How To Collect Battle Spins Free Spins

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About Battle Spins Free Spins

Battle Spin Free Spins has the best exciting packs, and the village reveals many secrets when you play the Battle Spins game.

The player playing this game will go through many events in the future game. It is getting involved in all the events that come up with time limits, challenging yourself, and making yourself the best player with the highest ranking.

The importance of stars in battle spins the game.

Stars on the cards indicate their rarity. Cards get stars from one – to five; starts also show a level like one star is a common one, and someone rarely brings five stars.

One star equals 1 XP. Each rarity star on a newly collected card gives you 1xp. Complete card sets and gets impressive rewards.

Each village information

Okay, at various levels, you will get pop-ups showing prizes such as 1.5 M coins plus ten spins on completing your village.

  • Village 1 “Castel riches”

In the first village, you get a congratulations message for completing the tutorial, which means that at the start of the game, some moves had to be made according to the game’s direction.

Those who don’t know how to play these guidelines will help them understand better. Battle spin also gifts you with +2M coins and +40 spins.

  • Village 2 “Sakura village.”

Village 2 gets unlocked with a rewards calendar. This rewards calendar keeps a note of the daily new rewards.

With this, you also unlock the daily goodies calendar has an expiry that ends at 1:23:55:53 hours. Here you can see seven days of rewards, and each has its prizes like: –

  • Day 1 – 200 K coins
  • Day 2- 21 spins
  • Day 3- 1.2 M coins
  • Day 4- 24 spins
  • Day 5-2.3 M coins
  • Day 6- 4.4 M coins
  • Day 7- 3.5M coins + 1.5 spins

You have to make one move to come and visit this page every day and tap to claim it.

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  • Village 3 “Acropolis isle”

Village 3 welcomes you with 1.5 M coins as promised and ten spins. Also, you get 25 extra spins to enter the 3rs village.

  • Village 4 “The wild frontiers.”

Village 4 gives you 25 spins in a chest plus 1.5M coins plus ten spins because you complete the town.

Battle Spins Offer

  • First timer pack

The first-timer pack is the name of the offer that will get popped up on your screen.

The player buying this offer will get 4.73M Battle spin coins plus 192 spins only within 379 rupees (real money). You have to buy this offer within 9 hours.

  • Super spin pack

The super spin pack is one more offer of the battle spin that allows you to gain 288 spins to buy within 23:58:48 for 370 rupees.

The players get 461% more bonus rewards to enjoy.

  • Fiery hot pack

Battle spin gives the player many chances to win rewards.

One of those is that you can get 6.88 M battle spin coins and 336 spins for 750 rupees, so the call-going time is only 23:58:33 hours. You can enjoy 519 % more bonus.

What does the battle spins store offer?

Store of battle spins free spins brings you many exciting offers you must buy with real money. They have to be paid via Google. Offers are as follows: –

Spins: –

  • 150 rupees – 25 spins
  • 370 rupees -72 spins
  • 890 rupees- 200 spins
  • 1500 rupees – 415 spins
  • 3750 rupees- 1.25K spins
  • 7500 rupees- 3.9K spins

Coins: –

  • 150 rupees-450 k coin
  • 370 rupees-1.24 M coins
  • 750 rupees- 3M coins
  • 1500 rupees – 7.5 M coins
  • 3750 rupees – 22.5M coins
  • 7500 rupees- 55.7 M coins

Town’s news of battle spins

Every town sends you updates on what is happening in the city, like the person’s name and timing who attacked your village structure and when to raid your money.

Battle Spins Game Events

Battle spins have many dragons to beat off. To join this event, you have to collect five balloons to win.

This player gets to earn higher rewards, but you have to bet high for that on the spinning screen if you: –

  • Hit one symbol you get one balloon
  • Hit two marks you get three balloons
  • Hit three characters you get nine symbols

This challenge is off only 23:19:39 hours. Each challenge goes on like this.

  1. Collect five balloons to win 16 spins
  2. Collect ten balloons to win 500k coins
  3. Collect 25 balloons to win 20 spins
  4. Collect 15 balloons to win 750 k coins
  5. Collect 30 balloons to win 24 spins
  6. Collect 25 balloons to win 25 M coins
  7. Collect 40 balloons to win 32 spins
  8. Collect 456 balloons to win 4.5 M coins.

Battle Spins cards collections details.

The cards section gets unlocked at Village 4. Currently, you will be seeing three sets.

The first is Globe Trotter. You have to collect nine such cards, and their names are: –

  1. Winter lodge
  2. Gingerbread House
  3. Teepees
  4. Indian temple
  5. Japanese temple
  6. Speakeasy- unlocks at town 5
  7. Highway dinner – opens at town 5
  8. Colosseum – unlocks at town 5
  9. Pyramids- opens at town 6

If you complete this set of globe trotters, you win 150 spins and get some stars on the cards as per your performance.

Rest all the card’s packs get unlocked at town eight and the other at town 12; currently, these two are locked. You can also collect cards through the chest. You can have a duplicate card to be traded, so be connected trading option is coming soon.

Battle Spins Free Spins the role of pets.

Village 3 also unlocks pets of battle spin those colorful eggs waiting for you with beautiful pets inside, so let’s get a companion to go with you on an adventurous ride.

You must trap the eggs to hatch and get a beautiful “Peryton” unlocked; collect it. As your seeing, Peryton is your pet. Now he has to be fed. Feeding your pet activates its ability is active for a limited time, like 3:59:26 hours; it is helpful during the raid.

The strength also increases the portion used to improve the pet’s experience that in the 3rd box XP, we will have 150 XP by the game as it gets collected. Free food for Peryton is also available after every 23:59:50 hours.

How does Peryton function

  • Activation: Feed Peryton to activate it and hey extra rewards from raids.
  • Upgrade: When Peryton is active during attacks, Peryton will gain XP.
  • Skills: When raiding another player, Peryton will dig an extra spot as a raid bonus (48%)
  • Next level: Rewards increase by 20% during the raid.
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