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About Junes Journey Review

Junes Journey Hidden Objects games are pretty fun to play. One needs to find out some hidden object with the provided clue. Like most games, Hidden object games have various stigmas around them.

But Hidden object games are fantastic. The riddle they provide can be confusing for someone, not only that one puzzle might take hours to solve. One such hidden object game is June’s Journey.

How do you get unlimited energy in Junes journey?

These hidden object games did have some great artwork & graphics. The primary crime scene of the game could be more transparent, but these scenes are quick to glance at. The scene would serve the whole purpose storyline of the hidden object games.

One of the primary necessities of the game is its storylines. And this storyline can sometimes be over the top but guess what? Who doesn’t like a great storyline?

These storylines are the fun part of this game. Even most of this game is predictable like one needs to solve mysteries for which one needs to solve this riddle other than solving mysteries; one might need to rescue someone by solving the puzzle.

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How do you get unlimited energy in June’s journey?

Wooga developed June’s Journey. Here June is the main female protagonist of the game. In this game, one will play as June. The game’s main plot is that June arrives at her sister’s estate only to discover that both her sister & brother-in-law are dead.

In this game, June’s niece, Virginia, gets June some clues about the murder mystery. At that point, June starts to investigate the mystery, and her niece Virginia offers to help and offers her the first clue to the murder mystery. Virginia hands her the photograph of the crime scene.

After the whole story, it becomes clear that Virginia’s parents were gruesomely murdered. Eventually, June investigates and tries to solve the mystery by solving each of the riddles along the way.

As mentioned earlier, the storyline & the stunning graphic artwork are the main attraction of this game. Scenes with illustrated crimes & blood might be the thing you’re looking for. In this very article, we will discuss a particular hidden object game named June’s Journey.

What is June’s Journey – a hidden object game?

June’s Journey latest update is a murder mystery-based game where one must find a hidden object to solve the mystery. In this game, many crime-based done have exquisite artwork & graphics. In this crime scene, one needs to analyze those scenes.

There are some listed items one must find out at the crime scene. One would have a list of three items. One needs to find each of the described items.

You will get points once you solve all the mysteries in the scene. Once you score one point, you might play the scene again. But there will be a more messed up scene where one needs to find more items.

What happens when you complete June’s journey?

Sometimes one might find it challenging and have to play the scene more than once to find those enlisted objects. Ensure you find all the objects before moving to the next crime scene.

Every time one completes a scene, one will get points and reward boxes (which have precious items) within them after completing the scene. One can use these coins to decorate & upgrade gardens, homes, and other unexplored areas. Which one will get two different kinds of games in a single game?

This game also allows you to log in with your Facebook account because one can save their progress in cloud storage. In general, it would be nice to play the game. If you desperately want a game with a good storyline and stunning graphics, this should be on your list.

How do you get unlimited flowers in June’s journey?

June’s Journey Free Energy is a hidden object game where one needs to solve a riddle and find the missing pieces from the scene. In this game, the player will be given a clue or a list of times to find a particular scene. After finding out each enlisted item, one will get points for those.

If you face difficulty in finding those mentioned objects, then you can use the hint feature. Sometimes one might need to assemble things closely related to the crime scene or the story.

The part, as mentioned earlier, is 50% of the gameplay. The other part is players have to construct a building on a specific island. Players would get certain specific items after the completion of the scene. These precious coins are needed to build & decorate the house.

  • Pros
  1. ● The graphics are pretty stunning.
  2. ● One needs to make many efforts to solve the problems.
  • Cons
  1. One might be disappointed with the audio.
  2. The game is relatively slow; the screen takes a long time to load
  3. Some might try hard to decorate the house where June’s sister was murdered.


June’s Journey gift codes is excellent if you’re looking for a game with a great storyline. Through this storyline, one might find it appealing to play this game as it revolves around a mystery, unlike any hidden object game where you might decorate and upgrade buildings.

Renovating the building is also fun. One would get coins after solving each mystery, and one can use these coins to renovate the house. In general, one would be fond of this game if one love this kind of game.

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