How to play the animal kingdom game?

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About Animal Kingdom Game

Experience the Loot treasure from the animal kingdom to become the coin master of the raid game adventure! Play with billions of players around the globe in this animal kingdom adventure game. Structure all the islands and bridges, raid lands, and collect treasure island coins!

Enjoy the animal island, steal coins, and build your kingdom to become the ultimate raid master! Start the coin run, unlock new fellow mates that will be running instead of you, and visualize the amazing animal world.

You can quickly raid your opponents and improvise progress to build your animal treasure island. Show your fellow players who is the real raid king! Participate in different coin challenges and lead the leaderboard!

How to play the animal kingdom game?

  1. Firstly, after downloading the game, connect your game with Facebook so that your score will be saved.
  2. Choose the character you will be playing with; for now, only Harry and Dona are unlocked rest and other surfaces will be unlocked in a specific period. 
  3. All the instructions are given one after the other at the start of the game, like the beginning, only you have to build your place with the free coins you have. 
  4. On building each item of the city, the player will get one ⭐ star. Star will be helping you in the future game.

After selecting a character for you to play, let’s go forward in the game; here, you have to hold and keep till you get a proper measurement on the bridge, then pass in case the bridge is small or extra long, you will fall, and your spin will get wasted, so play wisely. 

You will get different rewards on each step, such as gold coins, spins, attack mode, raid mode, shield, etc. Have fun and enjoy.

What does a shield do in the animal kingdom?

On the run to become the gold digger, you will also receive shields three at a time in the holder. If you get above 3, that gets converted into spins; shields protects your island from other players’ attack. 

How do coins help?

Coins help you build your Island item individually and then go to the next. Coins play a massive role in the game. If there are fewer coins, nothing can be built. 

How to steal coins from random friends?

While playing the game on the other block, getting any of the animals, like an elephant, bear, lion, giraffe, etc., will help you steal coins from the other players’ accounts. You will see nine paw signs click and steal coins, chest and make that loot the best. Until you get a chest or a bomb, you can open the paw. 

How does a shield help in attacking?

Attacking other player’s island items is the best part because they don’t have a shield to protect them. On the run, if you get a nut, that means you have a chance to Attack Disney’s animal kingdom rides. 

When does auto mode unlock?

Auto mode gets unlocked in the mid of the game. The player has to make three perfect steps while running, and you get a 5.00-minute autorun mode. That means after it gets full, you have to click it the game will run on its own, taking all the steps ideally.

How to earn extra rewards?

In the store sector, you can see a short video on any game and get free energy or coins.

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Types of packs map of Animal Kingdom

Disney’s animal kingdom theme park offers you different packs of coins, gems, energy buses, and chests, but they are paid for. Below is the list

  • Starter Pack

8M gold coins + 100 energy= 220/-

  • Keep playing

Once you are out of energy, the player can buy a pack of 550/- for 90 power if you want to keep playing. 

  • Daily pack
  1. 100M coins+ 10k energy = 8700/-
  2. Watch the free video and earn rewards
  • Chest
  1. Rabbit ? chest gets unblocked at Island 5
  2. Deer ? chest gets unlocked at Island 5
  3. The bear chest gets opened at Island 5
  • Energy
  1. 25 energy 220/-
  2. 70 energy 550/-
  3. 200 energy 1300/-
  4. 380 energy 2200/-
  5. 1.1k energy 5400/-
  6. 2.45k energy 11,00/-
  • Gems
  1. 120 gems 220/-
  2. 320 gems 550/-
  3. 770 gems 1300/-
  4. 132 gems 2200/-
  5. 3.45k gems 5400/-
  6. 7.5 k gems 6600/-
  • Gold
  1. 400 coins, 120 gems
  2. 1m coins 320 gems
  3. 3 M coins, 770 gems
  4. 6M coins 132 k gems
  5. 17M coins, 3.45k gems
  6. 37M coins 7.5 k gems

Types of cards collection in the animal kingdom

A set of cards has to be collected; a collection of cards will begin at level 5. Collect cards and win amazing prizes. You can also exchange cards with your fellow players and see the avatar in animal kingdom.

Playing with different numbers of bets can give you more rewards. For example, if the player plays with ×3 chances and on the run, if you get one energy, that will get converted into three energy. The player can start betting after completing level 1.

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What are the benefits of playing with friends?

Why should we invite our friends to play with us in the game? Send an invitation to your fellow Facebook friends and win rewards. On joining friends one by one, there are different rewards.

  • 1st friend – 40 energy
  • 2nd friend – 60 energy
  • 3rd friend – one gift box
  • 4th friend – 80 power Etc.

What are the benefits of connecting to Facebook?

Connecting with Facebook is a very beneficial thing in the game. If you give a like to the game on your Facebook page, you will get all the latest updates and contests, and daily rewards. After liking the page on Facebook, the player will get 100k coins, 15 energy, and 40 gems. 

  • Leaderboard

After you connect your game, in the beginning, a scoreboard will show you which rank you relied on, not only your score but also those playing this game worldwide. 

  • Events

Taking part in the events makes the game more exciting and loved. Many different events will come up, and every event task will be other, so play, collect, and win. 

  1. Sombrero Fiesta:- Here, you must collect hats that will be seen when you run in the game. One that is equal to 4 caps. This event will be for 57:46:37 hours only till this ends. Loot as much as you can.
  • Collect ten hats to win 75 energies.
  • Collect 100 hata and win 150 energy+ keys to 1 hidden chest. Keep collecting all the keys within the game to open the chest.

The player has to collect three keys to open this hidden chest and win 3k gems and 5k energies. 

  • Pinata Fiesta:- Collect pinata to reach the boss and win amazing prizes. This event lasts only 9 hours, so play and win beautiful rewards. Collect three colorful bats and win 200k coins and 15 energy.

Reveal different types of islands in the kingdom.

Here you have to Build narrow bridges, loot coins and treasures from others, and collect cards of different animals to develop your island and do masters in the coin challenge. Climb Sammy’s tree house to hit the jackpot.

Updates coming to Animal Kingdom are a New formation of Card Albums is coming up New Beautiful Islands will be seen; unlock them and keep expanding your kingdom.


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