Sudoku Classic Online

Introduction to Sudoku Classic Online

Sudoku Classic Online is available offline now on the play store. It is free to play in your free time to spend. Sudoku is a puzzle game you have to play with numbers all around to win. Sudoku is one of the popular games among people.

The time you install and open the app, you will see many game guidelines; keep that in mind. These types of brain games make your younger brain. You will also be achieving medals on your game performance.

To play sudoku, you have to use a lot of brain powers to solve the puzzle. If you play daily, your brain improvement can be seen soon. Sudoku is a reasonable consumption of time. You will be getting daily challenges and win daily prizes. There is an excellent option of using a pencil mode or not. The player can take help from the intelligence hints that will help you when your numbers get stuck. One can pause the game and get back without losing your game. Get 100 Sudoku puzzles every week.

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Goals that have to be used while playing sudoku classic online

This game aims to fill 9×9 boxes with correct number placing and fill 1 -9 digits in rows and columns. Sudoku doesn’t need any calculation or any other skills. All that is required is your proper brain functioning and attention.

How is sudoku played?

A Sudoku puzzle begins with a grid where some numbers are placed depending on the game’s difficulty. A complete mystery is where each number appears. You have to study the puzzle to know which number to put.

The important thing is to keep the goal in mind. As you go to the game, you will see a set of boxes from which you will fill with their numbers and some blanks. You have to fill those squares with 1-9 numbers. You have to use your sharp mind, place the missing digits, and complete the grid. You have to select a grid and type the number from the keyboard. You can turn on the notes mode to add or remove the notes.

As you open the game, you get an option to play from the daily challenges or start a new game. It goes calendar date wise.

Statistics on the page below show You a progress report with seven parts: fast, accessible, medium, hard, expert, and enormous daily challenges. These are the types of games you can play, and this keeps a statistic of your game as it notes down how many times you started the game, the number of games you won, the time limit of each round, your game score, how many game win without mistakes etc.

Points to remember in Sudoku classic?

All the rows and columns of the grid will contain numbers only from 1-to 9. A single grid should have the number from 1-to 9, and you should not repeat numbers.

Few tips for the Sudoku beginners

  1. Firstly, see how the numbers are placed for the rows and columns. Each 3×3 box will contain at least five numbers. You have to fill in the empty boxes with the numbers that are not there.
  2. Each row and column should have only numbers from 1-to 9, and that, too, without repetition, every level is challenging.
  3. The number of each row and column should be 45 each, like 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45. Use subtraction to find the solution.
  4. Do not keep trying to guess the solution.

Levels of Sudoku game to play

There are three levels of the Sudoku game that you can play. Expert level, hard level, easy level.

  • Hard Sudoku

Advanced players mostly play this hard Sudoku Level. Hard Sudoku is mainly defined by the boxes having fewer numbers than the medium and easy ones. That means you have to use the most challenging part of your brain to solve this. For this, you should already plan and play.

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Some ways you can use to solve hard sudoku

Firstly, You can use different colours for numbers one to nine, and then you can come to know whether you have repeated numbers or not. Or any symbols to not confuse you.

Secondly, You can also take advantage of the notes to keep checking if you are moving correctly with your numbers.

How to improve your game plan in just a few minutes.

Set a timer: Remember, before you start playing, set a timer that may be of 5 minutes. Yes, it will become problematic initially, but your brain will get used to it and improve.

Stick your eye on one row, Coloum, and a box of 6- In sudoku, there will be nine boxes containing 3×3 squares. Do not worry about the 81 boxes altogether. Instead, please pay attention to a court and its numbers slow and steady. All your grids will be occupied.

Techniques: Try new ways to solve every practice setting.

  • Classic Sudoku

Classic Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. You can take the game with you anywhere, better than carrying a pencil or a pen. The classic Sudoku game has six difficulty levels fast, easy sudoku, medium, hard sudoku, expert, and giant! Playing sudoku is easy to exercise your brain, think logically, improve memory, or try medium and hard sudoku to give your mind a real workout.

Some basics types of Sudoku game

  • Killer sudoku

Rules of killer Sudoku game: – The field is divided into irregularly shaped areas. These areas are also called cages. Some of the numbers in the cage cells need to match the value in the upper left corner. If you can find a solution to that level, tap a hint button. They can help if you get stuck on a tricky part.

  • Mini Sudoku-A 6×6 variant with 3×2
  • Alphabetical Sudoku
  • Hyper Sudoku
  • Twin Sudoku

Features of the Sudoku game

There are many also tricks Brain Sudoku features useful, such as

🔸Also, Share your game with Facebook friends via Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.

🔸Dark mode to protect your eyes

🔸You can Turn on/ turn off the timer when you play the sudoku puzzle

🔸Tools are straightforward to control and understand.

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