Family Island Seasonal Cards Collection Albums

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Have you ever wondered how life would be in a modern version of the Stone Age? 

Where there is no technology and only primal, elemental nature for the company? Family Island is an online game that gives you exactly this experience. 

Not only is it full of wonderful modern Stone Age features, but it is also full of contests, quests, and special events that will help you unlock fantastic rewards!

The seasonal cards collection feature is one of these exciting features in the game that takes you to a modern Stone Age island. 

The cards you collect while playing Family Island help you to complete diverse collections that can unlock amazing awards for you to level up in the game. 

If you want to find out more about the seasonal card collection albums in Family Island, keep reading this article. 

Here you will get to know everything from how to collect cards, how to view card collections, and what rewards can be unlocked with your collected cards.

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What is the Family Island Seasonal Card?

The Seasonal Card Collection feature is an exciting feature on Family Island that allows you to create diverse card collections in your card album. 

The Seasonal Card Collection feature in Family Island is only unlocked after you have reached level 8 of the game. 

Here you can get cards as collectibles, which will have images of various memories, aspects, and places related to your island life in the game. 

All your island memories are stored in your card collection albums with several images of important events, places, or activities imprinted on them. 

The number of stars shown on each card indicates its level of rarity.

How to create my Family Island Seasonal Cards Collection?

On Family Island, you can create one card collection by gathering 8 cards. By gathering 8 cards, you will get to create a specific card set. 

Each album contains a specific number of card sets. Several rewards can be unlocked by completing multiple card sets in this fashion. 

There are various ways to complete your seasonal card collection albums. These are –

  •   Participating in adventure island events
  •   By completing and winning several in-game challenges that will give you cards as rewards
  •   By taking part in various competitions within the game
  •   By purchasing promotional packs with paid options to create your desired seasonal card collection album


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How to view my Seasonal Cards Collection Albums?

To view the various seasonal card collection albums that you have completed on Family Island, you will have to open your collection window. 

Follow the following steps to view your card collections:

  •   At the bottom of your game screen, find the collections icon and tap on it. This will let you view all your seasonal albums.
  •   The progress bar at the bottom of each album window will fill up with every new card.
  •   To view all your seasonal albums, you can click on the All Seasons icon in the top left corner of the collections window.


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