Coin Master Castle of Fortune – Tips and Guide

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If you have played Coin Master, you too must have enjoyed the multiple opportunities that the game provides for earning rewards for its players. 

Countless events, challenges, and contests within Coin Master allow players to enjoy the game to the fullest by earning plenty of coins, cards, and spins as rewards that help them climb to the top of the leaderboard.

The Castle of Fortune in Coin Master is one of the special quests within the game. What is it, how to get it, and how to successfully earn rewards from this exciting event? 

All of these will be explained to you in this article, along with special tricks and hacks that will help you succeed faster in the event. Read on to learn all about Castle of Fortune.

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What to do in this event?

In the Castle of Fortune event in Coin Master, the player will find himself on a trail on an island. On this trail, there will be one step after another with four barrels each. 

The player has to choose one barrel out of those four shown. Of the four barrels, three have rewards and one has a dragon. 

The player will not be able to see which contains which at the time of choosing the barrel. If the player unlocks a reward, then the player will be allowed to progress further in the trial. 

However, choosing the barrel with the dragon will automatically lead to quitting of the trail, and the loss of all rewards previously earned on the trail. 

Hence the major part of the Coin Master Castle of Fortune event is based on the player’s luck. However, there will be certain steps on the trail in which all four barrels will contain rewards. 

These are called ‘Free Passes’. You can identify these steps from the presence of the golden cross on these steps.

How to get Castle of Fortune in Coin Master?

There are a few ways for you to get the chance to play the Castle of Fortune event in Coin Master. Among them are –

  •   Playing the Tower of Wanders event in Coin Master
  •   Buying the Castle of Fortune event in the Merchant Madness event
  •   Play the Dragon Challenge in Coin Master

How to win Castle of Fortune in Coin Master?

As noted earlier, the Castle of Fortune event largely depends upon the player’s luck on the trail. However, there are a certain number of tricks you can try to see whether you can avoid the barrel with a dragon in Castle of Fortune.

  •   You can choose the barrel that is opposite to the barrel in which the dragon shows up
  •   You can choose the barrel before the one in which there was the dragon
  •   You can always choose the barrel located in the same position at every step of your trail.
  •   You can simply trust your intuition, close your eyes, and randomly choose a barrel to see whether you can avoid the dragon inside!



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