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About Temple Run Game Review

Temple Run Game is an endless running game launched by many studios on 4 August 2011. In this game, the player explores the ancient jungle of the game one needs to run away from the demonic monkeys.

In Temple Run, the player is provided with various characters; one needs to choose any of that characters. These characters are Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, and many more. One will choose any of these characters, and this chosen character will embark on a journey where one will steal the ancient idol from the abandoned temple.

This character has no idea that the idol is cursed, and if anybody tries to steal it, the demonic monkeys will devour them. Just like a subway surfer, it is an infinite running game. One must run until any large object hits the character endlessly, falls into the water, or the monkey overtakes the chosen character.

Is Temple Run a safe game?

Controlling the character is easy; one must touch the screen to swipe left or right to collect coins or avoid obstacles. While running, one gets to collect different. Altogether there are three types of coins golden, red, and blue. Each of these coins has different values.

The gold coins are worth single coins, while the red coins have the value of two coins, while the blue coins have the value of three golden coins. These coins can be used for upgrading boosters. One can also buy a character using these coins. One can also buy coins by paying for those coins with actual money.

The temple run uses a gyroscope because of which one can tilt their mobile devices left or right. Besides this control, one can swipe upward, making the character jump, while swiping downward will make the character slide through any obstacles.


  •  One easily controls the game.
  •  Quite addictive
  •  The aesthetics are great.
  •  The graphics of the game are great.
  •  The game uses a gyroscope.

Should I get Temple Run or Temple Run 2?

The undeniable feature of the temple run video game is its graphics. This game has some variant colors which are used in the environment. This color adds a realistic view of the environment and the character.

While playing the game, one would feel the game’s landscape is realistic. The curve road brings goosebumps to their players. The curved roads and the terrain is visually appealing.

Temple Run has some great visually appealing features like the waterfalls, and some periodically added obstacles that try to make their player feel more realistic, which is not seen in many infinite running games as most of these games have a monotonous setting, often making the game predictable.

Is Temple Run 2 still popular?

This is what we love about the new temple run game, as this game is unpredictable. One doesn’t know which kind of obstacle will be waiting for them. One needs to react at that exact moment, or else the character devours by the demonic monkey.

This game also has a specified section for zip wire & minecart. In the initial run, a player has to slide down through a zip wire to run from the monkey. In temple run, players have to hop on a minecart, where the player navigates through the old mines within the cave.

Even though some might face the issue of lagging, because of which the character might die, the controls of the graphics are good. The sliding and swiping control of the game is compact and reasonable. One needs to swipe left & right for the left and right turn, respectively.

What are the features of Temple Run?

One needs to be aware of the routes because while turning, one might face hazardous issues like fire, rocky plates, etc. One might need to tilt their phone left & right for coins or boosters.

This coin will be helpful to buy one new character or to upgrade the boosters or abilities. Initially, the player will get four characters to choose from. One can also upgrade their avatar through coins.

Green gems are used for restarting the game if something goes wrong in the gameplay. Players can use these gems to continue with a game where they have left off; if one doesn’t, one needs to start the game from the beginning.

In temple run, the more one plays, the more one will earn both coins & gems. Even though coins are available all the time, gems are rare. If someone is willing to buy the coins & gem, one can do that through app purchase.

  • Pros of temple run game
  1.  This game is available for free.
  2.  It has some greatly enhanced features.
  3.  It is addictive to play.
  4.  The graphics are fantastic.
  • Cons of temple run game
  1.  Some bugs need to be fixed.
  2.  One can easily unlock achievements through app purchases.


Temple Run is a great game that has some realistic graphics. The character and the landscapes are visually appealing. One finds it difficult to use gyro, but it can come in handy once you get along with it.

It is a great game that will give occasional jump scare as most one might find an obstacle while turning, which is a good thing loved by the fans of temple run.

Temple run is different from many endless running games as it is unpredictable. We recommend you check out this game not for the gameplay but to experience the realistic landscape of the game.

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