Garena Free Fire

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What is Garena Free Fire

Most game lovers are always looking for new games. It is not easy to find a great match in today’s time. There is lots of play in every particular category. Every game is best for each other. It was very easy to select games in the old times as there were not many games at that time, but today it has become difficult to find a good match. If you, too, we’re struggling to find a great match, don’t worry. Here we will tell you about a fun action game that will blow your mind.

About Garena Free Fire

Garena Free fire is one of the best games ever developed for everyone. The game had set many records in this gaming industry. In 2016, one of the popular subsidiaries, Garena, came with creating an action game. They were inspired by a movie called free fire. After the inspiration, the action games had created by them named Garena Free Fire. The game was released on 30 September 2017 on the Android and IOS platforms.

How is the Game Developed?

Most people would not know that they made this game by watching a movie. Copying the whole concept would have been wrong in one way, but the developers have just copied the name of this game. The idea has been taken completely new. Garena is a game-making company that has so far made very good and fun games such as FIFA online 3, Leagues of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and an arena of valor. This subsidiary is located in Singapore. Forrest Li started this company. He is a very big businessman who has spent more than half his money on making this subsidiary. He also began Shopee along with Garena. It is not very difficult for a person who has so much money to put two companies together. He is a fellow billionaire.

How is the Gameplay

The game has a different concept of gameplay. Within this game, 50 people battle together, and the player who stays until the end wins this game. After starting the game, the battle mode is selected, and 50 players enter. All the players have to wait in the lobby before the game begins, and when the entire 50 players are ready, the game starts. After starting, all players are taken to an airplane and taken to the battleground.

Then all the players jump one by one with the parachute to their chosen place. After landing, all players have to collect equipment to do battle, such as guns, medicate, shields, and much more. Then there is a circle at the place inside which the struggle has to be done. With time, that circle becomes smaller; that circle is called the white zone. The outside of that circle is a blue circle, which is called the blue zone. If the player moves the load from that blue zone, the power decreases, and that player dies. Within that playing zone, all players have to battle each other, and the player who survives till the end wins this game.

Garena Free Fire VS PUBG Mobile

You must have heard the name of the PUBG Mobile game at some time. The concept of PUBG Mobile and Garena Free fire is very similar; there is also a lot of controversy between these two games on copying the idea. Most people say that PUBG Mobile has been created by looking at the concept of free fire, but no one knows this. PUBG Mobile has been banned in many countries, but Garena free fire is available in all countries because China and Garena Free Fire make PUBG Mobile by Singapore. There is a lot of controversy between many governments and China, due to which PUBG Mobile has been banned. This game will get you to download easily on any platform.

What types of Modes 

Like other games, this game has many modes in which you can play this game. Classic mode is the most famous model of this game in which the only battle is done. There are different maps inside this mode, but initially, it will not unlock those maps; they have to download. Originally, a basic map of this game is given, which is named Bermuda. Four players play by playing a team inside a Squad Mode.

In this mode, two groups are formed, and both those teams have to battle each other. The special thing about this mode is that this mode is for a short time, and there are rounds in it when all the players of a team die; then the competition is over. And the team that wins the most matches is the winner of this mode. In Ranked mode, the player’s rank is very much affected; the better the player plays, the higher his rank increases.

What are the Features

Garena free fire also shows many features, you can customize the player of your own choice you will see many beautiful dresses in this game. You can also select a pet with itself; very different animals have been added. Like real life, this game also has to buy pets; many guns are also seen. From pistol to sniper can be customized. If a player plays this game with good skills, then you get a lot of rewards. Coins pass, dresses are sometimes also found as skins of guns.

What is the Achievement

This game became very popular only after some time of its formation. Both companies launched both Garena free fire and PUBG Mobile games back and forth. Initially, this game was played only by people who could not afford a large size game. PUBG Mobile’s size and graphics were very good, so more people used to play, but after its ban, Garena free fire became very popular. Within 2019, this game became the most downloaded game in the world. This game also won the award for the best action game. Along with this, the game made a record of 80 million active users daily. This game has got $1 billion downloads, which is a very large user band.

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