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The game develops people’s minds towards crime. Everyone looked upon a crime and felt so far, but what happens when you get a chance to be a detective and solve the case. One game gives you a chance to become a detective and solve crime cases with your brilliant mind. It had developed many of the games yet on crime, but this game has a very different concept than others. Whether it is in real life or the virtual world, the mind must be taken at stake and must be used for something good. The reason can be our greatest friend or greatest enemy.

What is Criminal Case

The criminal case is one of the famous detective-based games all over the world. Pretty Studio develops the criminal case, and the game has very minimal copies of games by others. You have seen that when a developer comes with a game with a different concept, other developers try to steal the same image to create fun, but if they fail to steal the ideas after the launch of the game, they try to make the same copied game on a particular topic. The criminal case has something different. The game had very minimal copies made on the same issues.

Why it is Early Development

The criminal case was first developed for Facebook users on 15 November 2012, not for Android or IOS. This is because of the active users of Facebook. In 2012, Facebook was growing like hell; therefore, developers thought to create a game for only Facebook users. After the game’s success on Facebook, developers thought to launch criminal cases with new features on Android and IOS platforms. They have faced some problems while developing a game for the Android platform. They have said that while developing Criminal cases, we have met some money issues, and we lack new ideas.

Everybody knows those brainstorming ideas are very important to develop any particular game. After development, they had launched a criminal case on the IOS platform on 28 August 2014 and, after a year, found it on the Android platform on 15 April 2015. The game had already achieved some little success on Facebook, but after launching on the Android and IOS platforms, the game generated massive results.

Which Studio Development

Pretty simple is a game developing company that was formed in 2010. There is also a story behind the creation of this company; Bastien Cazenave and Corentin Raux started this company. Both had invested in their own money. Invest partners later helped this company because of the money problem. Invest had invested 300,000 $ on its behalf, due to which the company received a lot of help.

How is the Gameplay

The criminal case is a detective-based murder solving game in which players have to be a detective and solve issues by their own. The game possesses a whole unite of police along with the player. The gameplay of the game is not very difficult. Anyone can easily play this game without any gaming knowledge. After the game starts, you can play this game in two different ways. One is to play as a guest, and the second is to log in with Facebook. Log in with Facebook is a good feature that has a lot of benefits. If you played the game and reached a good level to secure, logging in with Facebook is important. It will help you to save all your gaming data.

What are the Modes and Features

The game has very different-different levels. At each level, you have to solve a murder case. While solving the issue, the main concept of the game is to investigate and find the murder. While studying, you have to find hidden objects on the given spot. Some things are very useful to solve the case; you have to identify which clue is important and which one is not. There is a laboratory where you can examine the victim’s body and any indication.

After solving the case, every time, there will be more suspects. You have to find the real killer in these suspects and arrest him. The game has a map where you can see many levels of places. A special meal feature is also added to this game just because of energy. Your energy will drain while solving the case. To eat this meal, you have to buy it with cash or earn it with good gameplay.

How are the Graphics and Soundtrack

The graphics of this game is different from other games. In this game, you can create your character. The looks of the character are just like a real player.

Every level has a different place. Every place has been made real by looking at those places; it will not look like this virtual game is running. At the location of the Investigation, you will find many objects which can divert you. Therefore you should find a correct clue. The soundtrack is also completely different from the rest of the games. While playing, you will see a small sound playing in the background.

What are the Achievements

The game has many achievements. Pretty simple is a French Indie Studio that was not famous at all. Still, after creating the Criminal Case, the Studio became famous, and people also started recognizing it. We can say that this was a great achievement for this game. Not only this, the game had ten million monthly active users on average in 2013. While running on Facebook, the game has become the most popular game on Facebook. In 2013, this game had become a very competitive game. All developers were guessing the competition by watching this game.

What are Other Games Titles

No one even knew that this game would become such a great game in the future. The criminal case attracted many people; Five days after the launch, the game received the Facebook game of the year 2013 award. So far, more than 100 million downloads of this game have been done. The game’s success has led to different titles of the game such as Criminal Case: Pacific Bay, Criminal Case: Save the World, Criminal Case: The Conspiracy, Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations, and more. This game received many good ratings from people. People liked the Investigation gameplay and graphics of this game. Developers said that they will keep updating this game even further and will try to make it better.

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