What is Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox?

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If you love getting endless rewards by competing in fun events and challenges in Crazy Fox, this article is for you. 

Do you want to earn more rewards at a click and climb to the top of the leaderboard? 

Do you want to make your kingdom the grandest among all the kingdoms in Crazy Fox? Then you are in for a surprise. 

With the amazing new feature in Crazy Fox, which is called Crazy Pass, you no longer have to compete for your next reward. 

Using the Crazy Pass, you can unlock all rewards you want – spins, treasure chests, joker cards, coins, and many more – with just a click in the game!

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What is Crazy Fox Crazy Pass?

Crazy Fox Crazy Pass is a premium feature in Crazy Fox. This means that in order to avail its benefits, you have to purchase it. 

Two kinds of Crazy Pass are available to players via Crazy Fox. Such as –

Elite Pass:

  •   Unlock all rewards with the Pass
  •   With an exclusive Avatar Frame of 2024 and 2023
  •   Get 15 tire skips with Crazy Pass
  •   Pay 1450/- INR to avail

Classic Pass:

  •   Unlock all rewards with the Pass
  •   With the exclusive Avatar frame, only of 2024
  •   Pay 490/- INR to avail

How to get Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox?

In order to get Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox, you have to reach level 80 or more in the game. 

Only after that, the Crazy Pass button will be activated in your game, which you will be able to see on the left side of your screen. 

If you can see a Crazy Pass button appear on your screen, you can pay the amount asked for in order to activate it. 

Crazy Pass is usually launched by Crazy Fox once every three months.

How to activate Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox?

As already noted, you have to first reach level 80 or more in Crazy Fox in order to be able to unlock the Crazy Pass. To activate the Pass –

  1.   Log into your game.
  2.   Click on the Crazy Pass button on the left of your screen when it appears.
  3.   Some features will be shown to you once you click on the Crazy Pass button. This us how the game will inform you about the two different types of Pass, the elite and the classic, along with the amounts you need to pay to avail of each and the rewards you can get in return.
  4.   After you have seen all the details and decided on which Crazy Pass you want to activate, you have to just select and pay the amount required.
  5.   As soon as your payment is successful, Crazy Pass will be activated in your game.
  6.   By following all these above steps, you can activate your Crazy Pass and start enjoying your rewards. These may include wild cards, spins, coins, pet XP, the latest treasure chests, and many more.
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