IndiBoy Online

About IndiBoy Online

There are treasures hidden in the mysterious ancient ruins game as it’s called IndiBoy online. Also, there are various traps and monsters on the field to protect the treasure, and you have to save yourself from getting prizes as soon as possible.

Start your journey to find the treasures of a forgotten world. Go on with the game with the dedication to get more treasures. This game is free to play and also fun. Some Bosses on the field eliminate the strong bosses and get huge prizes. Find treasures together with the hero of this Android game. Visit many ancient temples and know places and help the treasure hunter go forward. Help him jump on the square blocks and gather valuable gifts.

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There are many Mini-Game Mode similar to this one with fun. Dozens of characters have to be collected for further game plans. Incredible power-ups help you make your game better. The game has two different places and many hidden levels.

The graphics of the game is excellent. Various missions come up line by line with many rewards. Many levels are locked, and they have to be unlocked by completing the before level. The info part of the game gives you detail of the character that you are playing with, like how capable it is and the character’s abilities. IndiBoy game is amazing that combines adventure and puzzles.

Notice that it appears before the IndiBoy Online game begins

As you download the game and the page opens, you will see a notice saying ads for a few seconds support this game. If you accept this, tap ok and go ahead.

Features of IndiBoy – A treasure hunter Quest

As the main game page opens, you will see some features on the sides. Each has its importance like

How to use Settings of this treasure game

This gives you an option of logging out, and you can see how many achievements you have got. The leader board is also visible to you, and some terms and conditions of the game.

Various Heroes of the game

  1. Jack – already purchased
  2. Emma- will open when level 20 gets cleared
  3. Aiden- opens up with 1500 coins
  4. Jayden – on clearing level 40
  5. Oliver- will open with 2000 gold coins
  6. Sophia- when getting when level 60 gets cleared
  7. Ruby- 2500 gold coins open this up
  8. Mia-when level 80 gets cleared
  9. Ethan – Can be opened with 3000 coins
  10. Jacob- when level 100 is transparent.
  11. William-Can participate with 200 diamond 💎
  12. Jackson- 3500 coins needed to play with
  13. Olivia -needs 250 diamonds
  14. Harry- Needs 4000 coins to Unlock
  15. Ava- To unlock this, you need 3000 diamonds
  16. Jessica’s- 75 rupees
  17. Ella- 74 rupees
  18. Charlotte- 160 rupees
  19. Hailey- 150 rupees
  20. James- 150 rupees.

Shop of Indiboy treasure game

The player can easily buy the wanted materials from these shops, some with real money, some with diamonds, and some with coins.

  • ×1 chicken for 200 coins
  • Whole chicken for 700 coins
  • One day life chicken for 370 /-
  • 7 days life chicken for 450 /-
  • Thirty days life chicken for 3650/-
  • +1 Life slot for 370/-
  • If you don’t want to see them, their ads pay 150/-
  • To get ×50 coins, watch a video
  • To get ×1000 coins, pay way 100 diamond
  • ×1000 coins give away 1000 blue rings
  • To get ×1000 blue rings, pay 100 diamond
  • Get ×100 diamonds for 75 /-
  • Get ×500 diamonds for 290/-
  • ×1000 diamond for 520/-
  • ×2500 diamond for 1100 rupees
  • ×5000 diamonds for 1850 rupees
  • ×13500 diamond for 3650/-
  • ×36000 diamond for 7200/-

How will your get these Achievements

In the achievements logo, you would see your Number of stars achieved. How many times have you got resurrected? If you complete that particular mission, you will get ten diamonds. If you collect five characters, you get ten diamonds, etc.

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Pop up Messages of the game

The message symbol shows you that you have to receive specific diamonds, blue rings, etc.

Free spin ring of Indiboy treasure

The player gets a chance to stop the spinning wheel. The wheel has ×300 coins,×5 diamonds, ×500 coins, ×10 diamonds, ×1000 coins, ×20 diamonds, ×2000 coins, and ×30 diamonds. When you stop the wheel, you get that as a prize.

Extra similar game

On the last block, you will see some other Similar games you can opt for.

Infinity mode

As its name says Infinite, there are Infinite modes to earn rewards. Every A- to E method has different sets of prizes, and to get the tips, you have to opt for one chicken. Every mode’s posture is also different.

Frequency of offers

There will be offers coming up one by one with a time limit. For example, you can buy 1000 diamonds plus 10000 coins within 1 hour, 23 minutes, and 53 seconds.

List of game episodes

It has 482 levels to play with recorded time and different numbers of missions and rewards that you will be getting for that you have to play the episodes.

How to play Indiboy treasure

As you press the starts button, it will help play by showing directions. All the control buttons are clear with instructions, press the direction key to move left, right, jump, etc. you can also restart the game. You have to make your correct move and collect the treasures.

Use the hint key to place all the keys in the key holder. You have to save yourself from the obstacles and the killer that comes in between and move ahead to keep collecting the hearts from the blocks. Also, the blue Arrow helps to join the ways. If you stand on thorns, your one life gets cut, and this way, if all your lives get over, you will die.

You have to take the correct way and collect the treasures. The field can also be rotated accordingly and view how to go ahead. The undo key helps to move the fundamental block to the previous position. Also, you can view the top view. Plus pause the game when needed. Some wooden obstacles will come your way. You have to dash it again and again. It will break, and you can move forward.

Level 1:

While playing the First level, maybe it will go slow to understand a direction or the control. But believe me, as you win one class, you will feel eager to play at the next level. After you complete, there comes a result flow chart of your game with how much time you took to assemble and the number of crowns collected. You can also share your progress on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Level 2:

The next level begins with a new instruction saying to click to rotate the camera, and if you do that, the camera turns around, and the game begins with total views. The best undo symbol pillar has to be taken the undo symbol sign by pushing if you get hit by any of the hammers, the game ends there, etc.

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