How To Play Coin Rush Online Game

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About Coin Rush Game

Let me brief you about the coin rush game. So here, you have to collect coins, raid, and attack to be the coin master of your island!

Connect your friends on Facebook and millions of players worldwide in this mind-blowing coin rush game download.

Go on Building bridges, attack and raid your way from island to island, and travel through tons of unique villages to earn coins and build your pirate island to the top!

Be brave to defeat all the pirate attacks, complete the master island challenges, or steal coins from other pirate kings. Play any role you like as island king.

Be the master of the coin who holds billions of coins and rules the realm! You can view many beautiful islands in this online multiplayer game!

How to play the coin rush gameplay?

As you download the game, first connect your game with Facebook or Google so that your game score will be recorded.

Secondly, the player will get the option to choose the ruler for the game who will play instead of you, you can change it later, but At the start of the game, you have to choose between Elizabeth and Jack.

You get 20,000 free coins at the beginning of the game and 20 free gems, and 38 free spins. You have to tap and hold till the bridge reaches the next block.

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If you save for a short or a long time, you will fall because the bridge is a little or extra long attempt again, and the before spin gets wasted, so play wisely. Every 60 seconds, you get five spins free; there is a timer down. On every bridge that you land, you get rewarded with different things.

How to build your kingdom?

As enough coins are collected in your account, you can build your islands individually. In five parts, you have to develop and go to the next, and each component makes perfect after five times, and each time, you have to give away a different amount of coins.

As you complete the village, a chest will be given to you as a gift and many surprises.

What is the attack in coin rush?

Attack friends and other players worldwide to get enough treasure to build your villages and islands. Take revenge on those who have attacked your islands.

You never know what treasure you can find in someone else’s villages and islands! You get the opportunity to attack from the spin wheel. 

What is a raid in a pirate kingdom?

You get an option to raid from the spin wheel raid sign is the three skull ☠ that comes in one line. When you get to raid, you have to dig three holes options; what you earn from that is yours.

What is Spin the Wheel of the pirate kingdom?

The spin wheel is the leading and essential feature of the game. Everything works on this only. All the rewards and fun parts you get when you access this wheel. Go on playing. If you rush for the coins, you win the game.

Coin Rush of the pirate king game

On the top mid of the page, you will see the next pirate’s pic + several coins that he has. It is shown there because the next attack and raid that you will be doing is theirs. 

What does Shield do in the pirate kingdom game?

The Shield that gets collected will keep your island ? safe from others’ attacks, but you should always have it if it gets finished.

Anyone can attack and damage your place. And if your shield gap is complete and while playing, you get a shield that will get convinced into one spin one Shield.

How to get stars in a Pirate Kingdom game?

You will get one star for building one part of the island. And that star will be helping you further in the game.

Different types of packs in the pirate kingdom game?

Coin rush – play an online game that offers many packs of cash, spins, gems, etc.

Here are some containers by which you will come to know the starting offers:-

First-time packer – 100 spins + 1.2 M coins for 90/- (Real Money). It comes with a timer of 12 hours. After that, it will expire. 

How to play pirate kingdom with Facebook friends?

Playing Pirate Adventures is more fun when you play with your friends: connect with more friends to have better raids, so invite them all!

For the best multiplayer game experience, invite fellow pirates and your Facebook friends for even more coins, and become the most excellent pirate captain of all your friends!

A pop appears in between where it says if you go on Facebook and like the page, you will get ten free spins, so why wait? Go and grab the opportunity; it happens because I have got it.

What is Hold & Play Feature

This feature is visible to you after 2nd island ?. Here this is also called the energy of the game.

Inside a small Circle beside the spin wheel, you will see a thunder ⚡ sign. When this is full, hold the spin wheel. It will play on its own with no need to press repeatedly. 

Events of coin rush pirate run?

Various events are there. You have to take part and win rewards continuously.

  • Easter Egg Hunt:- While spinning the wheel and jumping from one block to another by making the bridge, you will get colored whole eggs that will get collected if you hit one egg symbol, you get one egg; if you hit two symbols of egg you get two eggs, but if you hit three characters of egg you get nine eggs. Like this, you have to go only collecting and completing the task.

How to get more coins?

There are ways to earn more extra coins between the game; you will get pop-ups saying to make more. Watch the video; that video is for a few seconds. Watch it, and you get 250k coins. 

How to earn extra spins?

Pop up! Pop up! That comes up on the game screen indicating to watch a video to win up to 50 spins, and after watching a video, you get a chance to win, and wherever it stops, you get that much spin.

Bets are the best way to earn extra if you bet. Differently, you get that much into coins and spins and others also.

How to purchase spins and coins in the pirate kingdom?

Below is where you can see and purchase spins, coins, and many things. I will give you a rough idea that can make you clear also, remember, this is a shop. You have to purchase it with real money. 

  • Spins:-
  1. 25 spins- 170/-
  2. 70 spins – 420/-
  3. 400 spins – 1750/-
  4. 1200spins – 43500-
  5. 2800 spins – 8700/-
  • Coins:-
  1. 450 coins – 170/-
  2. 1.2 M coins – 420/-
  3. 3M coins – 850/-
  4. 7.5 M coins – 1750/-
  5. 23 coins – 4350/-
  6. 55 M coins – 8700/-
  • Gems:-
  1. 20 gems – 170-
  2. 55gems – 420/-
  3. 120gems- 850/-
  4. 250 gems-1750/-
  5. 700 gems- 4350/-
  6. 1600 gems- 8700/-

How to collect cards in the coin rush game

Cards of coins rush also play an essential role in the game. On the chest opening, you will be getting certain cards collected in the cards album.

You can also give and take cards from your fellow players to complete.

Reach Island 3 to unlock ? collection of cards. Win many amazing prizes by collecting beautiful card sets.

Names of islands on coin rush game

As of now, you are aware of the islands you have to build one by one, which are locked. You have to unlock them. Below I am showing you the names of the island of Tortuga, Sinbad, Cleopatra, etc.

How to get more rewards by building an island

The more island you complete you go on getting more rewards. There is a fixed reward list that you will be getting one after the other, so play, build, and win.

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