How to Play Ludo King Game

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About Ludo King Game

I love to cherish the good old days, feeling nostalgic about the iconic board game Ludo King. We generally used to roll the dice and would get a certain number, which helped us get into homes at the center of the Ludo board.

One has to outrun their opponent and play out the perfect strategy for tackling them. In this game, one can attack their opponent and become the ultimate king.

The best thing about this game is a family-friendly game. One can play the game with friends and family even if they are living in other cities. These kinds of games strengthen the community’s relationship with each other.

This board once consider the iconic indoor game. With modernization, one can play this board game even if someone is living in a different country. One can easily install this game on an Android or iOS mobile device.

How do you play Ludo King?

We are talking about board games. So everyone might have heard of ludo king. This ludo king game is based on Pachisi, played in ancient India. India’s kings and queens played this game; this board was considered their favorite pass time. 

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Fast-forward to today, This board game was passed on to many generations and became our favorite board as a child. People always cherish this nostalgic board game; it is still one of many people’s famous plays. Yet, now, this board game is adored by the masses.

We can see how this board game is back on our mobile devices through Ludo King. All the rules and regulations remain the same for this smartphone game. In this Ludo king, one can play with multiple friends, which was never possible in a board game.

Is Ludo King safe to play?

Gametion Technologies Pvt. Ltd develops ludo king’s gaming app. As for now, ludo king has more than 100M downloads, one of the most popular games in the board game category.

This gaming app has 4M reviews, of which 80% are positive. These are perfect if someone wants to be nostalgic about the old times and board games because Ludo King not only offers Ludo. This app has a snake and ladder too. Yeah, one can play two-play games by installing one gaming application.

  • Launched by– Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Contains ads – Yes
  • Available on– iOS, Android, and desktop
  • Rating– 4.3
  • Rated By– 43, 32,271
  • Total Installs– 100,000,000+
  • Positive Reviews– 80%

Features of Ludo King

  • Provides various theme
  • One can communicate with other players through chats.
  • One can make a list of their online friends.
  • One can quickly level up their rank.
  • User-friendly graphics
  • You can play this game in offline and online mode
  • Can send emojis
  • Easily earn coins with Ludo apps
  • One can create a private room and play with their friends.
  • Play Ludo new game, snakes and Ladders
UI/UX interface of Ludo King

The interface of this application is straightforward to use. One gets the Option if you want to play Ludo with a computer or local multiplayer or invite friends from Facebook friends to play the Ludo King.

This game has been divided into two parts, the iconic Ludo king and the famous Snakes & Ladder.

How long does a Ludo King game last?

When I was a child, playing the Ludo board game was one of my favorite pass times because I was familiar with all the rules and regulations and knew some of the tactics. Because of this, I was very interested in the digital version of the Ludo game.

The simple thing about Ludo is one will have to choose one house color and need to roll dice, which will provide one number. Using this, one must get home (available in the center of the board). In doing so, one must outrun their opponents or attack them. But remember, one can attack you too.

In this platform, dice will be given if you get six, then only you can roll dice, but one cannot get “six” in three consecutive manners, which will benefit your opponent. That’s how one needs to play this Ludo King.

The Option provided by the Ludo King game is the Option available on the home screen:

  1. Playing online
  2. Playing with friends
  3. Computer
  4. Pass N Play

Playing Online

In this mode, one must select the classic or popular game. One needs to play this game with random people. One can choose any color, number of players, and winning amount. After that, the platform will assign some online players; also, one can chat through text; if you have any issue regarding this, you can log in to this game as a guest, which will not disclose any personal information.

Playing with friends

If you love to play with friends and family, this digital platform also allows you to create a private room to generate a link to share this information through social media.


This Ludo king game can be played offline, where one can play with the computer if one wants to play with people. Computer mode also saves your data.

Pass N Play

Pass N Play is excellent if you can play with your family members—one needs to choose the token and whether to play in a single or team.

  • Pros
  1. One can play this multiplayer game with friends and family.
  2. Ludo King also provides an option for online and offline modes.
  3. Easy and simple interface
  • Cons
  1. Designs are way too simple.
  2. One needs to buy emojis through coins.
  3. Some might face glitches with the platform.

Ultimate Verdict

If you’re looking for a straightforward online multiplayer board game, consider Ludo King. Ludo King’s online multiplayer game is one of the best among the board game.

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