers, they will release links for you to get free spins there from time to time. They will also post information on several updates and offers. Keep an eye on them to get more spins.

Can I earn spins while playing the game?

Apart from all these ways to earn spins, you can also earn them from within the game. When you are playing it, look for the three spin energy symbols arranged in a row on the slot machine. Landing on it will mean more free spins for you.

What is the Spin Roller?

The Spin Roller is the ultimate spin generator for you. Using it will allow you to buy as many spins as you want so that you can play without interruption.


The Spin Roller is an amazing new feature on Coin Master. With it, you can purchase as many spins as you want. With them, you can keep earning rewards and unlock higher levels without waiting for the next free sin.

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