Crazy Fox Village World Levels

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About Crazy Fox Village World Levels

There is hardly any cause for doubt that Crazy Fox recently became the most popular game among all the generations and after rigorous observation and experience, we have integrated the results of it. The reason for such worldwide popularity of Crazy Fox is its user-friendly interface, quality graphics, and more often simple options to follow like features. In addition to that, the game attracts the attention of the players with their evergreen strategies and challenges along with the rewards.

In this, we reveal the ways and means to construct and expand The Village World Levels of Crazy Fox. To retain the level-up positions in the village world the tricks and to pay turvy challenges you have to face but that doesn’t matter if you are enriched with daily dose-allowed rewards and the directions with their implication to become successful.

How to build Village World in Crazy Fox?

We are sure, your love for Crazy Fox led you to land on our platform. Being a player, to upgrade the building of village levels you have to pass  5 simple levels in the Crazy Fox.  Similarly, in all these levels you will be getting 5 items each i.e. (5X5) or 25 items in total which enables you to construct your empires and explore to new levels.

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Here are a few tips to be undertaken in the construction of Villages in Crazy Fox:

■ Display the screen in building mode to achieve levels

■ Go for the Build option among the two options of build and hammer. It enables you to earn coins that will be helpful to build empires.

■ Tactfully manage the resources and use them wisely while selecting any gaming mode with Crazy Fox Village World Levels.

Before building any empire it is important to have full knowledge of the total villages accompanying the game.

How to find Crazy Fox World Levels and current levels?

You can easily find the option of checking the current level in the Village World of Crazy Fox by following a simple procedure:

Step 1: Go to Crazy Fox Main Menu

Step 2: Select the Map option available on it.

Step 3: Check your current status in the levels

Let’s roll on towards the records among which the total values of the affordable villages data is given below.

How many Crazy Fox Village World Levels are there?

Crazy Fox retained 460 or more village levels till the last update but most significantly first 100 levels are mainly populated and later villages are rarely populated.

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Which is the most expensive Crazy Fox Villages?

Among 460 levels 100 levels are very much significant. The 100th level records are highly expensive till now i.e., Snow Village, value- 2.86 billion coins.

Lastly, it’s important to know the available rewards.

What is World Shop In Crazy Fox?

In the Crazy Fox game, you can easily eligible to shop your relative items as per your earned rewards and build your relative villages as well.

You have to complete five villages in each completion of Crazy Fox Village World Level, a star will be provided as a reward. The star can also affect the leaderboard ranking of the game.

How do I get Crazy Fox Village Discount?

Mostly, you are lumped with full price to progress to the village levels. During Village Mania events organized by Ashtak discounts on the price value of the village are also provided to you. Mainly two kinds of discounts are available in the game

– 20%


The discounted value will be enjoyed as per your playing and earning rewards strategies and results.


As per our side, we have provided full guidelines for Crazy Fox Village World Levels. Hope you like the post and suggest any more related content you prefer. Stay tuned for such content.


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