Subway Surfer Game and Review


Subway Surfer Game and Review are children most likely play the game. It is a never-ending game. You would never finish that game even if you keep playing.

Subway surfs brought a lot of craze among the children. It has become one of the top games in the world.

Login procedure

You can play the game in two ways online and offline. In both ways, you get the benefit but more benefit you get in playing online.

These are the Benefits of Playing online and offline.

When you talk about playing offline, you get all the necessary benefits when you play offline, like you can complete the mission, unlock new characters, and many more. But when you play online firstly, you can connect it to Facebook. When you join it on Facebook, you get new friends to play with.

You can secure your data, and you can compete with your friend. And secondly, whatever gifts and all you get in offline, you can double it when you play online; guess how??? It’s simple, and you have to watch a video. Watching a video can give you so much benefit. So I think after this all will prefer playing online.

About Subway Surfers

As already mentioned, the game is never-ending, so you’re never going to get bored playing it. As you keep playing the games, graphics keep on changing, making the game more interesting. Subway surfs keep track of your progress in a user profile using your inventory; this is how they handle our data. When you connect to Facebook, you can get lots of coins, gifts and can also play with friends, as already mentioned. If you are out of coins or out of keys, you can buy it with your real money.

It gives you various discounts and offers. You can get a ‘ boom bot’ for free if you make a purchase. Now your night is wondering what boom bot it’s a character which you can unlock it is. There might have been a question that arose about the keys? Like where to use it? So basically, these keys r used to get a chance. When you die, you can use the key and continue playing. Not only legends, but you can watch a video and keep playing if you are playing online. You can use various boosts to complete the mission while you play the game. By doing so, you get the coins. Different lifts and tasks have mentioned below.

​Hoverboard:- Protect yourself from crashing for 30 seconds.

Score Booster:- Use up to 3.

Jet-pack upgrade:- Increase the duration of the spray jet pack upgrade.

​Head start:- Use up to 3 to skip ahead and start running at a higher speed.

​Super sneakers upgrade:-increase the period of awesome sneakers power-up, etc.

You can visit ‘ZURICH’ By collecting prizes, and you can explore the subways of Zurich.

Every day you come across various missions such as ​Pick up 500 coins, 

​Score 1000 points in one run, ​puck up two power-ups. By completing these missions, you can get cash.

You’ll also come across an event name WORD HUNT. So how can you complete this event? Wait, chill ill explain it to you’ll. Consider a word FREE now you have to collect its letter. Now the thing I where you’ll get the message and how. So basically, you get this letter while playing like as shown in the image.

You can also unlock Various characters by collecting the things mentioned for, e.g.!

How to play this game

Basically, in this game, a boy who does graffiti on a train is caught by policemen, and he escapes from him. He is running on the tracks of a train. Playing these games is very simple it’s you have to keep running, collect coins, boosters, protect yourself from the obstacles like trains, etc. If you even hit little to some challenges by chance, the policeman with his dog will come instantly behind you for some seconds.

As you keep on playing, the speed of the game keeps on increasing. If you want to activate the hoverboard, you have to double-tap. And while you are on hoverboard and you get dash n being caught still, you get a chance to continue to play. You can also unlock various hoverboards like

​Big kahuna, ​bouncer, ​low rider, ​sunset, etc., and many more.

All these hoverboards you can unlock using coins. And all these boards have their specialty.

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