How to Get Trophies in Match Masters?

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Are you in love with matching games that also give you loads of amazing rewards? Then Match Masters must be one of the top games on your device. If you have played the game, you too must have grown obsessed with the exciting multiplayer layout of the matches in Match Masters. Matching pieces with the same colors on the board is all you need to do in order to unlock fantastic benefits and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

But did you know about the amazing trophy feature of Match Masters? If not, you can find out all here. In this article, we will shed light on what Match Masters trophies are. We will also tell you ways to get them and how to unlock amazing features using the collected trophies.

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What are Match Masters trophies?

Trophies are earned when you win matches in Match Masters. The amount and kind of trophies you earn in Match Masters will mark your progress in the game and help you to unlock new studios and ranks as you play.

How to get Match Masters trophies?

It is very simple to get trophies in Match Masters. You will only have to win matches for you to earn trophies. However, you have to make sure that your moves do not go to waste if you want to win matches. The multiplayer action of the game makes winning matches more challenging as the moves of other players may affect your game.

How many matches should I win to get Match Masters trophies?

In order to win one trophy, you have to win 25 matches on Match Masters. However, you should also keep in mind that with every match lost, you will lose 5 trophies from your store. Winning a match with One Fire will give you double trophies in Match Masters, and 5 additional bonus trophies per match. The trophies earned and lost by the player is usually decided according to the player’s studio or rank.

How to earn bonus trophies on Match Masters?

You can earn bonus trophies on Match Masters by beating an opponent who used a higher-tiered booster in the game, or you can beat an opponent with a higher trophy rating. Both of these actions will help you to earn up to 5 additional bonus trophies. The more trophies your opponents have, the more bonus trophies you get to earn by defeating them.

Summing Up

Match Masters is an exciting game where you get to match pieces with the same color on the board. In order to win trophies on Match Masters, a player has to win 25 matches. However, given the multiplayer action of the game where every move of other opponents have a chance to wreck your chances of winning, you have to be extra wary with your moves. Once you win trophies, you can unlock various rewards and benefits including special events, tournaments, higher boosters, stickers, and more.

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